Friday, December 28, 2012

Alaffia Shea Butter African Black Soap Unscented- Review

According to Alaffia, "Our genuine African Black Soap is one of the healthiest soaps for the skin due to the purity and simplicity of the ingredients. In Togo, black soap is the only soap used by mothers to wash their newborn babies, as its purity makes it gentle and non-drying for their sensitive skin. Our black soap is hand made, using age-old traditional techniques from pure virgin oils. The ingredients of our African black soap are virgin palm kernel oil, pure, Certified Fair Trade unrefined shea butter and potash produced from the ashes of plantain leaves and bark from a local tree called Agow. The high percentage of shea butter is one of the unique features of our soap. Unscented for sensitive skin."
I am a big fan of Alaffia products, and really love their African Black Soap. I have been using their Liquid African Black Soap (reviewed here) in the shower for a while, and love it so much that I decided to buy the bar soap version as well. The Shea Butter makes this a very moisturizing soap, and as such it a great choice at my bathroom sink because it keeps my hands soft and moisturized. It is also wonderful in the shower, and I am particularly fond of using it for shaving. I chose the unscented version, which means that it contains no essential oils for scent, making it perfect for people with sensitive skin.
Ingredients: Saponified Unrefined Shea Butter & Unrefined Palm Kernel Oil.

Overall assessment: Fantastic company, fantastic soap, and a fantastic price.

3 oz. bar $3.95 I purchased mine at Whole Foods Market.


  1. i believe this is alaffia's best selling product. though i adore alaffia's virgin coconut body cream. it leaves a nice sheen to the skin and it really feels nourishing. alaffia is fantastic & affordable.

    1. I'm not at all surprised! I will have to try their Virgin Coconut Body Cream-- it sounds fabulous! I have tried lots of their products, but oddly enough haven't tried that one yet! Thanks for the great recommendation!

  2. Hi, Lola, I have seen this at Whole Foods and thought it looks interesting. I need soaps that are hydrating, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Rola! This is a lovely soap-- it's definitely worth trying out! Happy New Year!!!!


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