Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Bodyskin Cream Review

Erno Laszlo's Hydra-Therapy Bodyskin Cream is a luxurious thick and creamy formula that is greaseless and quick absorbing. According to Erno Laszlo, "This is a greaseless cream that creates a barrier to lock in moisture. The rich formula is packed with sesame seed, cocoa seed butter and chamomile extracts to heal body skin. Anthemis nobilis flower calms and soothes irritated skin. Antioxidants protect from environmental aging factors."
I love to apply this rich cream to warm skin right after showering, and it leaves my skin silky smooth and comfortably moisturized. It also has a wonderful scent that is best described as clean and comforting. That it is housed in a large and luxurious faux Carrara marble jar makes the experience of using it all the more pleasant.
While I do find this formula to be very moisturizing I would prefer it not to have alcohol as the second ingredient on the list. It also includes various silicones as well as parabens- therefore those avoiding these ingredients will want to avoid this product altogether.

Overall assessment: This is a solid performer, and a lovely luxury body cream. The price point is high, and the formula contains silicones and parabens- so it will be an easy pass for many people. That said, I really love the way this cream feels and smells, and it really does keep my skin moisturized all day.

8 oz. $65.00 Available at Nordstrom


  1. That cream looks so luxurious! I have a Chanel No 5 cream with the same texture. I hardly ever wear it, being the Queen of Delayed Gratification, and all that.

    Thanks for posting the ingredients. My eyes glazed over before I was halfway through, but I was satisfied that I saw no mineral oil in it, which sucks all the moisture out of my skin.

    I would be far more interested i using nice bath products if I had a bathroom I didn't hate. We have one BR in our Cape and it's in serious need of a serious gutting. I've put it off because, well, there's only the one bathroom. So I'd either have to arrange all the contractors myself and hoped they finished in a timely manner or pay a contractor to subcontract it out. The thought of using a port-a-potty and rigging up a shower in the basement for a few months is not my idea of a good time. :P

    All that to say I rarely use foo foo stuff in the bath!

    1. It really is. It feels lovely on the skin and has a very pleasant scent. Oh, as I recall Chanel No 5 body cream is luscious!!

      I know, I'm not much of a fan of mineral oil or petrolatum in my face and body moisturizers.

      I know just what you mean about a bad bathroom being a buzz kill for luxurious bath products. Our last house was also a Cape Cod Cottage (though in a California)- it was smaller than yours-- it was about 960 sq. ft. with a single Jack & Jill bathroom that was pretty awful. This house has 2 bathrooms both were hideous, but we have since remodeled one- but the other remains an eye sore remodel from the 80s. I basically run in to shower and run out, and applying nice product in there is joyless because the bathroom is so awful! It is definitely more difficult to negotiate a bathroom remodel when there isn't a second bathroom. The thought of having to use a port-a-potty doesn't sound too fun!


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