Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Riley Liquid Diet Review

Sunday Riley's Liquid Diet is a very powerful topical diuretic that is specifically formulated to temporarily drain excess fluid build-up. It is alarmingly effective in its ability to reduce swelling and water retention associated with monthly hormonal changes, tired legs and feet, swelling from excessive sodium intake, etc. 

So many products that make claims touting their efficacy fail to deliver on their promises, therefore I  tend to approach them with considerable skepticism. However, in the spirit of full disclosure, I don't really approach any Sunday Riley products with trepidation or skepticism because I have been using the whole line for a few years, and know that this company delivers on all of its promises (one of the many reasons that I love this line). With that said, the idea that Liquid Diet was capable of safely and effectively reducing uncomfortable water retention (I'm talking about one of those monthly cycles where you swell up, can't fit into anything and generally feel like pulling the covers over your head and calling it a day) seemed like an unachievable goal, even for Sunday Riley! So it was on one such day that I decided to give it a go with Liquid Diet. I slathered it everywhere prone to monthly swelling and bloating and was shocked by the power of this amazingly effective diuretic. Now this is not something that I would recommend doing if you aren't going to have easy access to a bathroom because trust me, you will need to go to the bathroom to eliminate that fluid. Much to my shock, the water weight vanished- it was like magic! This is an amazingly effective product, and it works wonders on tired swollen legs and feet. It truly is a "powerful weapon against water weight, puffiness, swelling, and bloating due to water retention."

Intended Purpose:
To temporarily drain excess fluid, providing a more refined silhouette A clever beauty tool that reduces fluid retention wherever and whenever you need it. Helps Temporarily Flatten the Stomach. A Must-Have for swimsuit season, a big night out, or anytime your favorite jeans feel a little tight. Great for Depuffing tired Feet, and Reducing Water Retention from Hips and Thighs. Instant Relief, Stronger Effects noticeable within a Few Hours. 

Helps temporarily flatten the stomach. A must-have for swimsuit season, a big night out, or anytime your favorite jeans feel a little tight. Great for depuffing tired feet, and reducing water retention from hips and thighs. Instant relief, stronger effects noticeable within a few hours. Formulated with natural water-easing ingredients from Africa, Asia, Europe and modern biotechnology, plus vital amino acids, and marine algae along with detoxifying, anti-aging NV-5 complex for a sleek, refined body. 

Unique Properties:
Formulated with Natural Water-Easing Ingredients from Africa, Asia, Europe and Modern Biotechnology, plus Vital Amino Acids, and Marine Algae along with Detoxifying, Anti-aging NV-5 Complex for a sleek, refined body. 

Key Ingredients:
1) Kola Nut (Botanical Diuretic, Stimulant)
2) Caffeine (Natural Diuretic, Antioxidant)
3) MCT (Reduces Fluid Retention, Anti-Inflammatory)
4) Bladderwrack Marine Algae (Fights Water Weight, Improves Skin Elasticity, Provides Minerals and Amino Acids for Skin Health
5) Lemon Extract (Natural Astingent and Toner, Antiseptic, Antioxidant, Diuretic)
6) Glycerol (Helps Product to Penetrate Deeper)
7) NV-5 Native American Botanical Base (Rejuvenates Damaged Skin, Anti-Pollution, Detoxifies the Skin)

Ingredients (click to enlarge):
Overall assessment: Amazingly effective and powerful product that temporarily relieves the effects of water retention. I use this as needed which isn't too often, but I like having it on hand.

$105.00 6.8 fl. oz. Available at Nordstrom, Sephora, Bloomingdale's, Beauty.comBarneys New York. (Affiliate links)


  1. This is really nice and useful information for me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My pleasure! I asked for a sample first to see if I liked it- you might want to do the same since it is expensive. I just wanted to make sure that it worked for me and that I liked it first. I don't use it often- so my bottle has lasted a long time.

  3. Hey Lola,

    Was just wondering where did you buy it from and how did you ask for the sample ?

    Thanks for helping out.

    Take care

    1. Hi! I got a sample from Barneys New York one time when I was in there shopping, and then I ended up buying it from them later on. They also sell it at Sephora online now as well, and some of their physical locations actually have it as well. If one near you does, you can always ask for samples. Also SpaceNK, Nordstrom and Dermstore carry the line as well. Let me know what you think if you find a sample!


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