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Shannon's Soaps Shaving Soap in Bergamot Mint: Review

Shannon's Soaps really knocked it out of the park with their Shaving Soap in Bergamot Mint- this little unobtrusive round bar is so spectacular that you will actually really enjoy shaving!

According to Shannon's Soaps, "If you've already tried traditional wet shaving, you know what it can do for you.  If you're here to get started, congratulations on your decision. Those who have traded in their can of shaving goo for a brush and mug are apt to wax poetic on the transformation of a daily chore into an enjoyable session of indulgent self-pampering, but I won't go that far."

Shannon developed this shaving soap at the request of her husband, and after much research and testing she developed this amazing product.  Shannon muses that while they have a few cans of shaving gel left, that neither she nor her husband will use anything other than the Shaving Soap now! You will understand why they abandoned all other shaving products when you try this Shaving Soap!

Shannon describes this shaving soap as "A handmade 'expensive oil' shaving soap that provides superior lathering and conditioning for the gentleman who shaves with brush and mug." While this shaving soap may seem old school- trust me when I tell you that this is not your grandfather's shaving soap- not by any stretch of the imagination. Indeed, your grandfather would have delighted in this tremendously emollient and moisturizing shaving soap that outperforms anything that he could have imagined! In fact, women and men alike will become devotees of this amazing product from the moment that they first try it. Simply stated, it leaves your skin unbelievably soft, smooth and remarkably moisturized. The rich emollient lather will encourage an unprecedented close shave that will leave the skin baby soft and silky smooth.
Brian, Shannon's wonderful husband, offers a fantastic tutorial in order for you to get the most out of this extraordinary shaving soap:

How to Lather and Use Shaving Soap

It takes a bit of practice, but all in all, it will be well worth it.  There really is no comparison between the comfort you get using a shaving soap versus a can of shaving gel or foam.

There are a couple different basic techniques - you can lather in a mug or bowl, or you can lather directly on your face.  We'll discuss mug lathering.  As far as basic equipment, you'll need a mug (obviously), a brush, and your shaving implement of choice.  As far as brushes, you can use a badger brush or a boar brush.  Some feel that boar, which is a bit stiffer, is better for soaps, since shaving soaps can be on the hard side.  You certainly can use a modern cartridge razor, but for my money, nothing is as cool as an old-school double-edge safety razor.  If you're a straight-razor user, my hat's off to you - you're a more daring man than I.

1. Soak the Brush and Wet the Soap
Start by soaking your brush in hot water.  You can do this in your bowl or mug, or in the sink if you prefer.  I like using my mug, since it frees the sink up for brushing my teeth, washing my face, etc.  It also has the benefit of softening the soap (which is in the mug), which in my opinion makes it easier to lather.  If you're going to soak the brush somewhere other than in the mug with your soap, you might want to dribble a bit of water on top of your soap while you soak your brush.  Washing your face incidentally, will make shaving easier, as it softens up the hair.  It gets even easier if you shave after you shower.

2. Drain the Brush and Soap
After the brush has been soaking for a few minutes, empty the water from your mug, and let the excess water run off your brush until it stops dripping.  Give the brush a shake or two.  I personally like to start with a brush that is dryer than what I think I might need, and add water back in if I have to.  Shannon's shaving soaps seem to work a bit better with less water than some other soaps, so this seems like a wise precaution.  Removing excess water is a bit difficult.

3. Create the Lather
Work the brush in a circular motion on top of the soap.  Working more air into your lather, it will get stiffer, not unlike whipping cream.  If at this point you start to get a lather that's too thick and a bit stringy, you can add water, a few drops at a time, until things get back in line.  Be careful though, as too much water will make a runny lather that doesn't last.  Experience will eventually teach you how much water you need to get the most out of your soap.

4. Apply the Lather
Now it's time to apply your lather.  Use painting strokes and circular, swirling motions to thicken the later up on your face and work it into your stubble, so as to stand the hairs up, enabling your razor to do its job better.  Your goal is to get enough lather on your face so as not to be able to see the skin beneath it.  Sufficiently lathered, you can now begin your first pass with your razor.  Good luck!

Overall assessment: Best in class!

2.5- 3 oz round $4.00 each (available in 7 scents and one unscented bar) from Shannon's Soaps.
PR sample sent for consideration. All views expressed are categorically my own. Stock photo courtesy of Shannon's Soaps.


  1. This sounds really nice! I actually like using bar soap to shave my legs, etc. but it's just not rich or hydrating enough like a shaving cream. I would definitely be curious to try this one!

    1. Hi Becca! It is pure unmitigated joy to use! I love the creamy lather, and it smells so good. My legs are ridiculously soft after I shave! I often use bar soap as well, but this is way better!! <3


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