Tuesday, August 13, 2013

By Request: Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color Swatches in Indian Rose, Pink Dusk, Blush Nude, Nude Vanilla & Vanilla Suede!

When a lovely reader asked me to swatch Indian Rose, Pink Dusk, Blush Nude, Nude Vanilla & Vanilla Suede the next time I was near a Tom Ford counter I said of course! None of her local stores carry the line, and at $49.00 per lipstick she didn't want to just take a chance. Since we have very similar coloring, it is my hope that these swatches will be useful. My apologies for the two fuzzy pictures- I left the house only armed with my iPhone, and didn't check the shot carefully enough to notice that the lipstick tubes were not in sharp focus.
Indian Rose- is a deep warm rose with a touch of mauve. It is basically a darker version of Pink Dusk.
Pink Dusk- is a warm mid-tone rose pink that is lighter than Indian Rose and darker than Blush Nude.
Blush Nude- is a warm nude pink.
Nude Vanilla- is a pale nude peachy pink. 
Vanilla Suede- is a stunning pale peachy beige with gorgeous golden pearl.
To Tom Ford, there is no more dramatic accessory than a perfect lip. It is the focus of the face and it has the power to define a woman's whole look. Each Lip Color is Tom Ford's modern ideal of an essential makeup shade. Rare and exotic ingredients, including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity.
The colors are rather neutral and muted, and really quite lovely. They are very comfortable and moisturizing on the lips, and they boast exceptional long-wearing opaque coverage. They also have a beautiful luminosity and understated sheen. 
$49.00 each. Available from Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue & Bergdorf Goodman. (Affiliate Links). Stock photo from Nordstrom.

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  1. They are all stunning. Indian Rose, Pink Dusk, and Blush nude are just perfect. They look smooth, creamy and luxurious.

    1. They definitely are smooth, creamy and luxurious!!! They are definitely gorgeous shades, and those 3 shades are especially stunning! xoxox

  2. My goodness, these colors are so precious, and the formula looks amazingly creamy and pigmented. I need the middle three in my life :)

    1. They really are stunning! They are creamy and very pigmented! The middle three are definitely VERY tempting! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  3. Hi Helen :)
    All those shades look gorgeous! I'm always tempted to purchase Blush Nude & Nude Vanilla, but stop myself because I'm afraid they are going to look hideous on my lips. I would hate to buy them & return it. I remember when they were first released in the white tube I bought online Pink Dusk, but it looked way too dark on my lips for my liking & returned it asap. Too bad TF doesn't have those little lipstick sample cards like Chanel or Burberry have once in awhile :(
    Are you thinking of getting any items from the TF Fall collection? I'm excited about the eyeshadow trios, but want to swatch first- that is if they are still available by time I can get to a TF counter (Damn limited edition! lol)
    xo Naomi
    PS Have you heard any news from Jason on when the Burberry Fall collection might be in? Or if they are going to have a GWP any time soon? I only ask because I remember asking some SAs in the Costa Mesa Nordstrom a few weeks ago if they were & they told me they didn't think they were going to be doing GWP anymore! I think they might of been BSing me because I was hesitant on making any purchases that day :/

    1. Hi Naomi! <3
      Since you had that experience with Pink Dusk- then I would DEFINITELY swatch Blush Nude & Nude Vanilla in person. I would try them on and walk around in them and look at your lips in natural light (I hate applying tester lipsticks, but at that price point I have come to tolerate it after dousing the thing in alcohol and having on a protective barrier of some sort of not very permeable lip balm). $49.00 is a lot to spend on a single lipstick- and returning is such a hassle-- so it's better for me at least to be sure before I toss down my credit card. It really would be nice if TF had sample cards (but I guess they don't feel like they need to)-- that is such a great way to find winners and weed out the ones that don't work!

      Naturally, as always, you and I are on exactly the same page-- the only temptations for me from the TF Fall collection are the two e/s trios. I called the SA at NM and asked her to call me the moment the testers came in so that I could swatch and decide whether I need one, both, or none! Why don't you call and have them put them aside for you-- even if they make you do a presell- you can return them before ever leaving the store if you don't like them after playing with the testers. I would just talk to your SA. I know, I am really trying hard not to get caught up in LE purchase fever-- I already have so many things that don't get used nearly enough!

      I have been meaning to send Jason a text to find out what's going on for Fall, I never actually went in to see the Summer Collection. Did you see it in person? If so, did you buy anything? Interesting that you were told that they are no longer doing GWP by the SA in Costa Mesa. I hope they weren't BSing you first because that would be so lame, but second because I would be so bummed if the company decided to stop doing GWP. If you find out something let me know, and I will do the same.

      Have a wonderful afternoon xoxox, Helen

    2. Hi again ;)
      Bleh! I really hate the idea of putting a tester on lips, but you are right. It is my only option if I don't want to throw money away.
      I did see the Burberry Summer Collection in person & hate to say that I was disappointed for the first time with a Burberry product. I tried the cream eyeshadow compact since the tester was new & untouched. To be fair considering I have oily lids, I did put on my beloved Nars eye primer on my left eye only to see if it made any difference. It did slightly, but both eyelids creased anyways within a couple hours & the colors looked muddy on my eyes. The gold shadow was pretty in the palette, but I like my Pale Barley much better. I did buy the Fresh Glow powder in Nude Radiance and happy to say that I love it! On my complexion it shows up as a very slight pink, sheen & like that it doesn't highlight my pores like some other highlighting powders can.
      I hope so too that it's not true about the GWP. I'm almost finished with my Lip Mist in Field Rose & would like to repurchase it along with some other items, but want to wait till they have a GWP event so I can meet the price point to qualify for the gift. Would be super sweet if they do when they have the Fall collection in ;D
      I'm praying Jason will text the good news soon to you to share with us!
      Have a lovely evening,
      Xoxox Naomi

    3. I know, me too-- the gross out factor is pretty unbearable. However, I have found if you really drench it in alcohol and twist it all the way up-- then you can scrape the untouched bottom of the tube with your nail- and then you have a fighting chance of avoiding getting cooties of of a lipstick tester. There's definitely a big yuck factor for me as well!

      I am not surprised that you were underwhelmed by the Burberry Summer Collection- such a bummer that the cream shadows creased so badly! The gold shadow in the palette looked beautiful from the swatches, but it's close enough to out beloved Pale Barley that I can live without it. The Fresh Glow Nude Radiance Powder is the one thing that I will probably get when I finally see it in person. I got busy with worked and spaced out on texting Jason-- I will do it this weekend for sure. Hopefully we will see the collection soon!

      You have a lovely evening too!

  4. I have Pink Dusk and just use a lighter gloss when it feels too dark. I love the color. Spanish Pink is lighter so maybe your friend should look at that.
    Now that I said I hated Burberry for it's scent I'll say I hate Tom Ford for its price but oh boy do I love these. They are NOT scented and I love how they feel. I just wish I could see the line in person.

    1. Pink Dusk is so so pretty! A lighter gloss is a great way to lighten it! Spanish Pink wasn't on her list of things to swatch, but it is a really good suggestion, thanks! I still haven't broken down on purchased one yet. Can't decide which one works best on my skin. I tend to go for bluer-based pinks. Other than the nude peachy shades from Armani, generally speaking. I agree, $49.00 on a single lipstick is a tough pill to swallow. I did it with By Terry, but that is it so far. I also looked at the Guerlain Rouge Gs, but I haven't found a color that I need, plus I fear that the fragrance will bug me. It might be a blessing in disguise- if you had a counter nearby the temptation would be ever-present! :-)


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