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Susan Thompson Cosmetics Liquid Blush in Chi Chi- Review & Swatches

To say that I am crazy about my friend Suzi's line of cosmetics is an understatement, as you are no doubt aware. The Liquid Blushes from Susan Thompson Cosmetics are solely responsible for my new-found love of this formula over my longstanding powder blush preference. Susan Thompson Cosmetics has created the best liquid blushes to end all liquid blushes, period end of subject. These gorgeous and complex shades can be worn separately, mixed together to customize the color, worn on the lips and eyes, or used on the body. I have even found that mixing the smallest amount of Chi Chi in with a tinted moisturizer or foundation adds an extra pop of color. The point is that these little beauties are tremendously versatile whether you are using them for everyday wear, HD or Red Camera Projects, or on the Runway. They were developed to effectively be applied in seconds which is crucial for the fast-paced makeup and wardrobe changes that are necessary backstage at fashion shows,  for TV & Film, and for all other forms of production work. Mom's on the go, students, and everyone fighting the clock to get out the door and head to work will appreciate that these blushes can be applied in no time at all, and that they can change an entire look with nearly no effort.
As a makeup artist, it has always been Susan's goal to never have production waiting for makeup- so if there is a delay it will not be because of her! This made her really stop to think about how busy our lives have become- therefore a chief concern of hers is that the entire line is geared toward optimal results in no time at all, but with unbelievable results and quality!

Susan's Liquid Blushes are far more natural looking than powder blushes- which is of great importance for HD and Red Camera Projects, but also more flattering for everyday wear. One of the most astounding characteristics of this formula is that it reactivates itself throughout the day through the warmth of the touch. All you need to do is rub the area with warm clean fingers- therefore reapplication is rendered unnecessary! One of the most remarkable things that I noticed is that these blushes do not settle into pores or fine lines- which I find often find happens with liquid and cream blushes.  It is for this very reason that I have generally tended to prefer the texture and finish of powder blushes instead. In this respect, Susan's Liquid Blushes have been a real eye-opening game changer for me! Did I mention that the texture is simply divine and silky smooth?
Chi Chi: Spicy cheeks that say you are sweet but sassy! This is a gorgeous warm peachy caramel nude that is named after Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler, and Carolina Adler's rescue pooch Chi Chi. While this shade is warm it is glorious on my cool toned pale skin- I can't tell you how, but it is magical in its chameleon-like complexity! The far left swatch is sheered-out for a barely there kiss of color; the middle swatch is a bit more built up; and on the far right it's applies much thicker (and is still drying down). It gives that undeniable lit from within natural glow that is positively stunning and alluring. It is simply a stupendous color and formula! As a blush, this translates to a silky smooth neutral caramel shade that is just luscious. Don't worry about Shadow and Midnight being jealous that Chi Chi has a namesake blush-- Suzi has her eye on creating something named after them as well!
Carolina & Steven Adler with Shadow & Midnight. I received express permission to publish these photographs from Shadow, Carolina, Steven, Midnight, and Chi Chi Adler. Thank you!
 Chi Chi

Key Features:
High Definition Make Up
Paraben Free
No Animal Testing
Recycled packaging
10% goes to charity (The ASPCA and The American Red Cross)
Made in the USA

Overall assessment: Chi Chi is an extraordinarily high quality buildable blush. As I said before, this blush formula has caused a real paradigm shift in my view of what makes an excellent blush. I was decidedly a fan of powder blushes, but Suzi has changed my opinion! I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams that I could wear a color like this, but I can! It has quickly become one of my all-time favorite blushes!! Of course I love and wear all four of the colors though! I cannot recommend it highly enough! This is unquestionably a luxury product at an unbelievably reasonable price.

$20.00 from Susan Thompson Cosmetics. This price includes tax, shipping, and handling in the US. Customers outside of the US pay for shipping.

Chi Chi, Shadow and Midnight's daddy at the office:


  1. "daddy at the office," lol. The expression on both dogs' faces is priceless, especially Chi Chi. You can just TELL he has a Pepe Le Pew accent.

    Do not come weesz me to ze Casbah - we shall make beauteeful museeeecks togezzer right heeyah!

    Midnight is channeling Frank from Men in Black.

    1. I'm glad that gave you a good laugh!! Aren't the dogs' expressions awesome?!!

    2. You make me lust for these. One day (or probably one night about 2 a.m.) I'm going to buy some of her products.

    3. Her line REALLY is amazing! She's working on some new lipstick shades, and showed me a prototype for the most gorgeous fuchsia that I have ever seen in my life. I really can't wait for her eye shadows-- I suspect that they will put everything in my stash to shame-- but I think it might be a while before she launches the full line. Oh, you are like me with the dangerous middle of the night online shopping adventures!! I have forced myself into a "cooling off period" before allowing myself to buy.

  2. That's such a beautiful colour. I got scared away from liquid blushes after Benetint left me with one too many harsh streaks, but this one looks like a liquified cream instead which looks easier to blend. Thanks for the scoop!

    1. I totally agree, and I never would have imagined that I could pull off a color like this-- but it is an amazing chameleon type of shade that magically works on my skin tone! I have NEVER had any luck with liquid blushes for that very reason. I remember trying Benetint years ago and didn't like it for that very reason. There is just something magical about this formula-- and it really caused me to rethink my former preference for powder blushes. All four of her colors are gorgeous.


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