Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bobbi Brown Eye Shader Brush- Still an All-Time Favorite!

In the midst of my Hakuhodo fever I thought that it was only fair to pay tribute to a brush that I have used nearly every single day since the time that I purchased it at least 10 years ago! 
Bobbi Brown's Eye Shader Brush is a large brush that was designed for sweeping a light base of color across the eyelids. This is a wide, flat top brush that sweeps shadow across the lid (from lid to brow) in a single stroke effortlessly. While I see how one might use this brush in the manner in which it was intended- I prefer to use it as a blender brush. The densely packed head and ultra soft bristles make this my go-to blender brush. It effortlessly and quickly does the job with no fuss whatsoever.
This brush is so well-made that it has really stood the test of time. It hasn't shed a hair in all the years that I have had it, and it's just as effective today as it was when I first purchased it. While this brush is still made- you will find that the handle has changed into a shorter and chunkier version of the one that I have. All things being equal, I would probably prefer the new handle to the one that I have, but not enough to buy a second brush. The other day I made the discovery that this brush is also fantastic for the application of highlighter as well! The head is big enough to handle larger areas of the face, and it picks up the perfect amount of product by lightly pressing the flat bristles into your product and then sweeping it across your face. I also found the it was quite effective at picking up the product with the side of the bristles and then blending it out with the flat top. After all of these years I have discovered additional uses for this great brush, but I still don't use it as it was intended!
Overall assessment: This is a solid performing workhorse of a brush. I still love it and use it daily. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this type of blender/shader brush! 

$30.00 at Nordstrom


  1. Lordy, lordy, you have a BB brush marked Essentials! Tres vintage! I have the exact same brush, purchased around 1998 at Bloomingdale's, during brown-makeup fever ... when we working women marched among a sea of black suits such that aliens or angels must have thought we all looked like a bunch of scurrying ants.

    I agree this is a standout brush, softer than much of what BB sells these days and I love how I can apply a whole wash of eyeshadow in a single sweep. Hadn't thought of using it as a highlighte brush. Hmmm.

    1. That sounds pretty familiar. I actually still have about 6 or so Essentials brushes from BB. Your visual is hysterical, and oh so accurate!

      It really is a great brush-- I should have known that you would have had it as well! :-) Truth be told, I haven't purchased a BB brush in so many years, but the one that I almost bought sort of turned me off to the new brushes-- it is that ultra-fine liner brush made for her gel eye liners. After having seen several that had turned up around the edges at various BB counters I made the determination that things had changed.

      I'd love to know what you think of it as a highlighter brush. I realize that there is little that can compare to your Hakuhodo highlighter, but since you already have this brush it might be fun to try. I like how it fits perfectly on the upper part of my cheek bone to offer a touch of highlight.

    2. Your post inspired me, so I used the BB blender this morning to apply Play it Proper and it worked beautifully. But, you're right about the Hakuhodo--I'd feel so guilty not using it, so I will relegate this brush back to eye washes. :) I like that it's so tall and stands above the others.

      I haven't had the greatest luck with BB brushes. Of the dozens or so I have purchased, I regularly use only two: the eye sweep and her blush brush (because I had forgotten about this one, tucked away in the drawer). I totally lucked out with her blush brush, as it rivals the softest Hakuhodo I own. I bought a powder brush at the same time, but I returned the powder because it felt like dragging fluffy fiberglass across my face.

      I did not care for her "ultra fine" eyeliner brush, finding it too stubby. In fact, I didn't even buy it--I laughed at its thickness and said shoo shoo. I prefer a finer line so I like the Becca Brush #6, which is practically needle sharp. I also have one by Hakuhodo (forget the number) which is just as thin. Or I use my Paula Dorf angle liner brush, which is excellent.

    3. Oh, and I just wanted to add that for tightlining on top of my upper lashes, especially with powder, nothing beats the Hakuhodo K005.

    4. I'm so glad that you gave it a try. I think it is best as a backup when the Hakuhodo Highlighter brush is drying after having been washed! At least that is my justification to avoid the guilt of not using the Hakuhodo periodically!

      I agree-- moist of the BB brushes are subpar-especially the newer ones! I don't have the BB blush brush- only eye brushes. You really did luck out when you got a really good one!

      Yeah, that "ultra fine" liner is a joke in my opinion-- especially when the display models are in such bad shape! Certainly doesn't instill much confidence in the purchase! I will have to look into that Becca brush and the Paula Dorf. I agree with your assessment of the K005-- it is a fantastic tightening brush!


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