Saturday, December 3, 2011

Upcoming Reviews for Rouge Bunny Rouge & Erno Laszlo!

I am very excited to report that I am awaiting a few Rouge Bunny Rouge & Erno Laszlo items that I will be reviewing. This will be my first foray into the mysterious and elusive world of Rouge Bunny Rouge, and I am incredibly excited. I won't tell you what I got except that I will be receiving the mythologized Abyssinian Catbird Long Lasting Eyeshadow.

I am no stranger to Erno Laszlo- in fact it was the first skincare ritual that I ever used beginning at the tender age of 17. I was placed in the trusted care of legendary Erno Laszlo specialist Joan Atanous at I. Magnin on Union Square in San Francisco. She analyzed the specific needs of my skin (or clocked me in the Laszlo vernacular), and tailored a skincare ritual that I used for many years. This was a very exclusive line and the gifts with purchase were nothing short of legendary. I still have three lovely carrara marble canisters for cotton balls that I received with purchases that I made! I eventually strayed from the line, but recently decided to review a few of the best-known products that many loyalists have used their entire adult lives.

Stay tuned- I will begin reviewing these products very very soon!

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