Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nordstrom 5 Piece Travel Brush Set in a Gorgeous and Cheery Orange! My New Must-Have Travel Companion: Review

 Press Sample
It is no secret that I love Nordstrom. With as much time as I spend coveting (and buying) the products sold in their cosmetics department I have never really ventured over to look at their own exclusive beauty line. That's right, Nordstrom Beauty is a lovely eponymously named line that is discretely placed on the sales floor of your local Nordstrom, and it is tucked away on their website amidst the celebrated luxury brands that Nordstrom features. They do not boast about the merits of their line that features lovely makeup and brushes, but instead they remain rather understated about their highly rated products. Just one look at their customer reviews says it all.
When I opened my lovely box from Nordstrom, I was immediately smitten when I saw this gorgeous whimsical orange Patent-Leather brush roll with an embossed pattern that is somewhat reminiscent of the coveted Louis Vuitton Epi pattern (which I adore). I was even more thrilled when I opened it up to find 5 fantastic orange-handled synthetic-bristle travel brushes. More often than not, well priced makeup brush travel sets tend to be underwhelming with respect to their quality, and one might argue that the lion's share tend to be pretty shabby when it comes right down to it. Truthfully, I questioned whether or not form would follow function in this case as well- my rationale being that anything this well priced and this darling probably wasn't going to live up to my expectations. I. WAS. WRONG!
In fact, I set about by applying all of my makeup with these 5 brushes alone- and I was waiting for them to reveal their failings, but they did not. This charming set applied all of my makeup perfectly. The cruelty-free synthetic brushes each picked up and delivered the perfect amount of product in every varied scenario.

The blush brush was firm enough to pick up the perfect amount of pigment, and it delivered and blend ed it out on my cheeks effortlessly and flawlessly. The concealer brush applied, spread and blended my Armani Maestro Eraser Dark Circle Concealer in what can only be described as a perfect airbrush finish. The eyeshadow brush picked up the perfect amount of product and blended it effortlessly. The eyeshadow blender blush was barely needed due to the efficiency of the eyeshadow brush, but I added a touch of extra eyeshadow to see how well it worked, and it seamlessly blended my makeup to perfection. The brush that I was most concerned about was the eyeliner brush because I am rather finicky about the size, shape, and rigidity of this type of brush. I love angled eyeliner brushes because I remain steadfast in my love of the cat eye winged liner, and this brush work extremely well with gel and powder formulas (I imagine that it would with cake liners as well- though I haven't yet tested it on that medium). Needless to say, I am so impressed by this charming and whimsical set- that it is my new travel companion for my many upcoming work trips.
It also has a generous sized netted zip pouch that allows you to carry additional items without fear of them falling out. The roll features a convenient magnetic closure- so there are no moving parts to break,  and no string closures to tie- you simply roll it up and it does the rest of the work for you.
The brushes themselves measure approximately 5 inches in length- making them space savers that are easily stowed away in a small weekend getaway bag, but quite frankly they are big enough and efficient enough to use on a daily basis.
Overall assessment: I am so happy with this set- not only is it cheery, but it is likewise a tireless workhorse. I love love love this set! This is the only brush set that I am taking on my upcoming trip! The only thing that would make this set even cuter- is if the inside was magenta, but then you know all about my nearly irrational penchant for orange and magenta together!

$38.00 for a 5 Piece Travel Brush Set from Nordstrom Beauty. (Unaffiliated link provided for your convenience).

Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own.


  1. A press sample from Nordstrom. I'm impressed!! It's always great to have a set of small brushes that you can keep in a tote, gym bag or desk drawer.

    1. Thanks, Marcia! That means a lot coming from you!! <3 I am really loving this set- as well as the other goodies that they sent!

  2. Unfortunately not available on the website yet, it seems :(

    1. Hi Marta. I suspect that it will become available soon. However, if you want to track it down- I would enlarge the photo above that includes the SKU number and call either the store or he customer service number on their website-- they should either be able to track one down for you- or give you specific information about the release date. I am REALLY loving this set a lot, and think that you will likely feel the same. :D Let me know what you find out!

    2. I couldn't resist trying to track it down, and it wasn't available. They also did not have a release date. I'll have to stalk the website!

    3. Hi Marta! Keep checking the website, and I will see if I can get some information from Nordstrom about the release date. I'm so in love with this set-- it just makes me happy! I will let you know what I find out. :D


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