Friday, September 7, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Gift With Purchase at Zuneta & Beautyhabit!!

Rouge Bunny Rouge- Santa Ana Collection: "Alluding to the winds that herald Autumn, Santa Ana is the statement look for the new season. Porcelain skin is luminous and fresh with a delicate warm bronze glow. Bold lips speak elegance whilst eyes are subtly defined."

Plus you will get a FREE Rouge Bunny Rouge - Loose Glitter Pigment Fire Drops in Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree (Iridescent golden dust, warmed with a hint of pale mandarin) when you spend £40 or more on Rouge Bunny Rouge. Click here to see the Collection! Available at Zuneta while supplies last!  

Beautyhabit is currently offering a Rouge Bunny Rouge  Gift with Purchase as well! With any $85.00 purchase receive a free Kiss Elixir Lip Balm ($22.00 value) Use Code: SANTAANA. Offer expires Septemeber 20, 2012, or while Supplies Last.
Kiss Elixir Lip Balm GWP available from Beautyhabit

Photo and video from Zuneta.


  1. Okay...what are you getting from this collection???

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

    1. Hi Gummy! I'm not sure if I am going to get anything-- believe it or not!!! I still have a pile of unused RBR things that I have been trying to make time to review. So as much as I would love to go nuts and buy a pile-- I need to decrease the pile of things to review, rather than making it any bigger!!! Are you getting anything?

      You have a great weekend too! xoxoxox

    2. Think I'll have to take a rain check...I did pin a few things to my beauty wish list, though!! I keep trying to put myself on a no/low but it's not working...but I keep trying. Ha ha!! Eeesh...too many amazing things out there :-)

    3. I know-- I'm really trying to be good as well-- it's so hard to be good when there are so many lovely things calling to us!!! Have you gotten your Sponge order yet? If so, are you loving your purchases? I'm dying to know!

    4. Not yet...I chose the cheap/free shipping so it's not scheduled to arrive until the 11th. I seriously can't wait!! I need to remind myself to try just one thing at a time. Ha ha...easier said... I also ordered this with the Sponge stuff, In Fiore - Complexe de Fleur Very interested to see what this little puppy is all about. I've had trouble finding any real blog reviews on it, so I only got the little 15ml - a shot in the dark maybe but sometimes those are the best!

      But I'll let you know as soon as I form my prelim opinions on the Sponge! :-)

    5. OMG-- I am losing my mind with excitement waiting to hear what you think of it!! Wasn't your purchase big enough for their free shipping?? Isn't it still with a $100.00 purchase?? I sooo want you to love this Sponge stuff as much as I do-- it is such a lovely line! I have been using my samples of the Krema Niktas Night Cream, and definitely want to get it. I like it much than the Krema Triantafillo-- which is quite lovely, but I love that the Krema Niktas is an anti-aging cream. Also interested in trying the Krema Imeras since it's an anti-aging day cream, but I haven't tried that one yet. The In Fiore - Complexe de Fleur that you got looks fantastic!!! I can't wait to hear what you think about it!!! Have you found yourself tempted by the Rodin Olio Lusso? I received a small sample, and most of the contents spilled all over my counter-- so I just used it on my body, but I salvaged a little, and it's pretty lovely. I want to try another sample so that I can use it a little longer to see if I can justify the price tag. We certainly are facilitating each other! <3

    6. Ha yes, sorry that's what I meant - I got the cheapest shipping a.k.a. free :-)

      I'd love to try the Rodin Olio Lusso, but a couple of the oils in it clog me up pretty badly. I would love to try the body oil version, though! I can't believe it spilled. Yikes! Think I would've had some heart palpitations!! How did it smell? It's funny because when I first read about it I tried to make my own oil concoction. I ordered a ton of different base oils and essential oils. I actually came up with a few really nice mixes, but it was so messy...and time consuming...and just not something I wanted to stick with. At some point in the future I might try to mix some products up again when I can dedicate more time to it, and also take more time to educate myself.

      There are some other oil mixtures and oil based products I found I'd like to try (in addition to the Complexe de Fleur). So whether or not I like these two I have a list to go on from there!

      I am so sensing quite a few more Sponge reviews coming from your blog! Tee hee!

      Facilitate away!!! xo

    7. p.s. You need to start pinning more so I can see all the lovely things you are lusting after! :-)

    8. I know, I was horrified as I watched it spill all over the counter-- it was a generous sized sample- so I was really able to slather the spilled oil all over my arms, but still have a small amount left. Which oils clog you up? I have to admit that the one thing that has me a bit concerned is putting scented floral oils on my face in such high concentrations (since the Jasmine Oil is the first ingredient on the list- rather than toward the bottom)-- I have used it several times, but do worry that a natural perfume oil might cause some sort of reaction if used regularly. Of course I have nothing to base this on other than a touch of fear- because the few times that I have put it on my face didn't cause any problems.

      It's funny that you also have mixed your own oils!! I have tried to as well, but really need to do more research as well. My mom has been mixing her own oils for years, and has come up with combinations that work well for her skin. However, she has dry skin, and I have combination skin- so what works for her may be far too rich for me.

      I can't wait to see what you think of Complexe de Fleur-- it looks very very tempting!!

      I am definitely going to try a few more Sponge products-- this line was such an unexpected surprise!! I just really didn't expect to love it as much as I do. I try so many skincare products that I'm often surprised when something truly blows me away-- because most products don't elicit unmitigated joy!!

      You facilitate away as well (of course, you already do)!!!!!!!

      I know that I need to start pinning more- I always sort of forget to! Maybe I will start putting my wish list together this weekend- if I can find some time to pin! Have a fabulous weekend!! xoxo

    9. The sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil clog me. I only know because I've used each as straight up face oils. Both left my skin with the most amazing, almost ethereal I was very sad they clogged. I still love apricot kernel oil for my body though - makes my skin so so soft!!

      Hope you are getting some fun puppy time this weekend! :-)

    10. At least you were able to quickly identify which oils caused you trouble!! Bummer that you went from amazing ethereal glow to clogged!!

      I hope that you have a fun weekend too! Lucy gets her last set of shots-- so is finally able to explore the world outside on a leash!! :-)

  2. Thanks for saying such nice things about my blog, Xaimarys!! Thank you so much for the Liebster-- I am humbled and touched!!! xxoo


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