Friday, March 2, 2012

MAC Vera Pearlmatte Face Powder Reviews & Swatches: Sunday Afternoon & Flower Fantasy

According to MAC, The Vera Pearlmatte Face Powder is, "Embossed with her signature ladybug motif, this powder could only be M·A·C Vera. Three shades in both pearl and matte finishes. Effortless to blend, provides a dynamic highlight for face or eyes. Limited edition."

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon is described by MAC as a "clean, bright pink/bright clean fuchsia/soft pale pink with white pearl." It is a gorgeous trio of pink shades that can be used individually or can be mixed together to make a lovely clean pink with a nice sheen. While MAC says that you can use this powder all over your face and on your eyes, I tend to prefer to use it as a blush. It is simply gorgeous as a blush. I also have fond memories of seeing Vera Neumann's lovely scarfs as a child- so her signature lady bug embossed design brings a smile to my face.
Flower Fantasy
Flower Fantasy is described by MAC as a "pale coral with a slight gold pearl/slightly blue pale pink/soft pale salmon." As with Sunday Afternoon, I prefer swirling all three colors together and using them as a blush. However, I suspect that a great many people will be using the beautiful individual colors separately as well.

All swatches described from left to right: Far left swatch is the largest portion with the lady bug and signature; second is the thin brightly colored strip; third is the pearl section, and the far right swatch is the three blended together. Click on swatches to enlarge them.

Sunday Afternoon swatches outdoor light
Sunday Afternoon swatches indoor light (looks far cooler than the outdoor swatch)
Flower Fantasy swatches outdoor light
Flower Fantasy swatches outdoor light (arm rotated for more sun exposure)
I think these are both very versatile palettes. The individual strips are large enough to isolate and use them on their own, or they can easily be swirled together to use as a blush and highlighter. While MAC suggests that the colors can be used on the eyes and face, I find them to be perfect for the cheeks. While Sunday Afternoon leans cool, and Flower Fantasy leans warm- they are neither too cool nor too warm respectively. Therefore, both Pearlmatte Face Powders will work across the majority of skin tones.

Overall assessment: I really like both of these a great deal. The quality is really there with both of them. They are silky smooth to use and the colors are really lovely. I reach for both of them all of the time.

$28.00 12 g / 0.42 US oz. Available where MAC is sold

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