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Sunday Riley Liquid Light Breathable Perfecting Foundation REVIEW

Sunday Riley's Liquid Light Breathable Perfecting Foundation is a gorgeous lightweight, creamy and luminous foundation that offers medium buildable coverage, and a flawless airbrushed finish. It also has lovely soft-focus light-reflecting properties that one can usually only achieve by mixing other products with their foundations. Additionally, this formula is water resistant and long-wearing so even in more hot and humid conditions your foundation will stay put.

Sunday Riley employs a proprietary state of the art emulsifying system that holds the key to this unique formula that delivers an unprecedented silky smooth finish, and the highly sought after "second skin"appearance that few foundations achieve. Unlike many of the medium to full coverage luxury foundations on the market, this one never settles into fine lines. For me, there is nothing worse than wearing a foundation that makes you look as though you are wearing foundation. Liquid Light Breathable Perfecting Foundation creates the "My Skin But Better" appearance that is unquestionably flattering, comfortable to wear, and natural looking.

Liquid Light Breathable Perfecting Foundation combines anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, skin-brightening botanicals, and other highly active ingredients that are more commonly found in treatment products rather than in finishing products. Therefore, this foundation is actually a good treatment product in addition to being a spectacular finishing product.

Key Ingredients:
1) Stable Vitamin C: Brightens the skin, builds collagen levels, and repairs damaged tissue.
2) Bamboo: Is an anti-irritant that helps to improve the texture of the skin. It is also a natural alternative to silicone, and like silicone it gives the formula a luxurious silky smooth consistency.
3) Magnolia Bark: A powerhouse anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that reduces redness and skin irritation.
4) Teprenone (Nobel Prize winning breakthrough ingredient): Is a very high tech anti-aging ingredient that improves moisture levels, decreases redness and pore size, minimizes fine lines, and improves the texture of the skin by reducing roughness. This very active ingredient works hard to reverse the ravages of time by combating dehydration which can lead to the appearance of lackluster prematurely aged skin. Teprenone also increases the resistance to harmful UV rays, and helps improve sun spots (but you still need to use a sunscreen to protect your skin). Teprenone also has the unique property of being able to "supercharge" antioxidants thereby increasing their efficacy.

This foundation is good for all skin types, and perfect for those who prefer the feeling of a lightweight liquid foundation. If you are anything like me, and have long preferred the feeling of a tinted moisturizer to that of a heavier foundation then say hello to your new favorite makeup! I have been wearing one of the medium cool shades (130 C) which is a perfect shade for me- I have cool leaning light to medium olive skin.

For help in determining which Sunday Riley foundation shade is right for you refer to this chart:

Light Skin Tones use 100 C to 110 C
Medium Skin Tones use 120 C to 130 C
Deep Skin Tones use 140 C to 150 C

Light Skin Tones use 100 W to 110 W
Medium Skin Tones use 120 W to 130 W
Deep Skin Tones use 140 W to 150 W

Click here for a breakdown on how to choose the right shade for all of Sunday Riley's finishing products (Primer, concealer, loose powder & pressed powder).

Overall assessment: I AM IN LOVE! This is the perfect lightweight foundation! Like the name suggests, it is light and breathable. It gives a flawless airbrushed finish, and it looks and feels great on.  It does not require touch-ups, and does not make you look as though you are wearing makeup.  It is Paraben Free!

$52.00 at Barneys New York


  1. I've been thinking of trying one of the Sunday Riley foundations. Thanks so much for this review! I wish I could be sure 100C would be light enough. *sigh*

    1. Hi PerilouslyPale,
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I'm glad that you found the review a bit helpful. The Sunday Riley foundations (both formulas) are really quite lovely. You may prefer the Crème Radiance Breathable Ageless Foundation if you want a little moisture as it includes ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, BioPeptides, Squalene, Magnolia Bark Extract, and Tonka Bean + Probiotics. It has lots of good nourishing ingredients that you expect to find in a good face cream- so I tend to turn to this formula when I want something more moisturizing and with lots of skincare benefits. It's also often preferable when one's skin is drier or during the cooler months of the year. I tend to prefer the Liquid formula during the summer months, or just her Tinted Primer. Below you will find my reviews for both of those:

      I have tried three different shades in the Sunday RIley Foundations: 120 C, 120W and 130C and have finally determined that the 120C is the best for my light cool skin. I'm generally a MAC NC 20-25 for reference. I would think that if the 100C wasn't light enough that you could adjust it by adding a bit of your moisturizing cream to it. I have had great success altering not-quite-right shades that way. I often add a bit of the Sunday Riley Juno Oil or one of her lotions to my foundation as well-- to get extra moisture and a dewy glow. I've seen the 100C and it is a good deal lighter than the 120C that I use. I hope that information is somewhat useful to you.

      By the way, I love your blog and must admit that you have been instrumental in enabling and continually feeding my obsession with Rouge Bunny Rouge! I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of by most recent Zuneta order. That last sale really seemed to wipe out their inventory!!

  2. hi lola, what's the full ingredients listed on the packaging for this foundation and the creme radiance one? thx ^_^

    1. hi blu3java, I went looking for my boxes and I can't find them anywhere! I usually cut the ingredients list off and keep it in a file and recycle the rest, but both of those are missing. I will keep looking. Sorry! :-) lola

  3. Even with this awesome chart, i'm still not sure with what color to go with! I have a Dermastore giftcard (and never knew they carried SR products-until I read it on your blog!!:) Thanks!!

    1. A Dermstore credit sounds awesome!! Well, is your skin warm or cool leaning? Is it light, medium or dark? While I am a cool-toned pale olive I have found that I can wear a 120 C or 120W (warm), but I definitely prefer the 120C (cool). The formula can be sheered out or built up, but I would say that if you are cool it's preferable to use the "C" range whereas warm skin tones would do better with the "W" range. Tell me more and we can figure it out together! :-)

  4. I just purchased this foundation and I really want to love it. How do you apply it? Are you using a primer under it? When is use the Sunday Riley primer under it, I feel it highlights my pores...and then applying this foundation on top makes things even worse. I have the primer in light, and 120C. I did have some better luck with a damp brush and the foundation by itself. Maybe the primer is too light and I should have gotten medium. I'm also using the Slip Cleanser and Good Genes which I love.

    1. Hi Wyanne!

      BTW-- I LOVE your name!!!!!!!

      I generally did not apply this foundation on top of a primer. I either applied it with my fingers or with a foundation brush (Hakuhodo G5557- 2mm). I have been using the Sunday Riley Primer alone-- as a quasi-tinted moisturizer. After using it for a long period of time I determined that on my skin (combination- with an oily t-zone) that it just felt like there was too much stuff on my skin if I put a foundation on top of the Sunday Riley Primer. If it were me I would try using the Primer alone and see if you are still feeling an emphasis on your pores, and you will also quickly be able to determine whether the shade is too light for you. As far as the the foundation goes what I did was I often added a pump of Juno Oil to the foundation mixed them in my hands and then applied it directly to my face and rubbed it in with my fingers and then often buffed it out with a foundation brush. I have also added a pump of my lotion as well and I found that it gives it a nicer finish.

      When I ran out of this foundation I replaced it with her Crème Radiance Breathable Ageless Foundation:

      I actually have found that I prefer this formula for my skin these days. It is thicker and richer but I use it very sparingly. If after isolating out the products and making some minor tweaks you find that you still aren't loving the foundation them you ought to exchange it for one that will make you happy and will give you the finish that you want. After all-- a luxury foundation should not be emphasizing your pores!!! I mean- if you don't love it- don't try to force yourself to love it!!

      I'm so glad that you love Ceramic Slip and Good Genes-- those are a couple of my favorite products that she makes-- Juno Oil is definitely another one!!

      Let me know if any of that works, and if not let me know and I will see if I can try to figure out another way to get it to work for you-- if not, then I would say you gave it your best shot- so maybe exchanging it is your best option.

    2. Thank you so much. This really helps a lot. I'm going to try some different combinations with the foundation. I really like it a lot...and I'm amazed at how it looks even better later after I have applied it. I agree with you about the primer and foundation is a bit much. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again!

    3. I AM SOOOO GLAD that I was at all helpful to you, Wyanne!! I rarely apply SR foundation without adding Juno Oil or whichever lotion I'm using. That has been the magic trick for flawless dewy and natural coverage for me. The texture of the SR Primer just doesn't seem compatible with her foundations on my skin-- I agree that it is a bit much. I suspect that it would be an entirely different matter is I had dry skin, but it's simply too much on my normal/combination skin. On me it feels heavy and uncomfortable having that much stuff on. Plus I can feel the silicone slip in the primer which works fine on its own on my skin, but when combined with the foundation it somehow feels like it might slide off of my face. I am not a full-coverage foundation kind of girl. Instead I prefer tinted moisturizers and light to medium coverage foundations.

      Please do let me know how it goes and whether you find that magic balance!


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