Tuesday, December 25, 2012

L'Oreal 24HR Infallible Eye Shadows in Smoldering Plum, Liquid Diamond, Bronzed Taupe & Bottomless Java: Review & Swatches

If you are a fan of Armani Eyes To Kill, but can't justify the expense- then L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows are a viable option. These richly pigmented loose creamy powder shadows undoubtedly represent a case in which the parent company (L'Oreal) utilizes technologies from one of the companies in their holdings (Giorgio Armani), and the end result is a remarkably high quality drugstore product that greatly resembles the luxury product from which it seeks inspiration.
The pigmentation of these shadows is excellent and buildable, but it is a veritable shimmer-fest, therefore if you are looking for a matte shadow, this is the antithesis of that finish.
Smoldering Plum is a gorgeous cool-toned blackened plum.
Liquid Diamond is a lavender-kissed cool silver.
Bronzed Taupe is a gorgeous bronze-tinged taupe.
Bottomless Java is a rich complex bronzed-brown.

These four colors are really gorgeous, and are quite often on sale. If you are looking for something to wear on New Year's Eve-- you might want to visit the makeup aisle at your local drugstore!


  1. I recently picked up these shades too--all except Liquid Diamond. I'm not sure why because I have many other shades that I NEVER use...I suspect it's because of the intensely shimmery finish. These are great in theory but I just never actually get around to using them. I am blown away by the pigmentation and buttery-smooth texture though so I will probably keep on buying them :P

    1. I know just what you mean, Becca!! I need to stop buying new eyeshadows because I already have so many just collecting dust! I generally do the same thing and never really end up wearing the ones with intensely shimmery finishes. I agree that they are great in theory, but I never really get around to using them either. Truthfully my day to day makeup tends to be more neutral- so i rarely reach for über shimmer products. I agree with you about the insane pigmentation and buttery smooth texture. I think those features coming from a drugstore brand is such a great surprise that it alone encourages me to buy them because it is so unexpected, and they are reasonably priced (especially with all of the sales!). :D

    2. Haha--I know!! Great texture, great pigmentation, really fun to look at...but I go more neutral day-to-day as well. I think we have very similar taste in cosmetics! I really love a good brand that puts out really beautiful shades that are super wearable and never go out of style. Burberry (of course!!), Bobbi Brown (though for some reason, I have been liking her collections less and less lately), Laura Mercier, Giorgio Armani...

      As for the shimmer, that's precisely why I only own 1 ETK shadow and I've only worn it ONCE. I also have been lemming the new Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Colour in Gilded Bronze but when I swatched it today, I found the finish SO so shimmery. It was very pretty but logic won out (this time...) and I decided to pass because I knew I would hardly ever wear it. *sigh* they're just so darn pretty, though! haha

    3. We are totally two peas in a pod!!! I just have to stop buying super shimmery eye shadows because I really don't use them often enough to justify collecting them. I agree with you about your preferred brand choices, and I too have been disinterested in the recent BB collections.

      I actually don't own a single ETK because after swatching a pile of them, I realized that I would never wear them because they are just too sparkly for me. They are so gorgeous, but there's no point in buying something that I will never wear- no matter how gorgeous it may be!! I have to learn how to appreciate things from afar without thinking that I have to own them. THis is such a challenge for makeup magpies like us!!!!! Happy New Year, Becca!!

  2. Liquid Diamond is a very glam looking shade!

    1. It definitely is a very glam shade-- perfect for holiday festivities!! Happy Holidays to you, Vita!!!!! <3


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