Thursday, March 1, 2012

NARS Lip Gloss in Downtown Review & Swatches

My absolute favorite lip gloss from NARS is Downtown, and I was so sad when I got the last one from Barneys a while back. It was part of the Holiday 2010 Collection, and I'm not even sure if it was designated as a limited edition item (some said it was, others said it wasn't, and sometimes it's a little hard to tell with NARS). I searched for a back-up at other stores and was told that it was sold out, but it is still available on the NARS website (and it doesn't state that it's limited edition).
NARS describes Downtown as a metallic pink lavender, but it is a very multidimensional complex pinky lilac purple with a beautiful ethereal shimmer. This is a gorgeous super shiny formula that is semi-sheer, and lovely all alone or on top lipstick. It is just so lovely!! It can be sheered out beautifully and doesn't scream PURPLE LIPS. This lip gloss is enriched with Vitamin E which helps keep your lips hydrated, but this is a more sticky lip gloss (more so than my other lip glosses from NARS).
Overall assessment: I am in love with this lip gloss! If you were saddened by missing out on this one, or want a back-up then rejoice!!

$24.00 0.28 oz through NARS


  1. wow, how did I miss this color?! It looks perfect. I have started getting into pinkish lavender colors. I like NARS glosses in general, they are longer lasting than Burberry I think and others I have tried but the only thing I dislike is the smell. But it hasn't stopped me from buying them. My favorite color so far is Female Trouble. We seem to have similar taste, so I think you might like it too :)

    1. I know, isn't it gorgeous?! I have been getting into pinkish lavender colors as well-- we definitely seem to have similar taste! I like NARS glosses too, but the smell of some of them can be a little off-putting. For some reason my tube of Downtown doesn't really have any detectable smell-- which is a huge plus for me! Since I'm really liking pinkish lavender lips I ordered MAC's Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Asian Flower (I got Royal Azalea too)- I have never tried this formula and have been having some luck with their lip products lately-- so I thought I would give them a try. I ordered them online yesterday. I hope that I like them!

      Female Trouble is GORGEOUS-- just my kind of color-- in the same way that I love Chanel's Giggle Glossimer! Do you have this color?? IT's a gorgeous pinky brown mauve-- a perfect MLBB! Female Trouble is definitely going on my list!!

    2. Yes, in one of your Chanel posts I mentioned loving Giggle :) I need to re-stock. I bought it and used it within a month...I have never used a gloss that quickly! I love the color, so easy to use with anything. Yea, check out Female Trouble! :)

      Asian Flower looks very pretty! don't enable me :)but I will do the same now - have you tried any Buxom lip polish glosses? I have only tried a couple and my favorite is Dolly. It's a muted plum color - not too dark and it has color.

    3. I remember us talking about Giggle before-- it really is exquisite! Now that is a lippie that is totally worth every single cent! That's amazing that you used it within a month! It really is one of my all time favorite shades! I'm definitely going to check out Female Trouble-- and I imagine that once I swatch it that i will have to have it!!

      Looks like we are enabling each other--LOL!! I'll let you know what I think about Asian Flower once I get it. I have actually been pretty pleased with the MAC lipsticks, lip glasses etc. lately. The prices are certainly more palatable than Chanel etc.!

      We really do seem to have the same taste!! I actually swatched Buxom's Dolly a while back and really liked it, but I haven't actually tried any Buxom products on my lips yet. Do you like the formula? Is it worth me taking a closer look?

    4. Yes, I really like Buxom. Most of them are pretty pigmented. Some don't but I actually like the feeling of the gloss when it I put it on my lips...there is a tingling sensation. The last 2 Sephoras I went to had a display that had the 4 best selling glosses from Buxom and Dolly was included but both locations it was out of stock! It is supposed to give your lips a fuller look...I think it does for me a little. It's not too sticky, no strange smell, and longer lasting than some other glosses. And cheaper than Chanel! :)

    5. I like lip plumping lip glosses-- so I doubt that the tingle would bother me. I also swatched Dani when I swatched Dolly and really liked that one a lot as well. I just checked out Sephora online and they are running a Buxom special:

      Limited-Time Bonus: Enter code TRYBUXOM in the promotion code box at checkout to receive a Buxom Lash Mascara deluxe sample (0.2 oz), free with your online merchandise. Valid through 3/31/2012 at 11:59 pm. While supplies last. Not valid on previous purchases or purchases of eGift certificates and gift cards. Offer not valid in retail stores or Sephora inside jcpenney. This offer is subject to change, alteration or termination by Sephora in its sole discretion at any time.

      Much cheaper than Chanel! Might be worth ordering online since your colors were out of stock in your local stores! There's a new Sephora opening not far from me-- so I might go check it out soon!

  2. Hi Lola,

    Long time no see! I hope you remember me. I got this lipgloss during their sale on cyber monday. I got it today and love it! I was surprised to see in on their site. If it is still on the site, I am ordering another one. Perfect color!!! Thanks again :)

    1. Nicolle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember you, are you kidding me?! I have truly truly missed you!! So much so, that I have been digging through my emails for months trying to find yours to check in and see how you are!!! As much as I looked- I couldn't find it! When you have time send me an email- so that I have yours!! I'm so glad that you got and love Downtown-- isn't it extraordinary?! I'm going to have to dig mine out-- it has been woefully neglected lately! How are you?? xoxo

    2. I missed you too! I had your email and it was my turn to respond back actually but by the time I got to it a few weeks had passed. I was worried you would be mad/upset that I took forever to reply back. I have been lurking on here and been wanting to comment but thought maybe she might think "you can comment on here but not email back?" kind of silly I know.. :| but then I was thinking, this is stupid! just post a comment! :)

      I see you got Purple Haze too! :) I have been neglecting that one till recently. check your email shortly!


    3. :-) Mad, are you kidding me- I just missed you!! Life is busy- I understand that all too well. Don't ever feel that way, and don't ever feel like you have a window of time to respond. I was actually more worried than anything. You never have to lurk-- I love you being here!! Please don't ever feel that way!! I'm just thrilled that you are back!!!!! <3

      Yes- and I tracked down Purple Haze because YOU told me it was amazing-- so it was because of you! I loved the pictures that you set-- awesome haul!



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