Sunday, June 23, 2013

Le Métier de Beauté Empress Lip Kaleidoscope Still Available!!! Swatches and Assessment

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I have learned to make it a habit to carefully check the websites of my favorite retailers to see if I can locate hard to find items that I may have initially missed out on, or limited edition items that resurface - because I have found some of my very favorite beauty products by this tried and true method. Such was the case with the Le Métier de Beauté Empress Lip Kaleidoscope- a lip kit so extraordinary that it takes my breath away each time I open it! To read my full review of Empress, click here!
According to Le Métier de Beauté. this gorgeous lip kit is "Reminiscent of the majestical jewels exchanged along the ancient Silk Road." Empress was a limited edition Kaleidoscope Lip Kit for Fall/Winter 2011, but there are still a few available!

Blending luxury and shine for an opulent pout, Empress features four lush hues.

Imperial Silk—a pale pink for a nude base. This is a very sheer shade.
Plum Satin—a creamy plum for rich contrast. An extraordinarily gorgeous rich red.
Silk Road—a shimmering red for sheer highlight. Subtle and lovely.
Empress—a delicate mauve mixed with soft champagne. Sublime. My favorite shade!
All shades mixed together, but of course you can customize the shades to suit you.

Overall assessment: I love this lip kit more today than I did when I bought it. A must have for me!

$95.00 at Nordstrom, Cusp, Neiman Marcus Bergdorf Goodman (Affiliate links). 
Stock photo from Nordstrom.
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  1. I have to say i'm learning a lot from you! I just started turning older post new again and redirecting readers to my original post. But i'm still curious as to how you're almost at a million views is it mainly from image searches?

    1. Hi Lily, That is very kind of you to say :D

      I actually don't link to older posts to drive more traffic to them, but instead do it for the convenience of the reader when it offers helpful or useful information. In the case of this LMdB post or my recent TF post- I was thrilled to find two LE items that can still be found in limited quantities. I know that a great many people want this type of information, and linking to my reviews of these items will help them decide whether to forego the expenditure, or splurge before it is gone for good (notwithstanding repromotion). I never think in terms of what will maximize page views, but instead what interests me, and what I know interest my regular readers. I rarely take the time to check the search terms that bring unsubscribed readers to my blog, but when I do- they largely are looking for specific products reviewed rather than image searches or swatch searches. A great deal of my traffic seems to come from people who stop by on a regular basis- whether they have subscribed or not. :-)

  2. Gorgeous! I just got the Bauhaus Lip Kaleidoscope as a GWP with a bronzing duo - and I love it!!

    1. Hi Jamilla! I almost took advantage of that offer from the LMdB Vault as well, but decided against it since I didn't "need" anything, and since I had a brand new Bauhaus Lip Kaleidoscope that will take me forever to use up as it is! I'm really so glad that you got it and love it, and am also particularly grateful since in your contemplation of Bauhaus- you found the scraper blog that stole my content! <3


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