Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quad in Goddess- Swatches & Review

Revlon's ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow quad in Goddess is a cool leaning palette of four very attractive shades. 

  • The top left shadow is cool creamy white with shimmer. I found that it had very good pigmentation, but it crumbled rather easily and produced some fall-out.
  • The top right shadow is a cool-leaning gorgeous pink shade. This shadow has wonderful pigmentation, but also had a good deal of fall-out. I think this color works quite well as a blush.
  • The bottom left shadow is a nice cool taupe shade with shimmer. The pigmentation is quite good, but again there was an issue with fall-out and shadow migration on my face.
  • The bottom right shade is a black shade with obvious sparkle. This shadow is quite pigmented, but also the worst offender with respect to glitter fall-out. I found that the sparkle migrated all over the place, and got into my eyes which caused my eyes to become quite red and irritated.

Having already reviewed Addictive and Siren, I was expecting to really love this quad. However,  I don't find Goddess to be of the same quality as either Addictive or Siren. 
While the colors are beautiful and the pigmentation is quite good I find the fall-out issues to be too great to be able to recommend this quad. If your eyes are in the least bit sensitive I would not risk the possibility that this quad could irritate your eyes, as it did mine.

Overall assessment: This quad was a miss for me. There was too much glitter migration and fall-out, and it caused my eyes to become red and irritated. 

0.16 oz./4.8 g $7.49-$7.79 at CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens. Check out their prices at Target as well. They are often on sale- so you can snap them up for even less.


  1. I bought the neutral palette in Addiction. It works ok, the colors are not quite pigmented enough on my skin tone.

    1. I have that one as well, and it is infinitely better than this one-- which was a total miss for me. I'm getting the definitely sense that the quality varies a bit from quad to quad.

  2. I agree, the quality is different with ea h quad. I have Addictive and love it- my other (forgot the name!) has a lot of fallout. This one has caught my eye but I think I'll pass for now:)

    1. Hi yessie! I know- this one really caught my eye as well, but the quality just doesn't match up-- especially when compared to Addictive! I hate having to deal with lots of fallout!

  3. i havent tried the revlon quads yet, only maybelline ones..
    now that i read this post,i might have to stick with maybelline?

    i like maybelline quads, but then they dont last long, i think...

    id like to try the lancome quads or dior quads.

    what do you think? you think they worth the money ?^^


    1. Some are good, and others aren't that great. This one was a total miss for me-- there was so much fall-out. I think that there are better eye shadow quads out there. You might want to try one of the Revlon quads to see if you like it, but I'm not really all that impressed with them- and am not planning on buying more of them. I only have one Lancome since eye shadow and like it, and I don't currently have any Dior. They are often on sale here- so one can usually get a pretty good price on Revlon quads-- but I'm just not that enthusiastic.


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