Friday, August 30, 2013

Tom Ford Fall 2013 Makeup Collection is Now Available At Neiman Marcus Online!!!!!

Ombré Eye Color in She Wolf ($60.00) (Affiliate Links)
A monochromatic play of three contrasting textures creates a masterful effect: a sultry and sensual eye of stunning depth and dimension. Ombré eye color is a palette of monochrome color in three textures and finishes that achieves this quintessential Tom Ford look by artfully shading and contouring the eyes with contrast and light.

The only Limited Edition Pieces from the Tom Ford Fall 2013 Collection are She Wolf, In the Pink, Show Me Pink ($32.00) and Black Sugar ($32.00) Nail Lacquers. So if you want any of those four pieces you will want to order them sooner rather than later.

The remaining pieces are part of the permanent collection- so you can take your time contemplating them, but here are some of the new highlights:
Left to Right: Show Me Pink Nail Lacquer, Ombré Eye Color She Wolf & Eye Color Quad in Seductive Rose.
Left to Right: Ombré Eye Color In the Pink, Eye Color Quad in Lavender Lust & Eye Primer Duo
Left to Right: Eye Color Quad in Orchid Haze, Eye Defining Pen & Nail Lacquer in Black Sugar
Left to Right: Bruised Plum & Vanilla Suede

Click here to see the whole collection.

Are you tempted by anything in the collection?
I'm getting In the Pink and She Wolf, and that's it.

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  1. OMG!!! This fall collection is so pretty. Love the shades for they are not too dark and not too light. In this collection, I love the She wolf and in the pink. I guess I have to hurry buying it for its a limited edition only.

    1. Hi Sue, I love She Wolf and In the Pink as well. I am cropping my swatches and will be posting them today or tomorrow. I bought both of them- and definitely agree that those are the two things to get from the collection-- especially since they will likely sellout first. My TF SA told me that she suspected that they would sell out by Tuesday-- so I grabbed mine! I really wish those two weren't limited edition-- because I actually like them better than any of their other eyeshadows!


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