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Guerlain Blush G Sakura (Cherry Blossom) from the Roses de Printemps: Hard to Find, and a Special Discount for Lola's Readers! REVIEW!

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Guerlain Blush G Sakura was from Guerlain 2013 Spring 'Blanc de Perle' Collection. This was an Asia exclusive that caused many people to go to very great lengths to find this beauty, and left the rest of us filled with desire (and suffering silently). If you suffered from unrequited love because you were not among the very lucky people to get your hands on this gorgeous blush, then it is time to rejoice! Izzy's Perfume & Beauty Shoppe has them in stock, and graciously offered an exclusive 20% off discount for Lola's Secret Beauty Blog readers (for a limited time).

Izzy's has long been my go-to one-stop-shop for authentic luxury beauty products that are hard-to-find, limited edition, regional exclusives, or are otherwise highly sought after treasures. I shopped at Izzy's long before I was a beauty blogger, and have to say that the excellent selection coupled with the outstanding customer service makes shopping with them rewarding and very pleasant. They also run all sorts of amazing specials and have outstanding sales, and they get new stock all of the time! I bookmarked their website long ago, and check their website more often than I care to confess! You will be shocked by the unexpected treasures that you will find at Izzy's!
Guerlain Blush G Sakura is energized with four new shades including pearly white, soft coral, light pink and intense fuchsia. These healthy-glow boosters harmonize perfectly to revive the complexion and give it energy and vitality. Housed in a shiny, smooth, lacquered white case, the cover opens to reveal the most ravishing of colored stripes stamped with a G in elegant calligraphy. 
Colors Top to bottom: Soft Coral, Pearly White, Intense Fuchsia and Light Pink.
Without question this is the most beautiful blush in my whole collection. Each color is gorgeous individually, but it is the combination of the four shades that is so breathtaking. It offers an ethereal otherworldly glow with the perfect kiss of color, and it is simply stunning. You can modulate between a warmer or cooler hue depending upon how long you linger on the peachy or on the fuchsia shades with your brush.
Interestingly, and rather deceptively, the colors are a touch difficult to swatch individually- and appear harder than expected in the pan. One would think that this may be a failing, but it is not. I suspect that it is to keep each of the individual stripes of color intact in the compact. However, once your brush sweeps the surface the blush it yields a beautiful and generous amount of blended pigments.
The compact itself is a study in elegance and refinement. It is a two-tiered masterpiece: the top tier offers a generous sized mirror and the blush itself, and the bottom tier houses a brush. While I will not likely use the brush- it is handy to have for travel.
The blush has the lovely scent of violet candies, and for me it it evokes childhood memories since my mom would buy them periodically. I love the smell in part because of this nostalgic association, but also because it smells divine. The scent does linger for a while, but after about 15 minutes disappears altogether (at least as far as my nose is concerned). If you are sensitive to scented face products you may want to smell a few things from Guerlain before ordering this blush.
Left to right:  Soft Coral, Pearly White, Intense Fuchsia and Light Pink.
Soft Coral (far left), which incidentally I think of as a peachy shade, has a beautiful soft shimmer. It offers good pigmentation and is nothing short of stunning.
Pearly White (second from the left) is the most difficult to swatch of the four shades, but it produces a faint pearlescent veil that adds to the luminosity of the blush when the colors are blended together. The texture is lovely on the skin, but a bit hard in the pan.
Intense Fuchsia (second from the right) is a gorgeous shade that allows for buildable coverage, but lacks over-the-top opacity. This shade offers a depth and complexity to the other three shades, and it has a lovely sheen that makes this color such an extraordinary treasure.
Light Pink (on the far right) is an arrestingly beautiful and ethereal shade, and it offers such a gorgeous glowing effect when combined with the other three shades.
Each shade individually is luminous, never glittery. However, it is the combination of these four shades that creates the magical effects of this delightful blush. While it may appear to be an inherently sheer blush, it does allow for buildable coverage if you seek greater saturation of color.
Varied lighting offers very different effects, but the luminosity always shines through.
                                           Everything about this blush is utterly stunning.
Guerlain Blush G Sakura offers a delicacy and refinement that really does allude to Cherry Blossoms after which this ethereal blush was aptly named.
Overall assessment: Guerlain Blush G Sakura is just heavenly! Unquestionably the most beautiful blush is my entire collection. This is a magical blush that belongs in the collection of every pinky peachy blush fiend! It is truly amazing! Be sure to check out the wonderful review of this treasure by my friend Bellyhead of Wondegondigo!

$90.00 for .28 oz. from Izzy's Perfume & Beauty Shoppe (Unaffiliated links provided for your convenience).

Exclusive special for Lola's Secret Beauty Blog Readers: 20% off!! Use Code: LOLA20 through September 10, 2013 at 12:00AM PST.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures! I know this sucker is hard to swatch individually, so bravo. :)
    I'm telling you, marry each other and we won't ever need doubles.
    Right, the glow and finish isn't too over the top right? I really love the top shade, too.

    1. Thanks, Belly! I linked to your wonderful review of this baby! I'm so in love with this blush that I often just open the compact and stare at it lovingly!!!!! Definitely need to marry and commingle our collections-- then it will become a "Collection" to be reckoned with! The finish definitely is not over-the-top it's just exquisitely sophisticated. :-)

    2. sweet, lola! Grazie for the link! :)) We seem to be developing a pink blush thing.

    3. Prego, cara Belly! Developing? I alone have exceeded any rational collection of pink blushes. In fact, most of my blushes ARE some shade of pink! I think that I must have nearly 50 blushes, and very few of them stray away from pink. I think that I might need an intervention!

  2. 50 shades of pink, Helen!
    To blush as if you were a sakura blossom in a quiet Japanese spring morning: stunning!

    1. Well, not all of them are pink-- but most of them are in that family!!!!!! Isn't this blush so stunning. I opened it up just to stare at it at least once a day! <3


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