Sunday, April 15, 2012

MAKE UP FOR EVER 5N Brush Review

MAKE UP FOR EVER has a very nice range of professional brushes, and I have several in my stash that I really love. I have had the 5N Eyeshadow Brush for quite some time, but only recently started to use it on a regular basis. Truth be told, I'm not sure why I waited so long to put this brush into regular rotation- it really is extraordinary.
The nylon brushes from the N Line are "firmer, for precise application. They are perfectly adapted to the new generation of creamy and liquid make-up, and are becoming increasingly popular with professional make-up artists. Used with powder shadows, they pick up smaller quantities of the product, producing extremely subtle effects. They are instantly recognizable, with their metallic gray lacquered wooden handle, top-of-the-range nickel-plated brass collar and two-tone brown and cream bristles."
MUFE suggests that this nylon brush is very versatile, and is highly effective with both cream and powder formulas, and that it applies and blends shadows particularly well on small surfaces. Additionally they suggest that it may also be used for the lips, and under the eyes to conceal dark circles, and to conceal blemishes on the face.

While I can certainly see the benefit to using this brush for all of these varied purposes, and with varied formulas, I limit the scope of use considerably. I have discovered that this brush is extraordinarily effective with the application of cream shadows. I principally use the 5N to apply MUFE Aqua Creams and MAC Paint Pots, but have on occasion used it to apply under eye concealer (which it does quite well). The soft but firm bristles pick up the right amount of pigment every time, and the flat and widened head allows one to apply the product to a large enough surface area that application can be done quickly and efficiently. This is particularly important for products with a fast dry down time- like the MUFE Aqua Creams. Because the bristles are nylon, and the brush is small enough- I can wash it frequently knowing that it will take no time to dry.

Overall assessment: I love this brush- it has quickly become my go-to brush for applying cream eye shadows. I simply wouldn't want to be without this brush- it is just so good at what it does!

$23.00 at Sephora


  1. When I was at the IMATS show last June I so wanted some MUFE brushes but they didn't have any. This one looks great for applying the cream shadows. Maybe this year they'll have brushes for sale.

    1. You certainly would think that they would have had their brushes!! This brush is great for cream shadows-- it's my most reached for cream shadow brush now! If they don't have them this year you can always wait for Sephora's Friends & Family or VIB sale. I only have three MUFE brushes (this, the Kabuki and the 55N Skunk) and I really love all three of them.


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