Sunday, June 17, 2012

Have a Lovely Sunday!

My hydrangeas are very happy- which makes me very happy, and I thought this might make you happy too!


  1. Beautiful hydrangeas! I would ♥LOVE♥ to have pink ones, but everything turns blue in our acidic soil. Good think I like blue. too. My 'All Summer Beauty' shrubs are about to bloom. Actually they have bloomed, but they are still white. Can't wait!! I gave them lots of nice, acidic Hollytone a few weeks ago, so the blue should be nearly neon; maybe I can convince Mr. Petals to take some pictures.

    1. Thanks, Zu! That sounds GORGEOUS!!! The blue sounds insanely gorgeous. You should definitely convince Mr. P to take some pictures with his amazing new camera!! Please, oh please post some pictures. Your garden and house pictures nearly had me on the next plane out of LAX!! lol. How was Father's day? Did your dad love his amazing feast?


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