Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color: Overview & Swatches of Every Shade Part III

This is a 3-Part Series featuring all of the Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color Lipsticks.
See Part I here
See Part II here
Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color features richly pigmented lipsticks that were created to hydrate and protect the lips.  These are creamy, one -swipe, full coverage lipsticks that wear for 4 hours. Each lipstick is housed in a gorgeous and luxurious gold case that is manufactured by the same people who make the lipstick cases for Tom Ford. This is lipstick luxury incarnate!

Key Points according to Sunday Riley:
1) This formula was created as the next generation of lip color. The formula has anti-aging and collagen building properties that help to repair and prevent the aging of the lips.

2) This formula is filled with Stable Vitamin C that was specifically chosen because it helps maintain youthful lip volume - while fighting lines. Vitamin C bolsters collagen levels to maintain youthful plumpness. Vitamin C also helps to reduce melanin production, brightens the skin, and repairs the effects of UV  damage as well as helping to fend off other types of environmental damage.

3) Proprietary "signature" technology is implemented in the making of this product. "Advanced color molecules activate when applied to the lips- offering long lasting highly vibrant 4 hour wear." This is achieved by attaching high impact pigments to soothing base molecules which results in long lasting fade proof wear.

4) Non-stop hydration and conditioning with 10% Shea Butter. This keeps lips soft and smooth.

Shakespeare (reviewed here): A lovely blue-based mid-tone pink.
Sugar Blossom: A mid-toned pink with a whisper of rose.
Entrepreneur: A muted deepened berry with a pop of mauve.
Marie Antoinette: A lovely blue-based rose.
Duchess: A blue-based reddened berry.
Sugar Baby: A gorgeous rich wearable purple berry.
Wine Stain: A rich deep purple.
Orchid Cream: A rich deep dark eggplant purple.

Overall assessment: Fantastic lipsticks!
$32.00 available at Barneys New York (in store) and Dermstore
Stock photos from Dermstore.


  1. Are you swatches much darker than they would appear on lips?
    I have Shakespeare, Marie Antoinette and Sugar Blossom on my list but I don't look good in dark lipsticks. Shakespeare looks about my speed from your swatches as does Mona Lisa.

    Thanks for all the hard work. You are the best!

    1. The swatches are VERY heavily applied- only slightly sheered out at the edges. When I swatched a few on my arm they were lighter because I didn't apply them as heavily. The few that I applied to my lips were likewise applied with a much lighter hand. So for normal use they won't be as intense because they won't be applied so heavily. I found that one pass on the lips and arm rendered very wearable results.

      Shakespeare is a pretty blue-based mid tone-- almost cotton candy pink. The stock photo is lighter and more "innocent" than the actual lipstick. It's a brighter and clearer cool pink.

      Marie Antoinette is a lovely mid-tone rose based pink- very very pretty, but also a good grown-up pink. I really really love this shade.

      Sugar Blossom is a bit like a darkened rosier version of Shakespeare. I would probably choose one or the other, but not both (that is, if it were me). Sugar blossom is the more unique shade. Shakespeare is more easily dupable, but don't get me wrong- Shakespeare is a gorgeous shade. You could add a pass of a lighter pink lipstick in your stash to Sugar Blossom and end up with Shakespeare- or something close to it.

      All three of those shades are really really lovely!

      Mona Lisa is a really really lovely warm yellow-based light golden peachy apricot. Sadly it's too warm for my complexion, but it is so so so so so pretty.

      You are very very welcome, Marcia. That comment you made about there being no lipstick swatches available (and not even stock images posted on the Barneys website) , and the fact that you didn't live near a Barneys served as my motivation. It only made sense for me to head over to Barneys for a swatch-fest. Of course my facial, makeover, and seeing my friends was fabulous as well! xo

  2. I love being an inspiration. You are an inspiration for my wallet! I can't wait to find out what you have up your sleeve next for us with Sunday Riley. I'm anxiously awaiting your news so I can spend, spend, spend.

    1. You were and are!!!!!!!!

      I am working on it, and I will let you know as soon as I have firmed up the details! Since your Barneys orders aren't in person you should definitely consider making your purchases through Suzi at the Beverly Hills store-- she will always take extra good care of you when she knows that you came through me (extra goodies etc.). She has a heart of gold, and is always so helpful!


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