Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yes to Hakuhodo Brushes!! Pictures & Upcoming Review!

To answer the question posed in my earlier post "To Hakuhodo or Not to Hakuhodo, That is the Question." My answer is To Hakuhodo!! So I ordered a few brushes, and am so happy that I did! A very special thank you to Den, who made numerous fantastic comments on my first posting that inspired me to place an order. These are the most amazing brushes that I have ever used, and I will be doing a review of each of them. In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures of the brushes that I purchased. I will give all of the details about each of the brushes in my upcoming reviews.


  1. Ooohhhh, Lola!! I'm doing a happy dance for you!! These choices are beyond gorgeous........don't u love every one of those babies?? So glad u took the leap. I don't often endorse products so wholeheartedly as I am always searching for the Holy Grail, but with these brushes, they are The. Ultimate. Period.
    Enjoy them, they will give you years of pleasure. Very much looking forward to your reviews.......

  2. Den!! I was hoping that you would see this post! I am so happy!!! I'm L O V I N G these brushes, and am in fact obsessing about others that I should get before the prices go up. It says a great deal that you don't often endorse products, but that you do endorse these. They really are Holy Grail brushes! None of my other brushes are even in the same ballpark! How do you like your new brushes? What do you think about the G503? I'm really loving that one. I have a little cold so I haven't actually used them yet, but as soon as I'm better I plan to start using and reviewing them. Have you used any of the Powder & Liquid brushes from the G5552-G5557 series? I have been interested in a flat top foundation brush for a while and those look really interesting to me. I also was looking at the Mizubake brush for the same purpose. I am also lemming for the S110 and the G543. Any thoughts on any of these? I hope that you are loving your new brushes as much as I am. I was told by Marty at Hakuhodo that they are receiving a shipment of brushes next week- so I imagine that a lot of the sold out items will be back in stock. Let's just hope that it happens before the end of the year!!

  3. Hee...hee....I detect a giddiness to your post that Hakuhodo generally instills when the package arrives!!

    With respect to the G503-it is fast becoming a favorite! I can use the edge to contour under the cheekbone, the flat side to provide a sweep of bronzer and the tip to apply highlighter (perfect 3 in 1 shading brush). Doesn't it blend like a dream-no obvious streaks!

    I don't have the G5552-G5557 series brushes (shocker! should I get one?), but reviewed it on her blog and she especially loves the smaller one for cream blush. For me I got the G544 for cream blush which is also a duo fiber brush but more of a paddle shape. It picks up pigment softly and sheers out when applied with no harsh edges.

    As for foundation, I bought the 210 ($26) which works great for applying liquid (I bought a bunch of them-7, so that I could have a clean one every day and they were not bad in price, so I justified the splurge. The G5557 is $69, so I passed since getting backups would be too costly. Let me know how you like them if you get it.

    I don't have the Mizubake either (the nonblonde loves this one, though). I did get the G543 DR round, which applies powder beautifully and is my backup to the G527. The nonblonde says it is the Rolls Royce of foundation brushes, so applying liquid or cream would work although I use it for pressed powder. It is smaller than you might think, but a workhorse (cleans up beautifully and dries fairly quickly-2-3 hours).

    I don't have the S110 but I have the S111 which is a gorgeous blush brush! I think the S110 is round and fluffier but the hair is goat and the S111 is blue squirrel with more of a paddle shape. Both are probably great for applying powder blush sheerly and evenly, especially if they are pigmented.

    Well, typing this has caused me to ponder getting even more......LOL!! Keep me posted on what else you acquire.

  4. You are so right about detecting my giddiness, Den! I am in love with all of the brushes that I got, but it really feels as though I just fell down the rabbit hole-- each time I stalk the Hakuhodo website I find other things that I think that I "NEED."

    I'm so glad that you are loving the G503-- I am too!! It's such an amazing brush. I could not agree more with your insightful assessment of it. It is also very well suited for the Euro baked Chanel Joues Contraste blushes since it is stiff enough to negotiate their harder surfaces. It's the first brush in the bunch that I plan to review!

    I think that we are facilitating each other to far further down the rabbit hole!! Maybe we should start a Hakuhodo Addict's Anonymous!

    Delicate Hummingbird is who gave me the idea to try the G5552-G5557 series! I loved her post. I would prefer not to spend the $69 on the G5557 and wonder if the G5555 would work as well. The G5557 looks pretty big, so I wonder if the next size down would work as well. I like the idea of a densely packed flat head (sort of like the new Shiseido Foundation brush). I like the finish that a flat top brush, and for some reason am attracted to the shape and feel of such brushes. The price of this series is a bit prohibitive though. I love your idea of having 7 210's-- that is brilliant! DO you think that the shape of the 210 does everything that I flat top foundation brush does?

    My lemming for the Mizubake is a direct result of The Non-Blonde's review, and Gaia is also responsible for my nearly irrational need to get my hands on the G543. That just seems like the most amazing brush. Would you buy it again based on the amount that you use it and the hefty price spent?

    The S11 looks GORGEOUS, I think that I would like either the S110 or the S111- but lets all be clear that I need another blush brush like I need a hole in the head!

    Do you think that it would be redundant to get the Mizubake, one from the G5552-G5557 Series, and the G543 DR round? Are you tempted by the Mizubake, or do you have enough brushes that can achieve the same effects??

    Have you fallen down the Rouge Bunny Rouge rabbit hole yet?

  5. Hi Lola,

    I laughed when you suggested starting a Hakuhodo Addict's Anon....I'm right there with you!

    To answer a couple of your questions:
    I have the Shiseido foundation brush and IMO it is too small to apply foundation-more of a cream blush brush. So getting one of the smaller G5555 is a matter of preference, but for me, probably would not use it for foundation, rather I would use the G5557. I love my 210 for applying liquid foundation-gives a very airbrushed finish. The hairs are pliable to spread the product evenly, but firm enough because of its density to buff in beautifully. I usually stipple the product all over my face and then work it in circular motions to blend. Have you tried using yours for that? I have heard that because of the duo fiber the G5552-G5557 series may be a bit pokey....but I'm not sure as I personally have not tried them.

    I think the G543 (which I use to buff in powder) is an amazing brush BUT, I would repurchase another G527 instead because I prefer the handle to be longer. With that being said, G543 does apply foundation like a dream...however, since I tend to only use a brush once for applying foundation and then washing, this would not be an option for me to have only one of these.

    I think getting a Mizubake and a backup (or 2) would be a smart choice if you want a foundation brush. Although I don't have it, I hear it is outstanding, the price point is good, has a decent handle to hold and manipulate, a nice large flat surface to buff in product and the hair is white, making it easier to see if it is clean after washing. (Now I'm thinking maybe I should get a couple of these......).

    As to your question whether or not it is redundant to get a Mizu, G5552 series AND a G543, I think they all have the same function, it's just a matter of preference. IMO you can never have too many foundation brushes, as they need more frequent washing and I always have a cup full of brushes needing to be cleaned. (I know I sound like a germaphobe, but skincare is HUGE for me....)

    Hope that helps!

    PS. I have not tried RBR, so I am looking forward to more of your reviews. I am however obsessed with Le Metier De Beaute!

  6. Hi Den- Sorry for taking so long to respond. I have been getting ready for family to come into town this weekend for Christmas!

    Can you imagine what a Hakuhodo Addict's Anonymous Meeting would be like?!

    I think that you are right about the G5555 being a bit small for foundation, and that the one to get from that line would be the G5557, but I'm not sure I want to spend that much-- especially since I'm still considering the G543. I keep meaning to try my 210 for foundation-- if it works well for me I might need to buy a backup- so that I have one for powder blush and one for foundation.

    I am also definitely thinking about the Mizubake, but am trying to be sensible since I don't have an unlimited budget.

    I am also drooling over the B505BkSl blush brush, but can't decide if I want that or one from the S100 Series. Do you have the B505BkSl?

    There are so many choices and so little time before the price increase. I just hope that they get a shipment that includes the G543 before the end of the year!!

    You don't sound at all like a germaphobe-- you sound really smart in your approach-- I am right there with you-- skincare is VERY important to me as well, and there are so many ways to introduce bacteria to your skin that cause break-outs etc. The cleaner we can be about our brushes, towels, etc. the better off our skin will be.

    Oh Den-- Rouge Bunny Rouge is WONDERFUL!! I think that it's definitely on par with LMdB. I still haven't purchased anything from LMdB-- mostly because I know it will end up becoming another expensive vice!! I know it's inevitable since I have been lemming for Chameleon and Corinthian eyeshadows!

  7. Hello,
    I have the 5557 2mm that I've tried using for foundation, but I don't know if it's my technique or just the brush, but it leaves a lot of streaks. I have to use the G527 to buff it out. I also bought the 5552 4mm which works really well but is rather small for foundation. I use it mainly for cream blushes. I'm wondering if the difference in the hair length makes a difference in the application results. I went crazy with this brand although I wasn't fortunate enough to find out about it until after the price increase. I initially bought 24 brushes and ordered 6 more a couple of days later. You have me wanting the G503 now, but it's sold out. What do you think about the G504. It's a different hair type though. My 2nd order should be here tomorrow, I'm so excited.

  8. Hi cgr1129!

    Congratulations on your huge Hakuhodo haul!! I did the same thing in several orders, and do not regret a single purchase. I will add a post with all of my new brushes soon, and will begin the long task of reviewing each one of them. I'm sorry that you weren't able to indulge before the price increase, while some of the brushes went up quite a bit others did not- so you probably ended up getting quite a few brushes at the older prices (or at least close to it).

    I think that you are quite right that the G5552 4mm is far better for applying cream blushes that using it for foundation (other than perhaps in smaller areas of the face, but you can really use the G5557 2mm for that. I think that the larger head and shorter bristles makes the G5557 2mm ideal for the application of foundation. Since this is a duo fiber brush with the synthetic bristles extending further-- I think that it's important to have shorter, rather than longer fibers to apply as well as to buff the foundation-- it ultimately allows for much greater control. I wonder why it is streaking for you- I have experienced little to no streaking. Here's what I do: I pump or scoop out my foundation onto a small metal makeup palette and then dip my brush onto the palette, but I only pick up a small amount of foundation- I dab the excess off onto the palette. So I use a really small amount for my initial application- I tend to stipple first and then blend with a combination of straight strokes (to evenly disperse the foundation) and then circular strokes to really blend it for flawless coverage. I noticed that I had streaky coverage if I applied too much foundation- so I began using my metal makeup palette and applying far less foundation. I also noticed that a few of my not so great foundations had a greater tendency to streak than some of my better ones.

    I haven't thought about using the G527 for buffing out liquid foundation- I will have to give that a try. I have only used the G527 for applying and buffing out powder (I LOVE THAT BRUSH!!). When I want to further buff out my foundation my guilty pleasure is using the G543 Powder DR while it is intended as a powder brush it's firm, dense and short bristles are superb at applying liquid and cream foundations (an invaluable trick that I learned from Gaia at The Non-Blonde), and buffing them as well, but you have to exercise caution and not press too hard other wise you can easy over buff and end up removing your foundation altogether (which pretty much defeats the purpose). I often use this in conjunction with the G5557 2mm. I also really love using the 210 blush brush for applying foundation- because in addition to being excellent for powder products it is also quite the contender for liquid and cream based products as well. Lastly I also really love the Mizubake for the application of foundation- the goat bristles are quite a bit longer than those found on the G5557 2mm, but this unique little brush really means business. Please let me know if this helps at all, and let me know how you are applying your foundation-- then I can try to help you figure out how to stop making in apply in a streaky fashion.

    Oh- the G503! This is MY FAVORITE blush brush OF ALL TIME!! If you read my full review of the G503 you saw that I sought this brush out because it was the closest thing that I could find to the discontinued Chanel Pinceau Contour No. 5 (Euro version) that I could find- since I was unfortunately unable to track that brush down before it disappeared.

    I liked how short, dense and thick the G503 appeared so I chose that over the G504- I also preferred the price of the G503 to the G504. Here are their differences:

    A. Full Length: 140㎜ B. Hair Length: 27.0㎜
    C. Thickness: 10.8㎜ D. Width of the Ferrule Foot: 29.3㎜
    Goat (sokoho)/horse

    A. Full Length: 140㎜ B. Hair Length: 25.0㎜
    C. Thickness: 10.5㎜ D. Width of the Ferrule Foot: 26.5㎜
    Blue Squirrel/horse

  9. Continued post response to cgr1129:

    Hi cgr1129- I guess I got long-winded and had to break my response into 2 posts.

    I'm sure that the G504 is amazing as well, but I can't tell you how it feels compared to the G503 because I only have the G503. As I said, the G503 is my all-time favorite blush brush, and I do have at least 4 Hakuhodo blush brushes! I wouldn't worry that the G504 is out of stock- they will be getting another shipment and the prices on the website reflect the 2012 pricing. That brush is definitely worth the wait in my opinion. The one thing that I can say, id that the 504 will be softer because of the blue squirrel hair-- which made me also choose the G503 because the goat hair isn't too soft. I wanted a bit more firmness- for things like the Chanel Euro version (baked) Joues Contraste blushes-- which was why I wanted the Chanel Pinceau #5 to begin with. The G503 is the only brush that stopped my search for the illusive discontinued Pinceau #5.

    What brushes did you get? Tell me more-- I am so excited for you!!!!!!

    Hakuhodo brushes are so addictive!! I have never loved makeup brushes this way before!!

  10. Hi Lola,
    Thanks for the tips. I'll try applying my foundation that way and see what happens. I use Lancome's Teint Idole and Armani Luminous Silk foundations which I think are pretty quality foundations, but I am always open to suggestions.

    As for my brushes, I have the S102 which I really had no need for but I'm glad I bought because it feels so relaxing when I use it. I also have in the S series, the S103, S125, S132, S142 and S146. In the Kokutan series the eyebrow brush, eyeshadow brushes SG, SL and T. In the Basic series the B214, B505, B516. In the G series the G515, G 527M, G529, G5515, G5521, G5522, G5523, G5552, G5557. In the K series the K004, K007, K019, K027 and lastly the 210 and 291.

    I am enjoying all of them, but I have to tell you that for me, if I had to choose just one of these brushes, it would have to be the G5523. It applies and blends powder shadows like a dream, it's so soft and smooth that I reach for it every time I apply eyeshadow. I have to make myself choose some of my other brushes just to be fair:)

    I don't really need either the G503 or 504, but I like the shape of the brush. I do like a softer face brush, so I may go with the 504. It won't be for another month, so I'll see how I feel then. Yes, Hakuhodo brushes are addictive, I want more, definitely don't need more. Do you know if they have a good dupe for the MAC217?

    1. Hi cgr1129,

      You are so welcome- I just hope that those tips work for you. After your post I actually loaded up the brush with more than I usually would use to see if I could get it to streak as it has been for you- and it did. So hopefully using the palette with only a little on the brush will do the trick. You definitely are using quality foundations, and if they don't streak when you usually apply them (with other brushes, sponges or fingers)- then it's probably just a matter of getting used to the G5557.

      Wow, that's one amazing Hakuhodo brush haul-- you got some of the very best that they have to offer!! SERIOUSLY AWESOME HAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I don't have the G5523- I will have to get that one in my next order!

      I LOVE the G503- it's one of my very very favorite brushes of all time. It is by no means too hard or in the least bit scratchy, but it's definitely firm enough to handle baked blushes. I think that you could go either way, but if you want the softness of the squirrel hair- then go for that G504 (which is sold out at the moment, but the G503 is available again). I'm pretty sure that you would love either one of them, but if you don't need it, you don't need it. I kept telling myself that I didn't need more brushes, and then I would end up ordering more. Go figure!

      I don't really think that Hakuhodo has a dupe for the MAC 217- I looked and couldn't really find anything close enough. It's rather odd too- since Hakuhodo manufactures the MACS brushes that are made in Japan. Check out there link (under history 1995):

      The Non-Blonde did a post where she compared the MAC 217 to the Hakuhodo G5523Bks & G5533Bksl and concluded that if Hakuhodo had a dupe for the MAC 217 that she didn't know about it-- and I have to say that I totally agree with her assessment. Here's her post:

      Keep me posted on what you haul next. I have to make some time to take pictures of all of my Hakuhodo brushes so that I can review all of them. So you will see more reviews before long.

      Hakuhodo brushes as such a pleasant addiction- they really do make applying makeup a joyful tactile experience!

  11. Hi Lola,
    I tried applying my foundation that way you suggested and by golly, it works! Thanks somuch for the tip. In fact it uses less foundation than my other foundation brushes and the coverage is fuller using the G5557.

    So, I caved and ordered six other brushes and love them, of course. I got the G543 which is adorable and applies such a nice, sheer coverage with liquid foundation. I'm going to try it with my mineral powder foundation today. I went with the G504 and I'm glad I did. It's so dense, but soft and works well for contouring with bronzed. I'm just surprised how small the brush is, not a bad thing though. I also got the S121G which isn't as big as I thought it would be, that's a good thing because I don't have a lot of lid space. It's so soft and I used it last night to apply the lid color and crease color. Great brush. I love the Kokutan eyeshadow SL so much that I got the cheaper version K005 as backup. The brush head is exactly the same, I do think the Kokutan is prettier:). And lastly I got the B163 to try out the shorter hairs on the angled eyebrow brush. For me, the Kokutan eyebrow brush gives a softer line which I prefer. They're all lovely and I'm saving my pennies to feed my addiction:).

    Thanks for your reviews and tips. I look forward to reading more. It helps to see how others are using their brushes. Thanks for the other links as well. I think I've read everything posted on Hakuhodo brushes. That's how I made decisions on which brushes to buy.

    1. Hi cgr1129,
      I'm so glad that my little trick worked for you-- I suspected it would, and yes, it definitely causes you to use FAR less foundation!!

      I'm so glad that you got the G543!! It is adorable, and it does an amazing job with sheering out foundation coverage. Don't you just LOVE IT!! It makes me sooo happy, I am just crazy about that little brush! How did it work with your mineral powder foundation? My guess is brilliantly-- I think that densely packet head would be phenomenal with mineral powders.

      I thought that you would get the G504- I'm, so glad that you did too. The S121G looks so lovely, I haven't picked that one up (yet)! IT looks like the perfect sized brush. I have the K005- not the Kokutan Eyeshadow SL-- which I have thought about getting as a backup to my K005 (which is one of my most used brushes! I agree with you that the Kokutan is much prettier!! I love the Kokutan handles- and I love the way they feel in your hand! The B163 looks really nice, but I have so many angled brushes that after going back and forth I decided to pass. Thanks for the tip about the Kokutan eyebrow brush giving a softer line- that is so good to know. I guess that will be the one that I pick up next time!

      You are so very welcome! I am very very happy to help. It is always so much fun to talk about these brushes with another Hakuhodo fanatic!! I will definitely start reviewing all of my Hakuhodo's soon-- so keep an eye out!

  12. I forgot to mention the last brush I got which is the Large, pointed Yachio. It picks up a lot of pigment , so beware, but it blends really well. It is a small brush, so I'm glad I went with the large one. I'm already looking at the website to decide which brushes I'll get next. I think I will email Marty to suggest that they make a MAC 217 dupe. It would be great if enough of us did that, maybe they'll do it.

    1. I had heard that it picked up a lot of pigment-- thank you for confirming that! I have yet to pick up one of the Yachiyo brushes, but the one that i have been looking at for quite a while is the Large Pointed as well. I have had to stop looking tat their website for a while because I just got a few credit card statements with Hakuhodo charges (gasp)- so I have to wait for a while. Let me know how you feel about the Yachiyo after you have used it for a while longer-- like how often do you actually reach for it. Is it one of your favorite, least favorite, or one that you like but could definitely live without. Let me know what brushes you are thinking about getting next. Emailing Marty and suggesting that they add a MAC 217 dupe is a great idea!! Good thinking! Can you imagine that iconic MAC brush being duped by Hakuhodo?!!!! Now that would be pure magic. No wait- can you imagine a Kokutan 217?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, but a girl can dream!

  13. Omigosh, the G543 works amazingly well with my mineral foundation. It buffs the powder right in and gives that "glossy" look to my skin, I love it so much for a really natural look. I am liking the Yachio for placing color where I want it, then I use the 210 for blending. The Yachio blends well, but not as good as the 210 but does a better job at depositing color where I want it. Honestly, either one will do what I want , but since I have both and like to play with my brushes, I use them both and get an even better effect. I'm sure a brush addict such as yourself will understand what I mean:).

    The G504 is again sold out; I'm glad I got mine when I did. I've been using it for cheek contouring, I'll have to try it for blush. It's so much fun playing with makeup now. I haven't used any of my other brushes since I bought these Hakuhodos and I had MAC, Chanel and Paula Dorf brushes which I loved.

    I have the S116, G5519, G5542 and Kokutan eyeshadow brush MLL in my shopping cart, but I'm not buying them until I've saved up for them. This addiction is crazy, I know. And yes, a Kokutan 217 would be amazing. I'll let you know what Marty says.

    Do you have SUQQU brushes. I realty want the eyeshadow brushes L and M. A friend of mine is going to England this summer and I might trouble her to purchase them for me. I would like to compare them for myself.

    I'm looking forward to your reviews. Keep 'em coming.

    1. I had a very strong feeling that the G543 would do wonders for the application of mineral foundation! I'm thrilled to hear that you able to attain that "glossy" look-- I love that type of natural look so much! Thanks for the comparison between the Yachiyo and the 210. I TOTALLY understand the love of playing with your brushes-- yes, "My name is Lola, and I'm a Hakuhodo Addict...." I may hold off for a while on the Large Pointed Yachiyo because I have quite a stash of blush brushes.

      It's a good thing that you got your G504 before it sold out-- waiting can be torture for Hakuhodo brush hoarders such as ourselves :-) It is an extraordinary contour brush, and can't wait to hear what you think about it for blush. It's so versatile as a blush brush because you can use the flat side, the top, or cut it at an angle. I know, my other brushes haven't been getting much love since my love affair with Hakuhodo began either!

      Oh your shopping cart is filled with gorgeous brushes!! I got the S113 instead of the S115 or S116. You might consider the S113-- it is SO UNBELIEVABLY SOFT that you will think that it's Canada Squirrel instead of Goat (Sokoho)- I am INSANELY in love with this brush!!! Yes, this is an insane addiction! We will seriously have to start a support group LOL!

      I don't have any SUQQU brushes- I have been looking at them, but am fearful of starting a new addiction-- especially they are harder to come by in the US! The L & M brushes are EXACTLY the two that have my attention!! If she is a good friend- then I would definitely ask her to purchase them for you. I had my friend and his mom looking all over Paris for the Chanel Pinceau Contours No. 5 (Euro version) when I got word that it was being discontinued (sadly they didn't find one, but that's what led me to the G503 because of their similarities).

      I will definitely keep those reviews coming!

    2. I do like the G504 a lot. I'm using it to contour my cheeks and apply powder blush as well. Works nicely with my lighter colored blushes. Hmm, the S113 you say? The price is much better to and it ooks like the hair type is the one difference between that and the S115. I'll have to consider it more deeply. Yes, addiction is what I would call it. I'm trying to figure out a cute and clever way to store my brushes. Right now I have them in pencil holders with a shower cap over them to prevent dust from collecting. I need to devise a prettier alternative.

      I am definitely going to ask my friend when she goes to England this summer to get me those SUQQU brushes. Hopefully she'll have time to go to Selfridges:)

      I've been enjoying your blog too.

    3. I'm so glad that you like the G504. I really like the S113 a lot! It is so soft and lovely against the face- it's great for highlighter, but I even use it to blend eye makeup-- even though it is a bit big for that- but it just feels so good!!! The price is so much better, and the Sokoho Goat hair is super soft and has a lovely texture. If it were me- I wouldn't spend the money on the S115 or the S116, but that's just me.

      If you find a cute method for storing your brushes let me know. I keep mine in a bamboo open box with 4 compartments (I think it was originally made for cutlery) it works brilliantly, but the problem is that I can't see the handles-- so it makes finding brushes a little more difficult. I store it in a closed cabinet in the bathroom- so dust isn't an issue, but I think that your shower cap cover is brilliant. I have also thought of a professional makeup roll, which is probably the best way to store them, but pulling it out and unrolling it seems like a hassle. I would love to find some pretty glass cup holders or something like that, but haven't found anything that really does it for me. My only concern about vertical storage in a container is what long-term effect that it will have on the angled bottom of the S Series brushes-- I imagine over time it will start to chip the paint. I think that would really bug me. Let me know if you come up with a good solution, and I will do the same!!

      I hope that your friend can make the time to go into Selfridges-- if she loves to shop then I imagine that she would want to go their anyway!

      I'm so glad that you are enjoying my blog!!

  14. So I just received a response from Marty and basically as a main supplier for MAC brushes, they can't sell the same brush as their own. I read that the MAC 109 is identical to the 210. Oh well, I don't want Hakuhodo to have any legal issues. He also said that the closest brush thu have to the 217 is the G5523 which I have and it's my favorite. So silky smooth, applies color beautifully and blends quite well. I just haven't had too much luck blending in a circular motion, but it does a great job blending if you turn it sideways. In fact I haven't used my MAC brushes at all, come to think of it!

    Oh, and I meant the S115, not S116 is in my wish list. I love the feel of Canada squirrel hair.

    1. Marty is so nice and gracious-- it is such a pleasure interacting with him! I'm not surprised that a true dupe for the MAC 217 would be a conflict of interest. Good to get confirmation that the closest one is the G5523- I can see how you wouldn't find it the best for blending in a circular motion. I still think that the MAC 217 is a great brush. I have been using the 212 and the B214BkSL (which are both highlighter brushes) for applying and blending eyeshadow, and really like them-- though they are a little on the bigger side. They are both fabulous brushes that I reach for all of the time and use for so many things.

      I think that the MAC 109 and the Hakuhodo 210 aren't quite identical. I think that the Hakuhodo has a fuller head and is of superior quality. Delicate Hummingbird did a very nice side by side comparison of them:

  15. Hello Lola,

    Between the 212 and the B214BkSL, which one do you recommend to apply under-eye concealer and contouring? What are the differences between the two? Thank you for all your reviews!

    1. Hi Unknown,

      That's a really great question! I have the 212 and the B214BkSL, and I absolutely love them both. I actually just photographed them together the other day to do a thorough side by side review-- so stay tuned for that. In the meantime here is what I think about the two brushes: While Hakuhodo calls them both Highlighter brushes I don't use them for that-- for a highlighter brush I use their S113 instead see review link below. I use the 212 and the B214BkSL interchangeably for applying under eye concealer, but I use both for applying washes of eye shadow as well as for buffing and blending.

      The 212 is larger and thicker than the B214BkSL- so I think for the purposes of contouring that the 212 would be better suited for the job. Both have very thick and densely packed rounded heads, but they are soft at the same time-- so they are never scratchy at all (because they are Ototsuho goat hair). They both are really spectacular brushes. I think that if you are looking for one brush to contour and apply under eye concealer- then you probably would be happier with the 212, but if you want a smaller brush then you would prefer the B214BkSL. Some people find these brushes useful to apply blush, but to me they are too small for that purpose. I do think that they are nice for their intended purpose an highlighter brushes as well, but as I said I never use them for that purpose. I do find that both are equally wonderful with powder or cream formulas-- so they are both versatile brushes.

      If price isn't an issue and you are looking to collect Hakuhodo brushes- then I'm betting that you would be very happy having both brushes.

      I hope that the helps! Please always feel free to ask as many questions as you want!!

      You are very welcome for all of m reviews-- your feedback is much appreciated, and it motivates me to keep writing!

      I will try to get the review posted in the next week or so.

      S113 review:

      Best, Lola

    2. Wow, you are quick! I appreciate your insight. I'll be looking forward to your review. You are so thorough. :)

      I am trying to replace some of my brushes that I have had for a long time. However, I have purchased new brushes for different uses (i.e. G527, G5520, B505, and B133). I want to replace a fluffier shader brush that I have that looks similar to the Bobbi Brown eye sweep. Currently, I have my eye on the G5507 and/or the G5523 as replacements. Reading your blog entries also makes me want the G543 really badly.

      Take care,

    3. My pleasure, Meeko! I'm glad that you are finding my reviews useful.

      The replacement brushes that you have been collecting are really good ones! I love the G527 so much that I ended up getting the G527M as well. Of course I don't "need" both, but I certainly do love both of them!

      Between the two brushes you mentioned: the G5507 and the G5523 I think that the G5507 is closer to the Bobbi Brown Eye Sweep brush because the shape is close-- though I dont think that it is quite as fluffy as the Bobbi Brown brush. The G5523 is closer in type and shape to the MAC 217 Blending Brush. I wonder if the B532BkSL would be closer to the Bobbi Brown eye sweep than the G5507? The B532 is definitely wider where the hairs attach to the ferrule, and therefore it doesn't fan out as much as the Bobbi Brown brush- so it won't be as fluffy. I think either would work for your purposes.

      Oh, Meeko-- the G543 is UNBELIEVABLE!! It is probably my most coveted Hakuhodo brush- I am in love with that brush.

      Please keep me posted on what you decide to get and I can't wait to hear how you feel about all of the brushes you end up getting!

      Have a lovely weekend,


I love reading all of your comments and interacting with you- so please do not hesitate to share your thoughts, and to ask questions. Remember that what you have to say is of interest to all of us! Always feel free to email me directly as well. SPAM and advertising links will not be published.

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