Friday, December 9, 2011

LORAC Bejeweled Lip Gloss Collection- Review

LORAC's Bejeweled Lip Gloss Collection is an amazing value. You get a tremendous amount of bang for your buck at $25.00 for 6 full sized lip glosses ($132.00 value). As with many of the better value limited edition holiday lip sets- you just can't take too much time contemplating whether or not you want it. If you do, it will be too late.

Live the diamond life with LORAC's Bejeweled Lip Gloss Collection! These luxurious glosses are infused with antioxidants to help nourish and protect, while the natural emollients soothe and moisturize your lips. The bejeweled diamond wand, with its sparkly finish and custom pro-brush, hugs the curves of your lips for gorgeous, ultra-rich color and super high shine.

These glosses are amazingly pretty. All six shades are lovely colors with lots of sparkle. All of them are nicely pigmented with the exception of the lightest shade (Pink Diamond)- which happens to be my favorite one! There is a faint vanilla scent that I found undetectable on my lips (not as pronounced as MAC Lipglasses). I got a few hours of wear time when I tested one, but I was also eating lunch at the time so it wore off faster than normal. The value is absolutely phenomenal 6 glosses for $25.00 works out to $4.17 per gloss (normal LORAC lip glosses are $22.00 for 0.17 oz). So for $3.00 more you get six 0.11 oz lip glosses instead!

These shades should work nicely across all skin-tones.

Final assessment: This is a lovely set and a great value. A must have if you love lip glosses, and frankly even if you don't! I might have grab a back-up because I see these getting lots and lots of use.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

Colors (each lip gloss is 0.11 oz):
• Rich Garnet (Dark Cherry)
• Hot Pink Sapphire (Bright Pink)
• Pink Diamond (Opalescent Lt. Pink)
• Rose Tourmaline (Medium Pink)
• Peach Moonstone (Peach)
• Red Ruby (Red)

Available at Sephora. I picked mine up at a Sephora store, but they are still available online as well.

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