Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chanel Shades of Pink Event at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills February 10th- 11th

Roses Ultimes de Chanel

A few days ago I received an exciting phone call from Chanel International telling me about a very special Chanel event at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills on Friday, February 10th & Saturday, February 11th.

Chanel chose Saks in Beverly Hills to host the International Shades of Pink Event for the launch of their newest Spring 2012 Collection.

This is no low key event by any means! The windows will be decorated in a "lovely explosion of all shades of pink from the palest pastels to the richest shades of fuchsia." There will be pink runway carpets from each entrance leading up to, and surrounding, the Chanel makeup counter. A highly acclaimed international makeup artist and his team will be creating fabulous looks from all of the new colors from the collection.

If you are interested in a makeover at this event call the Chanel counter at (310) 887-5361. They are booking up very fast so don't wait too long to call.


  1. Are you going to pick up anything? I used to be really into glossimers but now I only like a few that come out. I love Giggle the most. I wish they would bring back Sarong :( I don't think I will be able to decide till I see in person or at least swatches...I might pick up Tentation.

    1. I haven't decided yet. I agree with you completely, I really want to see and swatch before I buy. It's so easy to go nuts and haul way too much. I still really love glossimers (and have WAY TOO MANY in my stash), but like you- I have not been that interested in most of the ones that have been launched in recent collections. So many have just been sort of meh and unoriginal. When they just produce super sheer high shine finishes with multicolored pearl you could get the same effect from a MAC lipglass for half of the price.

      The last glossimer that I bought was Sweet Beige from Holiday 2011. I completely agree with you-- Giggle is hands down my all time favorite glossimer-- it's such a great MLBB gloss. Sarong was gorgeous- I would love it if they would bring that back. Surprise glossimer reminds me a bit of Star from the SOHO Collection- I actually liked it so much that I bought a couple of back-ups which I wouldn't normally do for such a light shade, but there was just something about Star that I fell in love with (such a lovely shade to brighten lipstick, or to be worn alone). Tentation looks gorgeous. Let me know if you decide to get anything.

      What I really wish that Chanel would repromote are some of their better pink Joues Contraste blushes in the US-- particularly Narcisse and Pink Explosion. Those are two of my all time favorite pink blushes!

    2. Did you see that Best Things in Beauty has swatches of 2 of the glossimers? They look really pretty. Now I am tempted! I am the same - I have too many lip glosses and some lipsticks. I am trying to be good and use what I have. Have you ever tried lip glosses from Le Metier de Beaute? There is one I love called Purple Haze. I think you'll really like it too.

      When you said Pink Expolosion I thought you meant Pink Cloud. I bought that and was disappointed. I am pretty fair and it was so sheer :( I really want to get Narcisse! I really hate it how they have exclusive Asia collections and sometimes don't bring it to the US. I heard they are not going to do that anymore because people were complaining about it.

      Have you seen pictures for the summer collection? I didn't get anything from last years summer collection but I might pick up a couple items this time. One thing I can't seem to get into is bronzer. I am afraid I will look orange or it'll be too obvious.

    3. Yes, I definitely saw the swatches that Charlestongirl from Best Things in Beauty posted. I get myself into a good deal of trouble after looking at her swatches!! They really do look gorgeous. Jackie (who posted right below this post) just ordered Amour & Volupte-- which I have been scoping out online, and both look GORGEOUS. I didn't have the time to run into Saks to swatch the glossimers- so I will have to do it another time (hopefully before they sell out).

      I have been keeping myself away from LMdB for fear of the type of trouble I will get into. I have actually had my eye on Purple Haze, and know that if I cave and get it that it's all over! You and I both know that I will, but I am afraid of the damage that I could do in a single haul!! I will keep you posted on how that goes!

      I also have Pink Cloud, and I actually like it- though I often forget to use it. It is a bit light (but I'm pale enough to pull it off), but it definitely doesn't provide a great deal of color. Narcisse is awesome-- I have both versions (Euro & US)- I definitely hope that they repromote it. Pink Explosion is gorgeous-- it's still offered in Europe just as Narcisse is in Asia (I love and use both, and fear the day that I run out!). I couldn't agree more about hating exclusives to Asia and Europe. It just makes everyone else crazy, and willing to pay overinflated prices on eBay (at the risk of getting fakes)-I'm unwilling to do go to those lengths! I'm glad that they are changing things!

      I have seen a few pictures floating around the internet, but not any full tear sheets of the entire collection. I totally agree with you about bronzers- I don't buy them, I don't wear them, I'm not tempted by them, and I don't even bother to swatch them. I have never found one that interested me. For me it's an unnecessary step, and an item that will likely just collect dust. They work well for some people, but I'm just not one of them.

    4. Nicolle- Have you tried using Pink Cloud as a highlighter instead of as a blush? It is really lovely when used that way. I am pretty pale as well (NC20-25 most of the time). Give it a try to see if you like it better that way.

    5. No, I haven't tried that but I gave it away to a friend.

      So far I haven't ordered anything from that collection. I am happy. This year I rather spend my money on skincare items than make-up. I feel like it is a better investment...for me anyway.

      I thought about getting a back up of Purple Haze but changed my mind. That is a good idea to stay away! I bought one gloss and then it turned into 2 more. I really want one of the lip kaleidoscopes but I can't get myself to pay $95 for it and I think I would be too lazy to use it :)

    6. I haven't either, I'm inclined to pass unless I really see something that is different enough from what's in my stash to justify. I'm trying to be more selective in my purchases- rather than going with the impulse to haul so much from collections. I think that it's too easy to get swept up by a launch, so I am trying to use good judgment and edit my purchases more carefully. Sometimes it's hard to do, but it's too easy to end up with a HUGE collection filled with lots of things that you never (or almost never) use.

      I am impressed by your self control! I am trying to do that more. I have way too many back ups that are just sitting in my closet. It's hard to remember that something similar will always come out again.

      So far I haven't caved to LMdB, and I think I will hold off-- I have spent so much on makeup lately so I am going to try to be good for a while. The lip kaleidoscopes are just so expensive-- I agree with your assessment!

  2. oh boo! i wish i could've read this sooner. i just ordered two glossimers on the chanel website. i really wanted to go in person to swatch them (amour & volupte) but couldn't wait, plus they had free overnight shipping. and it would've nice to get my makeup done. lol.

    1. Hi Jackie, The Saks event is also going on tomorrow- so you can definitely still go (and risk putting a bigger dent in your credit card)! I love it when Chanel has free shipping! Amour & Volupte look gorgeous- I haven't gone in to swatch them yet, but want to swatch before I buy. Like you, I often can't wait and I just order sight unseen! Please tell me what you think of them when you get them.


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