Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Holiday Beauty Wish List (My Imaginary Lolapalooza)!

Själ Saphire Concentrate Anti-Aging Face Oil is a swoon-worthy product, and judging by the sample that I'm savoring- I think that it is a safe assumption that I will cave at some point and get a full bottle.
Le Métier de Beauté CHEM60 Pro-Peel and GLOW10ai Mask Set is on my short list of must have beauty treats!
Rodin Olio Lusso Lxury Crema is so emollient and delicious. The scent lingers while this lovely concoction moistures even the driest skin.
Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base is a beautifully gleaming and hydrating elixir for the skin that leaves the skin looking utterly delectable (and it also happens to be a lovely primer)!

Lanvin For Me Large Top Zip Pouch is the most luxurious, high quality, and understated clutch/makeup bag that I have ever imagined! It was The Black Panties who first made me want this beautiful bag, and she wholeheartedly encouraged me to get it! You'll have to wait and see whether or not I made the splurge!!
And another gorgeous view.

...And a peak inside!

Rodin Olio Lusso Scented Candle- while I haven't yet seen or smelled this candle, I am confident that I will be head over heals in love with it once I finally get my paws on one!

What's on your wish list?

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  1. Um, that Lanvin pouch is PURE gorgeousness. I mean, I can almost FEEL the buttery softness! SO CHIC! I WANT!! :D

    Also, I really want the Burberry Fresh Glow too! I hadn't really thought twice about it before, for some reason, but I was looking at swatches of it last week and fell in love. I want it so I can use it as a highlighter!

    1. Hi love,

      The Lanvin pouch is über chic!! Buttery soft is an understatement!

      You and me both- with respect to the Burberry Fresh Glow. Using it as a highlighter is an awesome idea. It is so subtle and refined. The more that I try the more hopelessly in love I become with the whole line. THe more I get, the more that I want. You will have me committed when you see my last haul-- I know our beloved Liz (your wifey) hates that word, but when you see how much I got you will see that haul is indeed the right term. I think that I may have officially lost my mind-- so you may have to write all of my reviews when they put me in a beauty straightjacket! LOL

  2. Have to say that the sjal oil is amazing.. as is just about everything in the line. I had the WONDERFUL fortune of speaking to the CEO of the company (Karen, the mother) and she is just... lovely. Amazing CS, impressive research and products that work. Worth every penny.

    Rodin, due to YOU is now a love of mine. Started with the lip balm and have since added the face oil and the body/hand cream. Next on the list is the perfume and that CANDLE!!

    Lanvin.... what can one say.... pure lust. : )

    1. Hi 3bDiva!! I agree with you about the själ oil, but I only have a small vial to test. I agree with you about the line, in general. I have used their Pearl Enzyme Exfoliating Mask (a few samples) and absolutely LOVED it! How fortunate that you met Karen-- I imagine that must have been very illuminating!!! I love that they have such a well edited and beautiful collection of products. I know I will eventually end up buying more from the line-- this oil is definitely at the top of my "want" list!!

      Oh, I'm so happy that you love Rodin-- and I am deeply flattered that I played a part in your desire to try the line. I am so madly in love with Olio Lusso-- I don't even know where to begin. First of all, it was able to cure my two little dry patches that no combination of products, or individual products addressed. In fact, many products that I had been using (particularly lotions/creams etc. with lots of silicones in them) really exacerbated the problem, but Olio Lusso fixed it, period. It is with every single cent, period. Isn't the lip balm amazing?! The body oil and hair oil are also spectacular! The hand/body Crema is definitely on my list! I would really like to get the candle as well! I loved the smell of the perfume, but it smelled awful on me-- I have no idea why, but my body chemistry does something funny to the smell- yet all of the other products smell fantastic on me. I will spray it again at Barneys next time to see if it turns on me again-- perhaps the last bottle that I sprayed there was off a bit, or had been exposed to too much light.

      I agree with you about Lanvin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

    2. Karen is just the most down to earth, kind-hearted person while also being an astute business woman who KNOWS her skincare. I sincerely hope their line gets the recognition it deserves; it is FABULOUS.

      I think I'll request a vial/sample of the Rodin perfume with my next Beautyhabit order; I have an issue with scents turning to cat-pee on me. Not exactly the smell I'm going for, lol. That lip balm is amazing, though. I was hesitant to order due to the cost; your review pushed me over the edge. I found that it needs to be a touch "warm" so it melts/moves easily on my pinky or lip-brush. Being softer seems to allow it to sink in faster and the results are exactly what I've been looking for; if you knew how many lip balms/treatments I have.... Once they are ALL used up, this will be my Holy Grail lip treatment.

      Oh and that Lanvin bag? On it's way to me..... You are SO BAD! :)

    3. That is so nice to know-- I love supporting small companies created by lovely people-- it really makes all of the difference in the world. It is also so refreshing to see that they take a slow and methodical approach to the creation of new products. Rather than trying to make a huge splash and as much money as possible (at the sacrifice of quality etc.)- they have chosen a much better route that ensures quality, loyal patronage etc.

      I think that it's a great idea to request a sample of the Rodin perfume. Perfume is one thing that I definitely have to try before I buy. One never knows what individual body chemistries will do to a fragrance. It always astounds me how a fragrance will smell COMPLETELY different on me than it does on my sister-- you would never even guess that it was the same product!! It's funny that you turn fragrances into cat-pee-- I turn many into gross smelling flea powder (though I suspect some of them started out that way!). I guess all that is missing between us is the cat!!!

      I've heard other people say that they needed to warm the Rodin Lip Balm up first to get the best results as well. I haven't ever consciously done that, but since it is such a great tactile experience to use-- I find that I do circle my lips with my finger for a few extra passes-- which ultimately warms it up, I suppose. It really is the BEST BALM EVER!!!!!!!

      Wait-- did you track down and get the Lanvin bag?! OMG-- WOOHOO! :D

  3. LOL. Yes I did. In fact, I have two on their way: One in black and one in red. I am such a "black accessory" girl- wallet, other makeup up bag, eyeglass case, purse, etc- that I thought a touch of color might be good. That said, I am picky about my reds; it must be a blue-based red not a tomato red. I'll know the moment I open the box; one will stay the other will go back.... unless the shade is perfect and I decide that I simply MUST have both. I'm sure I can always find another purpose for a "little black bag". : )

    1. OMG-- you sound like me!!!!!!!!!! I do the same thing and buy black-- though I did get a purple Marc Jacobs wallet-- purple is actually my favorite color-- so I had to have something to carry around in purple! That's funny-- I by far prefer blue-based reds to yellow ones. Partly because I prefer them, but also because blue based colors tend to work better on me (I had my colors done when I was a teenager and found out that I was a Winter-- my mom insisted that my sister and I go along and get ours done). The Lanvin Zip Pouches are ridiculously soft and supple. You might find it hard to return one-- though even on sale they still cost a pretty penny!!

  4. Funny thing is, the FIRST thought that entered my mind was "why isn't the hardware SILVER?!" because I am also a Winter, lololol. Gold hardware just sits wrong with me and well, there it is : ) I am looking at the purchase as a "buy one got one free"... right? Lol!


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