Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Susan Thompson Cosmetics Creamy Lip Gloss in Zeona: Swatches & Review! Special Exclusive Gift with Purchase for Lola's Readers!

 Press Sample
When Susan Thompson Cosmetics recently launched a new Spring/Summer Collection (thankfully not Limited Edition), the creator thought long and hard about what she wanted to add to her eponymously named line. Each new product is gorgeously pigmented, and of the highest possible quality. 
Her new Creamy Lip Gloss in Zeona is pure magic from the non-sticky creamy texture to the gorgeously complex shade. In the tube it is a beautiful pearl-laden peachy apricot, but it is on the lips that the complexity of this stunning shade becomes apparent. 
Sheered out, a gorgeous golden pearl predominates, and when the light captures the pearl the sumptuous prismatic effect is utterly stunning. 
When built up, the peachy apricot ground becomes more heavily sprinkled by the golden pearl, and the effect is a gorgeous twinkling sun-kissed golden peach that is unbelievably beautiful.
Zeona is perfect worn alone, and it is likewise the perfect accompaniment to your favorite lipstick. This beauty provides the perfect wash of color for any season, but it evokes the warm summer sun making it perfect for the warmer months of the year.
Overall assessment: Stunning shade that is infinitely wearable. This is a high quality luxury lip gloss and a reasonable price. It feels and looks so great on the lips that it now lives in my purse!

$21.00 from Susan Thompson Cosmetics. Unaffiliated links provided for your convenience.
Press sample. All views expressed are categorically my own.

Special Gift with Purchase: Spend $100.00 and receive a free full size new Creamy Lipstick in Wide Awake, and it is the perfect companion to Zeona! Wide Awake is a gorgeous creamy peachy coral. Enter Code: Lola's Secret Beauty Blog.
 Wide Awake alone and swatched heavily
The stunning combination of Zeona and Wide Awake!
 Top to bottom: Zeona layered on Wide Awake, Zeona alone, and Wide Awake alone.


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