Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eco Tools Bamboo Finishing Kabuki Brush Review

I have been really happy with the Eco Tools brushes that I have collected. Their brushes are eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and cruelty-free. Thankfully they make good quality tools that are both effective and  pleasurable to use. Their Bamboo Finishing Kabuki is one of my favorite brushes that they make. The sustainably harvested bamboo handle resembles an old school shaving brush. It is very comfortable to hold because the contours conform nicely to the shape of the hand. The two-toned taklon bristles resemble the ever popular duo-fiber skunk brushes made by MAC, MAKE UP FOR EVER, and many other manufacturers, but this Eco Tools brush has only synthetic bristles.
One of the hallmarks of Eco Tools bristles is just how soft they feel on the skin without sacrificing efficacy. This brush, according to Eco Tools, was designed to apply powder, blush and bronzer. However, I find the head much too large and long, and it lacks the appropriate density to make it an effective tool for the application of  blush or bronzer. Instead I find it effective for the application of finishing powder, blending foundation, and for the final buffing of all products. Mine has never shed a single hair, is easy to wash, dries quickly, and never bleeds. The base of the handle is flat allowing it to stand upright on its own.
Overall assessment: I like this brush. It is soft, easy to use, and effective for a limited scope of uses. I do not feel that it is a good blush or bronzer brush, and frankly I have no idea why they would claim that it was made for that purpose. The price is also extremely reasonable ranging from about $6.00-$8.00. I picked mine up for around $6.00 at Walgreens.


  1. I can just tell that brush is exquisitely soft. I love all my Ecotools brushes ... except the blush brush. It's too dense and packs on way too much pigment. It also take a year to dry!

    1. It really is soft, but I have no idea how they thought this was going to be a good brush for blush and bronzer! It doesn't have a tightly packet head-- it is loose and pretty big. It's perfect for finishing though. I love their brushes as well- you are right about the blush brush though! It's ok for lightly pigmented blushes, but anything else is a problem!

    2. It seems only ideally suited to flick excess powder off the face or torture a cat.

    3. That's about it! I like that idea of using it to torture Zeus- he'd probably like it though!


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