Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ever Have a Day That Feels Something Like This?

Wanda Wulz. Cat and I (1932)

ometimes I feel like Wanda Wulz's Cat and I. When I am working from home my desk is typically covered with books, journal articles, and my little feline friends. My pretty-boy, Jasper, is particularly fond of helping me edit the chapters that I am writing (unrelated to the blog- though he is quite invested in the workings of the blog as well). He thinks the cursor is the greatest invention ever, and will stand on his hind legs while attacking it. He also has a penchant for chewing on any drafts that are left unattended, and sometimes he and his companions see fit to leave behind thoughtfully placed hairballs- preferably on a freshly printed document. He then gives me this soulful deeply penetrating, and unabashedly loving, gaze and rubs my face until I'm covered in fur and resemble Cat and I. After his reverie he looks around the desk in search of the chapter that I am currently editing, stretches out on top of it, and purrs himself to sleep.

After a long hard day at the office he crawls into bed with us and wraps himself tightly around my head, purring as loud as possible, until he falls asleep. When I wake up the following morning I am once again covered in his fur and wonder if indeed I am becoming a cat.


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