Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sunday Riley Blush- Dimples Review & Swatches

The new line of makeup by Sunday Riley that launched in November 2011 includes 6 different shades of the most refined blushes that are silky smooth,  beautifully pigmented,  and finely milled. They create the widely sought after "glow from within" effect that is both natural and flattering. The aim, according to Sunday Riley, is to achieve a "sheer, flushed radiance that highlights, defines, and enhances" but that is likewise long-wearing.
These oil-free blushes are created by employing a cutting edge Air-Milling technology that results in an extremely refined product that creates a smooth and even coverage. The pigments themselves are round in shape making them luxuriously silky and soft- imparting a flushed radiance. Light diffusers promote a natural and luminous glow that is just gorgeous.
Sunday Riley blushes are ultra finely milled and apply like a dream, and they offer buildable coverage allowing you to go from sheer to dramatic with a few strokes of the brush.
Indoor Lighting
Dimples is a gorgeous cool blue-based purple-plum with a splash of slightly reddened cranberry that is topped off with a lovely shimmer. It is ideal for medium to darker  complexions, but lighter beauties who have to have this color will need to use a very light hand with this vibrant and highly pigmented color. On my fair skin I have to apply it with a stippling brush and a very very light hand otherwise it is very quickly overdone.
Outdoor Lighting Heavy Swatch

Key Ingredients used and their functions, according to Sunday Riley:
Kaolin- "a mineral that diffuses light, reduces the appearance of fine lines." Kaolin is a clay-like mineral that also has oil absorbing properties, and also draws out impurities and toxins.

Mica- "a translucent, natural mineral that reflects light and creates the illusion of a smoother, softer and more radiant skin tone."

Silica-"perfectly spherical silica particles are first coated evenly with pigments to create the silkiest application and feel."

Nylon 12- "a hypo-allergenic ingredient that reduces shine and feels silky, creating a smooth appearance." This also prevents the product from settling into fine lines.
Paraben Free
Overall assessment: This is a gorgeous blush! It is very very pigmented- therefore using a light hand is essential- particularly for those with fair complexions!

$30.00 at Nordstrom, Sephora, & Barneys New York (Affiliate links)
All photos are mine except for the stock photo from Barneys.
PR sample provided for consideration.


  1. i am anxiously waiting until i get my hands on one these blushes. lol. i haven't been able to go to barneys to swatch these yet, dimples look so pretty.

    1. Hi Jackie! The SR blushes are lovely! Did you see my post with swatches of all 6? That could help you narrow down a color. Dimples is really gorgeous!


  2. I bought Dimples and as much as I love it, it really is too dark for me. I have to be ultra careful with it but the color is too pretty to give up on. Honest is my number 1 with Intimate following close behind.

    1. It really is gorgeous, but I also have to use a feather light touch with plenty of blending. I did find that I could make it infinitely more wearable by toning it down by adding Blushing on top-- see if a splash of Honest or Intimate on top after a good blending makes it work better. At least that method worked for me.

  3. Wow! Dimples will be mine.

    1. It really is gorgeous, Zu. It does require a very light hand for pale girls like us though!


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