Thursday, August 23, 2012

MAC By Request: Moth Brown, Bait & Flash of Flesh- Review & Swatches

MAC By Request is a limited edition online only collection that MAC recently launched. As the name suggests, MAC fans were asked to vote for their favorite shades from past collections, and the products with the most votes would be relaunched for a limited time. The final collection was made up of three eye shadows, three lipglasses, and three lipsticks. Out of the nine piece collection I purchased Moth Brown Eyeshadow, Bait Lipglass, and Flash of Flesh Lipglass. Each piece is the collection costs $15.00, and there are still many things available.

I actually only planned on buying Moth Brown Eye Shadow (which is now sold out) because I am incapable of turning down a cool leaning taupe. MAC describes this gorgeous shade, which received 39,563 votes, as a "soft metallic grey/brown" with a frost finish. I actually see this color as more of a cool taupe with a purple undertone, and the finish reacts more like a Veluxe Pearl- it is soft and buttery smooth, highly pigmented, and it is not frosty so much as it has a lovely glow.
Bait Lipglass (shown in the center) is described as an "iris-pink with gold pearl" and it is a gorgeous pink indeed. Of all of the Lipglasses, Bait received the most attention with 34,045 votes, and I can certainly see why because it is such a lovely shade. Flash of Flesh, which received 27,707 votes,  is described as a "light nude pink with pearl." This shade has a certain mesmerizing complexity as the multidimensional pearl twinkles in the light-- it's GORGEOUS! Both Lipglasses are still available.
You can see the purple undertone  in the pan and in the swatch.
Left to right: Flash of Flesh, Bait, and Moth Brown.

Overall assessment: I am very happy that I picked these up.
$15.00 each from MAC online.


  1. Those lipglasses look gorgeous!

    1. They really are!! I'm really glad that I picked them up. Initially I was only going to get Moth Brown, but I'm really glad that I got these as well!

  2. Moth brown is a beautiful shade. I need to track one down. I would wear it so much over autumn and winter.
    Lovely review

    1. Thank you, Vicki! It is lovely shade, indeed! I just checked the MAC UK website-- I didn't see the By Request Collection-- have they not yet launched it, or is the UK excluded from this release? Completely unfair if it's the latter! You might send an email to MAC-- or call their customer service number. As of this morning Moth Brown was sold out on the US website, but perhaps they will restock. Hopefully they do so so that you don't have to resort to eBay!


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