Friday, June 22, 2012

Lush- It's Raining Men Shower Gel is Next on My List

I love Lush products, but haven't had any for a while. So I decided to go to their website to find a new bath gel, and I think that I found just what I am looking for! It's Raining Men appeals to me on so many levels- the name alone had me saying Halleluja! Here's it's description:

Honey and lotus flower shower gel for hair and body: Check out the weather report, it looks like rain today! Get absolutely soaking wet and lather up armed with one of the finest shower gels you can buy. Our honey hand and body soap became such a huge customer favorite that we just had to create a soothing honey shower gel with the same scent. It smells like toffee-fudge, with refreshing sweet orange and bergamot oils to give it a little extra sweetness. In case of stormy weather ahead we made It's Raining Men with lotus flowers to soothe your ravaged bodies and oodles of moisturizing, cleansing honey. 


  • Sweet on sensitive skin: Incredibly soothing and moisturizing, honey is ideal for dry, sensitive skin.
  • Stormy weather ahead: It’s raining more than cats and dogs with our floral honey shower gel.
  • Flowers bring honey showers: Half a kilogram of honey contains the essence of approximately two million flowers.
 Can anybody think of a reason that I should not buy this bath gel? Have you tried it?
Magritte. Golconde (1953)


  1. Buy it ! Buy it ! :)
    Never tried it but my favorite products from Lush is the solid massage bars which I use as body moisturizer when I travel. They smell so good!

    1. I haven't tried those either!!! I guess I have to make a trip to their store and pick up a few things!!!!

  2. I have tagged you for a Liebster Blog Award!! See the link for more info!! (:

    The Beauty Satchel

    1. Thanks for The Liebster Award, The Beauty Satchel! xo, Lola

  3. Ahh, LUSH. I was just starting to get into it before I put myself on a spending ban. The store generally overwhelms me and I usually end up walking out with one bath bomb only, but some day I'll get around to trying these. :)

    I have to confess that "it's raining men" immediately brought to mind Ginger Spice's version of the song. Eeeks!

    1. The LUSH store overwhelms me as well-- I go into complete sensory overload- so much so that I often don't even end up with a bath bomb!! I do really want to try this shower gel though.

      Oh no- Ginger Spice's cover of "It's Raining Men" LOL!!!! :-)


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