Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beautyhabit is Celebrating the Best in British Beauty with 20% OFF!

I woke up to this email from Beautyhabit that I had to share with you! They are celebrating all things British by giving 20% off of the following brands through June 12, 2012. Apply Code: JUBILEE
Antonia Burrell
This Works
Eve Lom
Balm Balm
Elemental Herbology
Mason Pearson
Papier Poudre
Aromatherapy Associates
Jo Wood Organics
The Jersey Cow
Miller Harris
Mitchell and Peach
Molton Brown
Potter & Moore
St. James
Real Hair London
Solonge Azagury Partridge
Rouge Bunny Rouge


  1. Thanks for sharing the code !!!!!! I have been curious about Steamcream :) and of course RBR (but...do I really need more makeup ?)

    1. You are so welcome, Adelle!! I have been curious about Steamcream as well. This certainly is a good time to consider placing your RBR order, if you were planning on it. Let me know if/what you get!! Trust me- I don't need any more makeup! I have a full cart that I am trying to edit!

    2. My cart is full right now too, trying to edit. I think I like the Steamcream for it's packaging. I just love those tins. I just went crazy on skincare this month - I'm still trying to finish my opened skincare before opening my new stuff. I got some at duty free, I got some with the Sephora discount code ( I ended up purchasing the SR Juno thingy) and now I'm getting tempted by the 20% off at BeautyHabit.

    3. The Steamcream tins are ridiculously cute!! Sort of hard to choose! Sadly my entire basket is filled with RBR- brushes, e/s, tinted moisturizer, glassy gloss. I'm having a hard time eliminating thing. The whole 20% off is causing me to become somewhat irrational, and full of all sorts of justifications :-)

      You are so virtuous- it takes TREMENDOUS self-restraint to use up the older stuff before opening up the new stuff! What skincare did you get duty-free? I'm so excited that you got SR Juno Oil!! I'm dying to hear how you feel about it!! Pump a small amount into the palm of your hands and rub your hands together to warm it up- then rub it into your skin. You will use less product, and it will soak in faster. It's one of my absolute HG skincare products of all time!

      Let me know what you end up getting if you take advantage of the Beautyhabit sale!

  2. I bought Chanel (which I have never tried) and Clarins (I couldn't resist the deal & GWP on the Clarins skincare ). I also picked up Bioderma H20 while I was traveling.

    Yes, I'm finishing all that I have opened before I dip into the Chanel and Clarins. It's going to be hard - some stuff I have right now I'm not liking so I have been using it as body and hand moisturizer - that totally helps in finishing the stuff fast.

    I just bought Steamcream and RBR from the Beautyhabit sale. I know I do not need any of it (especially since I just went crazy on Sunday Riley and Le Metier de Beaute) but I figured if I don't buy it now when it's 20% off, I'm just going to end up buying it at full price one day.

    1. Such nice choices, Adelle! I do the exact same thing when I am trying to finish something up that I don't like for my face-- it certainly makes for pretty expensive hand and body cream! I also use up shampoos for shaving etc. I hate wasting things that I spent good money on.

      I can't wait to hear about your Beautyhabit purchases and your LMdB & SR. I agree when it's 20% off and you know you will end up buying later at full price- then why not get it on sale! It does always seem to happen at about the same time for me-- making for some pretty pricey purchases!!

      I hope you love everything that you got! :-)

    2. Me too. I ended up choosing the stick blush in Vermeer and the powder blush in Delicata. Usually I go for pinks but since I got all that SR in pink, I figured I'm going to branch out. I heard that Delicata can be used as a bronzer/contour too. I got an eyeshadow but the one without the case, it's so much cheaper. I'll just put it in my z-palette.

      I'm obsessed with LMdB kaleidoscopes. I love that you can pop out the shadows/blushes and interchange them so they make great palettes for travel. Sadly, I haven't been using the SR blushes as much as I should. I've been enjoying the MAC Sailor color collection recently.

      I do the same with shampoos and shower gels too (for shaving). I even try to force my husband to help me use them up even though they smell girly..hahaha.

      I should post about my purchases and provide swatches on my blog, but I'm so lazy. I go in spurts - sometimes I post daily and then I go months without writing anything. I'm so inconsistent.

      Did you end up hitting the purchase button on all your RBR ?

    3. Ohhhh, those are such pretty choices. Lots of people seem to use Delicata for bronzer/contour and really love it. I don't have it, but always look at it! Vermeer is GORGEOUS!!!! Definitely buying the single shadow pans is a much more economical way to approach RBR-- I read that they will also fit in the MAC 15 pan/palettes! Perfect that you have a Z-palette. Apparently they aren't magnetized-- so we will have to add magnet tape to the back to make them adhere. What color did you get?

      I have resisted the temptation of LMdB because I fear that I will go broke if I add that line to my luxury brand collecting (hoarding). Just leave your SR blushes somewhere in plain sight in your stash so that you are more inclined to use them. With me, if it's out of sight it's out of mind!

      I resisted MAC Sailor because so much of it was warm-toned. I did get super tempted by Jaunty eye shadow though. I passed entirely on Beth Ditto, but I am interested in checking out a few of the pieces from the MAC Casual Colour Collection. I have had to become far more sensible about MAC- they have so many new LE collections being launched every 3 minutes and I can't afford to buy everything!! Plus the quality isn't consistently high on all of the LE stuff. So I am really making an effort to shop smart.

      Ha-- that's so funny I do the same thing and try to force my husband to help me use up stuff i don't like too!!! LOL!! It's pretty funny-- especially when it's to ease my guilt of already having a replacement for it, but not being able to tolerate wasting it either. I have dumped more haircare stuff on him that way!! Sometimes he smells so pretty!! :D

      You DEFINITELY should do a post on your blog-- I would love to read it!! Well, life does get in the way of blogging, after all.

      Nope, I still haven't hit the purchase button-- I'm still trying to figure out what I can "live without!" I will probably do it tomorrow-- forcing myself to sleep on it seems like a good idea. I added a lot of RBR brushes to my basket-- so I need to think through my purchases a little longer. The RBR Large Shader eye shadow brush that I bought last time is so fantastic that I want to try more now. I sort of feel like I'm cheating on Hakuhodo, but RBR brushes are quite nice!

    4. I ended up getting the RBR Unforgettable Oriole. I was also thinking about Solstice Halcyon but I thought it might be very close to the SR Lady Godiva. It's hard relying on online swatches. I have a kabillion brown eyeshadows so I had to control myself.

      I love the MAC Sailor Crew highlighter. I've been using it as blush and it really brightens up my face. I also bought both of the body oils - they remind me of my favorite Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. I still have yet to take them out of the box but I hate it when MAC says they are Limited Edition. I can't tell how fast they will sell out.

      Are you still on the BeautyHabit website today ? Or did you finally hit BUY :) They actually just called me and said that everything RBR that I ordered won't be shipped out until Friday. Every blogger must be in a RBR buying frenzy with this 20% off code - hahaha.

    5. Unforgettable Oriole is gorgeous-- I have it and love it so much!! I still haven't reviewed it, but it will most definitely be a favorable review!! I think that Lady Godiva is a little lighter than Solstice Halcyon, but if you have lots of colors in that range it probably isn't a must-have.

      I have been considering MAC's Sailor Crew highlighter. I can see why you would be using it as more of a blush instead of a highlighter. Isn't the beige an overspray-- making it actually more of a blush anyway (that combines peach, pink and purple)? What color do you find that you end up with, a warmer pinky peach? I think that they are still available online at Nordstrom. The body oils looked awesome.

      I finally hit buy today!! I went a little nuts-- a couple glassy glosses, a couple lipsticks, a couple eye shadow, a brush, tinted moisturizer, eye crayon, and a blush! I will have lots of pictures to take and edit!! I hope that you review some of your new stuff!! Darcy told me that they were definitely getting lots of orders-- so I imagine that they will make a significant dent in their upcoming shipment. Good to know that your things will be shipped out on Friday! She told me that the shipment was released from customs and would be there in a couple days-- so if things work out as we were both told- then we will be seeing our new treasures very soon. They ship so fast-- I have often received my package the day after ordering-- however I live in LA and they are only a few miles away in Westlake Village.

    6. Got my order - I'm crazy about the RBR. I'm kind of disappointed that the sale is over - because now I want to pick up 2 more blushes. Had I received the order slightly early, I would have still had time. haha.

    7. YAY!! Well, it looks like you just fell down the RBR rabbit hole-- welcome to the Fold!! There will be other sales, but now you will feel the obsession fester! LOL!

  3. I should not have looked. I've been thinking of that grey and lilac RBR e/s single for a while now. I do! not! need! more! eyeshadow!

    I wouldn't mind getting some Miller Harris fragrance but I have to laugh. I was being lazy and wanted to copy the brand from your post into this comment, but I could not. ;)

    Ooooh, 20% off Mason Pearson!

    1. I know! I was really trying to be good and then found this announcement in my inbox. Let me know if you want me to forward you their email so that you can snatch the images to post.

      Pretty funny I tried to cut and paste a few things from my blog as well-- and forgot that the trick that you taught me made even the text impervious to copying. Thanks again, by the way!!!!!!!

      I have never actually tried Miller Harris fragrance, but have heard it is wonderful. Mason Pearson on sale is amazing-- I bought my brush from Saks probably 15 years ago and paid about $100 then!! Their brushes are exquisite!

      I know I went back and studied Replica's post featuring Trumpeter Koel and Lilac Reef Curassow, and have definitely been thinking seriously about adding them to my basket. I'm still trying to adhere to my "cooling off period"- so while my basket is brimming full I have not submitted the order yet.

    2. Are the Mason Pearson brushes really that amazing ? I had one in my cart but took it out at the last minute. I have one from Denman and man, boar bristles give my hair major static. Or is it because I have cheapo boar bristles ?

    3. OMG I had a Denman years ago and eventually killed it. I can't remember if it gave my hair major static though. I LOVE my Mason Pearson-- I remember thinking how ridiculously expensive it was at the time, but my mom had one and once I tried it I was sold. Well- I was actually in love with it, but was going to save money and buy a Goody brush from Rite Aid and my mom told me to by the Mason Pearson instead. I'm glad that I did. It even comes with a little brush to clean the brush!! Mine still looks new and I have had it for almost 15 years! It's worth the money, but the issue is whether you want to spend that much on a hair brush. I don't really think boars hair brushes are that cheapo-- now the Goody brush that I was going to buy was truly cheapo!! :-)

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  5. I also curious with regards on stem cream. I want to know more how effective it is.

    1. Hi Faye, I didn't buy it- though I did get a small sample and thought that it was nice-- I didn't get a big enough sample to be able to determine how effective it is since I only got one use out of it. I am curious to try it at some point, though!


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