Friday, March 9, 2012

Chantecaille Coral Reefs Palette for Spring 2012- So Gorgeous & for a Great Cause!

If I had to choose just one eyeshadow palette on my "wish list" it would have to be The Coral Reefs Palette from Chantecaille.

Charlestongirl from Best Things in Beauty did an outstanding review of this palette with gorgeous swoon-worthy swatches that will likely make you want this lovely quad.

Not only is this a gorgeous palette of extraordinary quality, but purchasing it helps to support a worthy cause.

About The Coral Reefs Palette:

Creates a healthy, fresh, and natural look with sheer pastels and warm bronze hues for the eyes, and pop of coral pink for the cheeks–the perfect compliment to fashion's colorful prints and omnipresent pastels.

To help raise awareness about the vital need for ocean conservation and inspired by Marine Conservation Institute's efforts to protect 10% of our oceans by the year 2020, Chantecaille will proudly donate 5% of palette proceeds to support their campaign.

For more information about this cause click here.


  1. What a beautiful palette. I have never seen them go with a white palette before, only the mirrored chrome and pewter ones. Stunning! Alas, those colors would never work on me (way too warm), but Id still want to drool over it.

    1. Hi Zuzu*s Petals, I totally agree-- everything about it is stunning. I also have very cool toned skin, and often look terribly washed out if I wear colors that are too warm or muddy. Clearer blue-based colors always work the best on me, but the taupe shade in this palette made my heart skip a beat, but I could never wear the coral shade. I suppose we will both be able to drool over it from afar!


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