Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Google Reader and Hellocotton are Going Away!

According to Hellocotton, they are closing down their doors as of April 11, 2013:

It is with much regret that we inform you that Hellocotton.com will come to an end on April 11th. It has been a very inspiring adventure for us and we want to thank you for all your support.

Because we do not want to leave you stranded we, as of today, will provide you with an option allowing you to retrieve all of your "followings", thus allowing you to keep in touch with the bloggers you met up through Hellocotton.com on another feed reader. 

We can also suggest that you leave a message on your page directing your followers towards the follow option of your choice.

Tech wise, many feed readers will allow you to import the OPML file. Among a few, Google Reader, bloglovin, NetVibes or Feedly. If you are on a mac, we can also recommend Reeder.

Google Reader will not be available after July 1, 2013!

At this point, Feedburner (the email subscription) and GFC (Google Friend Connect) are safe from immediate obsolescence, but there are murmurings that they will eventually give way to a more streamlined Google experience that points toward consolidating via Google+.

The upshot for this blog, and the many that you follow- is that you need to find an alternative method of subscribing to your daily reads since the RSS feeds and Hellocotton will be gone. I will sadly have to remove those widgets, and my hope is the you subscribe via:

(all found in the right column)

I will update with more information as I receive it.

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