Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hakuhodo G5512BkSL Brush Review

My quest to find the perfect brush for applying winged eyeliner and for smudging into my lower lashline has resulted in a long journey, and a pile of relatively unused brushes. Two brushes have been absolute game changers for me: the Hakuhodo G5512BkSL, and the Hakuhodo K005 which will be the subject of an upcoming review.

The G5512BkSL has a tiny little head with surprisingly short horse hair bristles that are firm, yet not in the least bit scratchy. The edge is beveled so that the you can actually cut a remarkably fine line with tremendous precision and minimal effort. In fact, for the purpose of producing perfectly winged eyes this brush is peerless, in my opinion. When it is a tight and crisp wing that I want, I only ever reach for this brush now. This little workhorse of a brush is also extraordinary for the tightlining (for an excellent tutorial see Everyday Beauty here), which is a fantastic technique that I don't use nearly often enough. If you are accustomed to the shape of the traditional flat tightlining brushes this may take some getting used to. However, I find that the beveled edge of the G5512BkSL allows for greater control and maneuverability than the uniform flat edge of the traditional tightlining brush. For the purpose of clarity the bottom picture shows the head of a traditional tightlining brush.

As you can see in the picture below, the G5512BkSL has a considerably smaller head than the K005  (which is a cult classic Hakuhodo brush). Don't get me wrong, I  L O V E the K005- but for certain applications you just can't beat the precision that the G5512BkSL permits. Click on photos to enlarge.
Overall assessment: A gem of a brush at a steal of a price! Absolute Holy Grail status for me.
$15.00 from Hakuhodo.


  1. Amazing post! Now I want to purchase this!! I've been looking at all your Hakuhodo posts and wanting to buy everything. Not good. Is this your favorite eye brush now? Have you tried the Edward Bess luxury eye brush and Burberry eye brushes? I want to purchase Hakuhodo brushes but have recently read on a post that she received a Hakuhodo brush and was disappointed by how loosely the bristles were packed.

    1. Thank you, Anonymous! The G5512BkSL and the K005 are two of my very favorite eye lining brushes- I reach for both of them all of the time because I am a huge fan of wearing winged eyeliner. I have looked at EB and Burberry brushes, but still haven't tried either yet. Have you? I have heard great things about both.

      Hmm, that's interesting- which brush disappoints her? I have a lot of Hakuhodo brushes, and so far I haven't been disappointed by a single one (knock on wood). All of their brushes that I have selected have blown away all of the brushes that I had before. I am trying to be a bit more sensible with my purchases now-- so that I don't have too many brushes that are similar to others in my stash- but I still have a pretty long Hakuhodo wish list!!

  2. Hello Lola, I have only read about them. Supposedly they are good.

    I think I am going with Hakuhodo though. :)
    Have you tried any Kokutan brushes? are there any Kokutan favorites?

    As for eyebrushes, which one would you recommend for an all purpose versatile brush?

    Some I’m interested in highly are as follows. I’ve read good things about S122, S142, S146, B533BkSL, G5512BkSL (instead of K005 after reading you post), Kokutan SL, WM, T.

    My eyes are kind of sensitive and I heard squirrel is best for sensitive eyes but I want your expert advice! :D

    As for liquid foundation do you prefer G55527-2mm over 210 or are they interchangeable? How long is the drying time for both and have you noticed a difference in how they feel on your face? 210 is a better price point for me, I'm unsure.
    Sorry for so many questions, I am just such a curious person. And thanks for your response, it’s helping me each step of the way to make the right purchase and first Hakuhodo purchase.


    1. Hi Grace,
      Well, I'm quite partial to Hakuhodo myself- and while I know that there are many good brushes on the market- of the ones that I have tried Hakuhodo has really captured my heart.

      Oh yes, I have a few of the Kokutan brushes, and they are divine. The Kokutan Eye Shadow Brush M is an amazing brush that is great for laying down color and blending. It is Blue Squirrel so it is very soft and therefore shouldn't cause your sensitive eyes any trouble. It is on my very long list of things that i still need to review-- I will try to get to it sooner rather than later for you! That is definitely one of my all time-favorite brushes. However, you can get the same basic blue squirrel brush head on a much less expensive handle if you opt for the B532BkSL instead! Here are the links:

      Either one of these would be an extraordinary versatile brush to have in your stash. the paddle is big enough to handle most tasks, and can be turned on the side, or using the beveled top to do finer work.

      I don't have the S122, but have only heard fantastic things about it-- I love that type of brush with a flat angled top. I don't have the S142 either-- I almost bought it, but I have lots of crease work blending brushes. Again everyone raves about this brush! I don't have the S146, and honestly didn't give it much thought, but now that I am looking at it I'm finding that I want it!! I imagine that this is a fantastic brush. I didn't order the B533BkSL because I didn't need the smaller opted brush in my stash, but I really love all of the brushes that I have from the B series-- they are remarkably high quality brushes at reasonable prices.

      The G5512BkSL has the smallest little head, and it is so fantastic for getting in so close to the lash line. I use it for doing a small tight winged liner, but also use the K005 for winged liner as well-- generally when I want to be a little more bold- whereas the G5512BkSL can make the finest thin line with little effort- the beveled edge also makes it so easy to get the perfect up-turned wing! I love both a great deal.

      The Kokutan SL is basically the same brush as the K005- so I would save the money and get the K005 instead:

      I have never tried the Kokutan T, and don't have anything like it in my stash (yet :-) so I can't tell you what I think of it, but it looks lovely, and it's surely very soft!

      I don't have the Kokutan WM, but there are some weasel brushes that are close in the Basic Series that will save you some money- like the B132BkSL and the B126BkSL (which is a little larger):

      You will definitely pay more for the Kokutan handles, and if the head is the same I tend to try to save a little money if the performance is the same. That said, the Kokutan brushes feel remarkable in the hand!

      While there is no doubt that squirrel is super soft, and therefore a little easier on the eyes than other materials in general-- I would also say that I have lots of Hakuhodo brushes that are goat hair and horse hair, and they are unbelievably soft and forgiving on sensitive eyes. My eyes are also sensitive, and I have not had any trouble with any of their brushes so far. Therefore I don't think that you necessarily have to buy only the squirrel hair brushes.

    2. (continued to Grace):

      My favorite liquid foundation brush is definitely the G5557-2mm. I use it far more often than the 210 for that purpose. I use the 210 for just about everything-- cream blush, powder blush, highlighter, blending etc. I sometimes use it for foundation, but since I got the G5557-2mm that has really become my go-to foundation brush-- it's just exquisite. Of course using the G543 Powder DR round is an otherworldly experience as a liquid foundation brush, but the problem is that it's so densely packed that it takes a day or more to dry after being washed. Therefore it's more of a special treat foundation brush, and the best loose powder brush imaginable. So no, I would not say that the 210 and G5557-2mm are interchangeable. However, one of my readers only uses the 210 for foundation, and actually bought 7 of them because she likes to wash them after each use (so she has one for every day of the week!). I doubt that you would be disappointed if you chose the 210 though-- it's a great brush, and certainly one of the most versatile ones that I have.

      As for the drying time on each- I have found that the 210 and G5557-2mm take less than a day to dry when in a well ventilated space and either hung upside down or laying flat. There's no question that the210 is a better price.

      No need to apologize for your questions-- I am most happy to help. I would suggest that you not go crazy (or broke) on your first order. Pick out a few versatile brushes that you know that you would use on a regular basis, and see what you think about them. I would definitely get the 210 because of its sheer versatility. THat is one brush that I use every single day without fail.

      Let me know what you end up getting, and what you think of them!! Don't hesitate to ask any questions!
      :-) Lola

    3. Oh Lola!

      You seriously made my day. :) You are so comprehensive and helpful. :D I’ve read all your posts on your brushes probably a too many times, but I’ve read so many different blog posts I can’t seem to keep track of everything in my head. *sigh* I even dreamt about it two days ago.

      You are so sweet about saying that you will put up the Kokutan S eyeshadow brush review up! Seriously, you are SOOO AWESOME! What are your absolutely must have eye brushes?

      You have no idea for how many days I’ve been researching about Hakuhodo. I’ve read every blog post on these brushes, including the comments. I even came across reviews in Spanish but unfortunately I took French. And I made numerous charts and pages on these brushes. It’s crazy! I wish I was more passionate about schoolwork! I just wanted to get every detail on everything and make the right choices.

      In case you didn’t already figure it out already, I was the person who also asked which were your top 5 brushes. I was going to respond what I am writing below on the other post but I think it would be easier to have one continuous conversation on one page.
      Also I was trying to make a condensed list. :)

      Hello Lola!

      Sorry for responding so late. College student and finals this week. :/ I am always thankful for your comprehensive responses to all your readers!! :)

      Thanks for your suggestions. I think that G543 Power Dr, is a little too expensive for my budget although in the long-run it will be a worthwhile purchase. It’s currently out of stock also. I can’t wait a whole day for my brushes to dry. I’m pretty impatient, not going to lie. :)

      I need brushes for liquid foundation, blush, light bronzer, eyes: eyeshadow and eyeliner,

      Back to this post. hehe. Hope you can follow everything.

      I don’t know if I should get both the S142 or S146. It seems more people own the S142 and say both S142 and S146 do not tug their skin and deposits all the color on the lid and multi-tasks also, but S146 is slightly smaller and better for precision work and for people with smaller lid space. But I think both would be great.

      For now these are the brushes that I think I will be purchasing. But this can change. for now.
      Must: G5557-2mm- $66 for liquid foundation (But I’m wondering if I should stick to my fingers. And would this work for tinted moisturizers too? yes.)
      G503- $58- (since you suggested :)) blush brush L angled. horse hair (since you absolutely said you loved this! Is this a versatile brush? I guess it’s a better price point than Kokutan LAG, which I might purchase.)
      G527- $66. Originally I thought about G527M because the maple handle sounds lovely but I think G27 is slightly denser and better after research.
      B505BkSL- $84- goat- blush brush (price stayed the same)
      For Blush either Kokutan L for eyes, B505BkSL, or Kokutan S blush brush. I like for my blush color to show on my face but not too much. And for cream blush which is better? Do you think B505BkSL would work for bronzer also?
      eyes: Kokutan SL- $34 from $32-->(only $2 increase!! so amazing. :)) tightlining/eyeliner
      Someone also said she wished she could have 20 of these of all her brushes.
      G5523- ($26) blue squirrel applying and blending shadow
      maybe: G5512BkSL horse ($15)=K005 weasel ($18)
      G5515BkSL- $16 sounds amazing. horse. good for using eyeshadow as eyeliner for softer look Sold out though! I wonder if G5514BkSL(for smudging) will work the same, probably.
      I don’t want to do overkill with the eye brushes.
      And what works best for cream blush? Should I just stick to using my fingers, haha. 210?
      Kokutan M looks and sounds so lovely!!! But it’s $50. Is this your all time fav eye shadow brush? Maybe I should get this instead of G5523... What is your must have for Kokutan eye? S121G sounds great also.

      Grace (passinately researching Hakuhodo brushes). :P

    4. continuation from previous post. :)

      G531 and B100BkSL both look fantastic as well. I’m going to cry. So many choices. As much as I am researching and editing the brushes I want, I find new ones I want.

      More to consider for purchase this time around:
      S103- $93- goat-everyone seems to love it! (G5110 looks very similar to this and it’s $68)
      G529- for highlighting. it looks unique, looks like a big paintbrush and it’s only $33! (horse hair)

      G5537BkSL- $34 or G5538BkSL-$32 (but non blonde says this one keeps its shape the best, for sheer blush application and from last year these two brushes had only a dollar increase)

      G5520- 21- bl squ/horse mix - $21 I think the mizes are fascinating!!

      More questions:
      Between the S113 and S110 which is your must have? And is S103 the most superior?
      What are your top 2 S series brushes?

      Did you try the mix of goat and squirrel brushes? Seems really cool.

      You suggested the weasel eye shadow brushes are they better than squirrel or horse or water badger? What is the difference?

      210 looks so cute and darling! I don’t think I will get 210 for now because I read posts saying people have experienced hair fall out and a few other bloggers agreed. I don’t think it’s worth it for the ten dollar price increase. I was interested in Kokutan T before but I heard its shape doesn’t stay quite nice, same with Kokutan S.

      I think this is all I have to say for now. Thanks again for everything. :)


    5. Hi Grace,

      Wow, you have really been bitten by the Hakuhodo bug! First and foremost I would suggest really narrowing down your list for your first order. You need to see if you love the brushes before going broke buying them. I think that this is especially true since you are a college student who likely has limited discretionary income. BTW- best of luck with finals! I would choose a few brushes that you know you will covet and use on a regular basis.

      I don't have the Kokutan S- I have the M & MLL- which I will shoot this weekend and post sometime next week.

      My favorite Hakuhodo Eye brushes are definitely:
      1) Kokutan M- a great brush for sweeps of color and blending
      2) Kokutan ML- the larger paddle is fantastic for blending
      3) K005
      4) G5512BkSL
      5) G5509BkSL- - big dense paddle great for less pigmented eye shadows-- sweeps of color. People with smaller eye lids might find this a bit big
      6) G5514BkSL- eye shadow pointed. Pencil like brush great for lash line work and smudging
      7) G5515BkSL- eye shadow pointed- even smaller head- great for fine lines of shadow in the lash line and smudging

      These are my favorite Hakuhodo eye brushes, but certainly not all of them are necessary!

      The G543 Powder DR round is definitely an investment, and certainly a brush that you can live without-- plus the dry time is quite long. I love mine, but like I said- you can definitely live without it.

      The S142 & S146 are such different brushes-- I don't have either- but the 142 is bigger and good for crease work while the 146 has a very fine point for detail work. Of course both would be great, but think about what your needs really are-- and realize that your money will go much farther when you aren't shopping in the S100 range-- you definitely pay the the luxury of the handles and ferrules here, and can often find like brushes in their other series'.

      I love the G5557-2mm, but to answer your question-- you could just stick to your fingers-- especially if you are using lots of tinted moisturizers. Lately I have been using my fingers when wearing tinted moisturizers. It is a lot of money to spend on a single brush when you have a student's budget. If I were in your shoes I would pass for now, but that's just me.

      The G503 blush brush angled L is an excellent blush and contouring brush, but if you love fluffy blush brushes this isn't it. This has short densely packed bristles making it perfect for harder and less pigmented formulas. It can, however, be turned on its side and used for a multitude of things. Despite the fact that it is firm- the brush is amazingly soft on the skin. But again if you are accustomed to fluffier blush brushes you have many others to choose from.

      The G527 & G527M have the EXACT same brush head- there is no difference between them other than the length of the handle and the material of the handle. If you get one of them choose based on your handle length and material preferences. The G527 is not denser than the G527M See my comparison:

      I don't have the B505BkSL- I have the G506 instead- so I can't tell you about the B505BkSL- it will definitely be softer because of the squirrel hair/goat blend, but I chose the G506 because I wanted a goat/horse blend instead. It is a phenomenal blush brush. I imagine that the B505BkSL would be fine for bronzer-- as I think all of their blush brushes would be. However, I do not wear bronzers because they tend to turn orange on me-- so I can't really speak to the use of bronzer- since I avoid it.

    6. (continued to Grace):

      Yes, you could definitely use the Kokutan SL for tight lining-- or the K005, or the G5512BkSL. If it were me I wouldn't pay the Kokutan prices for this brush and would get the K005 instead- which is what I did. I wanted to make my money stretch as far as I could so that I could splurge on some of the more unusual brushes that couldn't be duped in another series.

      I don't have the G5523BkSL, but have been looking at it for a while. It's supposed to be a nice brush, and the price is good at $26.00.

      For cream blush I always use the 210-- I have two of them: one for cream, and the other for powder. I don't find that ether of mine shed.

      The Kokutan M is definitely one of my very favorites, but like I said before the B532BkSL is the same exact brush head on a different handle- so you can save a lot of money. I only bought the Kokutan because they were sold out the B532BkSL at the time (it was year end, and I wanted to get my order in before the price increase-- so I grabbed what they had). I don't have the S121G, but it's a great brush too.

    7. Response to the second part of your post, Grace.

      I don't have the G531 or the B100BkSL-I have the S100 finishing brush, and it is fantastic! The B100BkSL is the same brush minus the fancy handle and ferrule- so the price is much more approachable has a much better price, but it is still $72.00, but frankly the G527 & G527M are great finishing brushes as well-- and I reach for those more often. I'm not quite sure why they call them blush brushes-- because they have wide flat heads perfect for powder and blending, but not for blush!

      I don't have the S103- I wanted to save money so I bought the B103BkSL which has the same exact brush head at a better price.

      I don't have the G529 Highlight brush- I got the S113 instead for highlighting and love it.

      I don't have either the G5537BkSL or G5538BkSL, but the Non-Blonde knows her brushes. I just didn't see the need for either of these in my stash.

      I don't have the G5520BkSL or the G5521BkSL- didn't need either.

      Well, I have both the S110 (which is a blush brush) and the S113 (which is a highlighter brush)- I can't compare then because they are for entirely different purposes. I love them both.Those are definitely my top 2 S Series brushes.

      I have a few of the goat squirrel brushes-- I can't think of which off of the top of my head-- though I am pretty sure that I mentioned them in our conversation somewhere (though maybe not discussing the blend specifically). the combination is very very soft.

      I don't think that I have any water badger brushes. Weasel seems to have fairly taught bristles making it good for tight lining etc-- like the K005. I think the type of bristle chosen must be selected for their particular attributes-- thus you don't want something so soft like squirrel if you need a firmer point or head.

      Like i said above- I have not had a shedding problem with my 210, and there are many people who use this as their regular foundation brush. It is one of my all-time favorite Hakuhodo brushes and I use it on a daily basis.

      I don't have the Kokutan T or S- so I can't tell you what I think about them.

      I hope that this helps you! :-) Lola

    8. Hello Dear Lovely Lola,

      Of course I've seen your responses. I didn't know how to respond back since I was just like blown away. haha. I started writing the response right away after I saw yours but I can't write as beautifully and comprehensively as you can in a short amount of time so I gave up mid way but I will attach below what I wrote so far. As for the brushes, I will be ordering them before June 8th so I can get them before I leave for California on the 22nd. And I meant G5523BkSL. I wrote GkSL. See what the brush craze is doing to me. >.<;; I am also going to look into ecotools and some of the cheaper alternatives. I see you have reviewed two of them. I guess you can't compare them to Hakuhodo ones. :)

      Thank you Lola!!! :D

      I seriously can’t thank you enough. (Thank you, Thank you, thank you x100 :))) I also thank you for taking into account that I am a college student and saying I need to see if I even like brushes in the first place, which is a very good point that you make. :)

      Since the last post I wrote, I changed some and then again and after I’ve read your lovely and thorough response(s). :) I think that people will find all your Hakuhodo reviews and responses to your readers very very helpful when they are looking to purchase the brushes. If only I could put you in my pocket and carry you around.

      I am not ordering them right now but will probably order them sometime in the beginning of June.

      I definitely need more eye brushes than any other ones.
      So My condensed list is...
      Eyes: eyeliner/ tightlining 1.G5512BkSL ($15) 2. most likely Kokutan SL ($34). I need at least one luxury brush. :) 3. eye shadow- G5523BkSL ($26) or Kokutan MLL after your lovely review. ($45) I believe?
      Blush: 210 ($36) despite the price increase, which makes me a little sad, I like the shape and after hearing that you don’t have issues with it shedding, my heart is turning back. It also looks quite dense. And the B505BkSL ($84) still seems soooo lovely but I guess I have to try the 210 first. I am currently using one from a Dior travel palette which works okay but it’s obviously not as good as a real blush brush. :)
      5. G527 ($66)- for buffing in everything at the end. (but still not sure) I don’t know if this question is redundant but since they have no difference in its density, I guess you have no preference over them since you like both. I guess it’s up to me which handle and length I like better.
      On G5557-2mm- I actually use liquid foundation, I use the Bobbi Brown Skin :), I was just asking if it would work well for tinted moisturizer too. hehe. I guess I will rethink about it. I will consider G5557-2mm for the second purchase. And also I will be using Chantecaille ‘Just Skin’ Tinted Foundation during the summer so for now, adios. :)

      K005 I'm getting later I think, what do you think? And I don't know if I should still get G503 or G504 for bronzer. By the way. I order the Burberry 'Sheer Summer Glow' Natural Highlighting Compact. It looks beautiful. I asked a few people and they recommended Chanel's new summer compacts for people with tanned skin, but they were so tiny when I've seen them in person. Didn't seem worth it to me. Hopefully, this Burberry compact will work. I purchased Chantecaille's bronzer in Capri, it appeared too orange on me and St. Barth's, but it looked red on me although the texture is the loveliest I've ever encountered.

      Things I want to purchase in the future. (not in particular order)
      1. K005 ($18) as backup for Kokutan SL 2. B505BkSL 3.G5557-2mm ($69) 4. either G5515BkSL ($15) or G5514BkSL($16) 5. S110 6. S113

      Grace :DDD

    9. You are so welcome, Grace!

      I think that your condensed list is a good one. If it were me here are the changes I would make: I would get the K005 ($18.00) instead of the Kokutan SL ($34.00)- same brush different handles. If you want to splurge on something I would choose something that warrants the luxury price splurge. I would also get the G5523BkSL instead of the Kokutan MLL- it's a much better price and a SUPER blending brush. Plus the money that you would save here would get you that much closer to a really special brush like the G5557-2mm.

      I would say forget the B505BkSL for now- the 210 is an exquisite brush, and WAYYYYYY better than the MAC 109 that many of your friends at college have. Spend your money wisely-- maybe you can get some Hakuhodo gifts for graduation :-)

      The G527 is an insanely great brush. If you want the cool maple handle that is longer go that way. If you love the elegant black handle that is shorter go that way. Like I told you before, I have both of them-- but I'm fairly certain that I am deranged and insane when it comes to Hakuhodo brushes. Plus having a beauty blog further fuels the insanity. A sensible person only "needs" one of them.

      Yes, the G5557-2mm works beautifully on tinted moisturizers s well. I use it with my NARS tinted moisturizer some of the time, but often prefer using my fingers with that formula most of the time. This brush would be exquisite with your Chantecaille Second Skin Tinted Foundation as well as your BB Skin Foundation. This is a seriously amazing brush. Be sure to reread my review on it for tricks to avoid a streaky finish.

      Skip the G503 and G504 for bronzer- try using the 210 instead. It's such a great brush that it can handle just about anything you can ask of it. Save your money by avoiding the purchase of unnecessary brushes.

      The G5515BkSL and G5514BkSL are awesome brushes-- I have them both-- I love small pencil brushes for placing eyeshadow in my lower lashline.

      I think that you should give yourself a budget and stick to it. I think you need to be really pragmatic about what you want/need and seriously prioritize. What you don't get this time- just put on your "maybe" list for the next time. I always have a Hakuhodo "maybe list" to daydream about. The important thing that I have found is not to lose your mind ordering way more than you "need."

      The price increase already happened- so you don't have to rush to purchase everything that you think you want in fear of having to pay a substantially higher price if you don't act now.

      xo, Lola

    10. Goodness Lola,

      What would I do without you? Simply unimaginable. :)

      Yesterday, I went to Target and CVS and Whole Food looking for ecotools brushes. Found them at Whole Foods. I got the bronzer brush so far. I think it's ok. I don't know yet. The handle is kinda bulky. I think I will try out the angled eye brush upon your recommendation. It opens at 8 am so I will go today.

      I am definitely creating a budget. I agree with you. haha. :) You really want me to get the K005 instead of Kokutan SL huh? haha. I really want the Kokutan SL though and the G5512BkSL :) I want the LAG too but that one is going on my wishlist along with B505BkSL and Kokutan S blush brush. I don't think I am getting the G527 for now. I may reconsider G5557-2mm. Definitely the 210 and G5523BkSL (instead of Kokutan MLL). I like big angled brushes. I was at the Chantecaille counter and the salesperson used the Chantecaille face brush on me to put the bronzer on, and I liked the texture and feel of it. Maybe I will get G503 or G504 instead of the G5557-2mm. or the G531. I am going to take a break for now.

      Just a suggestion, can you do a how to was your brushes post, if you haven't done so? :D

      Thanks Lola. I love reading all your posts including the Sunday Riley ones. Your skin must look SO AMAZING. Totally jealous right now! :D

      Have a great lovely Sunday~!!! ^^


    11. Hi Grace,

      The Eco Tools bronzer brush definitely has a thick and chunky handle-- many people don't love it for that reason. I on the other hand simply love this brush. In fact it is my very favorite brush from them. It definitely takes some getting used to the thick handle when you are used to "normal" sized handles.

      Don't let me influence you about the K005 vs. the Kokutan SL-- I'm just telling you what I got to make my dollar stretch further (but I was also placing a large order and wanted to get a variety of brushes). There is no question that the Kokutan handle is more special than the regular handles-- therefore you will get greater pleasure from it. You need to get what you really want, and it is clear to me that the K005 will feel like settling for you when you have your heart set on the Kokutan!! Get what makes you happy!!

      I think that you need to take a step back to really evaluate what type of brushes are missing from your stash, and which Hakuhodo brushes meet your needs.

      What type of "how to" post do you mean? I would be happy to, but tell me what you are specifically looking for. :D

      I'm so happy that you are loving all of my posts-- that makes me very happy! I'm glad that you are enjoying the SUnday Riley ones as well-- I am quite happy with my skin-- I owe much of it to that line!!

      Have a lovely weekend!
      xo, Lola

  3. Hey Lady,
    I hope things are going well. Which of these brushes do you think would be better for tightlining? I don't have much lid space to work with.

    1. My dearest Boo-- How I have missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that if you want serious precision you might prefer the G5512BkSL because the bristles are much shorter, and firmer as a result. The K005 is quite a bit bigger- that said it has more surface area whereas the G5512BkSL has a more pronounced arch-- so it doesn't hit as much area at a time. I tend to prefer the smaller brush when I'm trying to achieve the perfect extra flick at the end of a winged eyeliner. I like the combination of the two because the smaller one easily gets into smaller spaces and the larger one hits a larger surface area. I'd say put them both on your Christmas list- LOL!! Leave a picture on top of the boy's wallet, or under his keys- LOL!!!

  4. Crud. I went on the Hakuhodo website after commenting on this post and saw this set...

    Bad, BooBooNinja! No beauty purchases until 2013! Down, girl!

    1. OMG- they actually sent me an email yesterday about all of their holiday sets-- such torture!! they are so tempting!! However, I really have no need for sets- any additional brushes that I purchase in the future really need to be with a specific purpose in mind. I already have managed to accumulate an obscene number of brushes and I only seem to reach for small fraction of them!!!! <3


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