Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hakuhodo S113 Highlight Brush Review & Pictures

Hakuhodo's S113 is a luxuriously soft and silky highlight brush made of Sokoho Goat hair, but it must have been made in alternative universe because I have never felt a brush so soft and yet so effective. This brush really is divine. It has the appearance of a mini blush brush- it is so pretty and sweet looking, but don't be fooled by its fetching appearance- this brush really means business. The bristles are soft yet firm while remaining very flexible. It lays down pigment with great subtlety which makes it perfect for applying highlighter. I have been using it with Play It Proper Beauty Powder from the MAC Chen Man Collection (reviewed here), and it's so effective that I find myself reaching for both on a daily basis. It has the gorgeous vermilion painted wooden handle and 24K Gold rolled brass ferrule that are hallmarks of the luxurious S100 range of Hakuhodo brushes. 

Overall assessment: Everything about this gorgeous brush screams luxury at its finest. This isn't a brush that I had initially planned on getting last year, but the January 2102 price increase pushed me over the edge into a true Hakuhodo frenzy. I am delighted that I got the S113 because it is one of my favorites to use daily. I love it so much that I pull it out and look at even when I'm not using it! Crazy, sure-- but if you have it you know just what I mean!! This is what a highlighter brush should be!

$54.00 from Hakuhodo


  1. Great reviews and pictures. I have the S114 and it is one of the best purchases I made last year. I have used it with everything from MAC Beauty Powder (Light Sunshine) to Chantecaille eyeshadow in Perle, which I use on cheekbones to Guerlain Meteorites and Alima shimmer powders, and it is exquisite!

    1. Thank you, Zuzu's Petals! Did Hakuhodo discontinue the S114- because I noticed that their website now jumps from the S113 to the S115? A shame if they did! Certainly the S113 isn't nearly as luxurious as the S114- since it is only Sokoho Goat instead of Kazakhstan squirrel, but I can only imagine how happy you are to have gotten a hold of that brush-- particularly before the price increase (and certainly if they did in fact discontinue it). It's nice that the S114 works so beautifully with the range of products that you use it with.


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