Monday, July 9, 2012

Miu Miu Strappy Peep Toe Platform Sandal to Write Home About!

This post is chiefly an exclamation point that serves as a bit of an addendum to my Cynthia Rowley Forced Perspective Dress from Barneys post that I did a few days ago. My friend Liz, Beauty Reductionista, was more interested in the shoes than the dress- so I lurked around the Barneys website until I found these beauties by Miu Miu. At $790.00 these beauties are a bit more than lunch money, but how gorgeous are they?!


  1. LOL! You noticed my love for shoes! At one point I had 100 pairs. Not anywhere near as fancy and interesting as these Miu Mius but I was a fashion addict long before becoming a makeup addict. :) Thanks for the scouring and hunting, my dear!

    1. I certainly did!! WOW- that's a lot of shoes!! My pleasure-- I had to find them for you-- of course I knew full well that neither of us could afford them, but I had to find them nonetheless! Have a lovely weekend!! xoxo

  2. i love to wear each and every style of heel this makes a perfect look to your heels..!!


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