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HERB + FLORA Morpheus Pillow Anti-Wrinkle Recovery Pillowcase with Copper Oxide Review: 50% Off During Amazon Prime Day

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HERB + FLORA Morpheus Pillow Case is described as an "anti-wrinkle skin recovery pillowcase with Copper Oxide" that promises to keep hair smooth, make skin brighter and more radiant, and to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The pillowcase is thick and of excellent quality. I washed mine before use, without fabric softener, and then started using it. First of all it is very comfortable against the skin, and a very soothing fabric that makes me very cozy as soon as my head hits the pillow. First of all, it indeed keeps my curly hair smooth all night long, and I don't have bedhead or frizz when I wake up, and that is worth the price of admission for me! The fabric is incredibly soft against the skin, and while I do not have any deep wrinkles, I can say that my skin looks great and I look more well rested when I wake up the following morning. While this wonderful pillowcase is quite expensive, it is worth it, but is even more worth it during the Prime Day Sale this year since it, along with all HERB + FLORA products, will be 50% Off.

According to HERB + FLORA,

Not all pillowcases are created equal. The Morpheus Pillow Recovery Pillowcase makes skin brighter and more radiant after just two weeks and minimizes the appearance of fine line and wrinkles while improving skin’s firmness after four weeks – with a continuous effect over time. Each thread of our pillowcase is carefully woven with Copper fibers, a well-known and clinically proven essential mineral. Wake up to the skin of your dreams: glowing, smoother and younger-looking.

    . Clinically proven and patented
    . Safe and non-irritating
    . Anti-aging technology proven to last for over 100 washes


  • Clinically proven to change the look of your skin.*
  • After 1 night: hair stays smooth. No more bedhead!
  • In just 2 weeks: skin is brighter and more radiant.
  • In just 4 weeks: fine lines and wrinkles are minimized, skin is firmer.

*Results from 5 independent double-blind placebo-controlled studies.

What's in it:

100% Cupron® Copper Oxide Polyester /Thread Count 249. Copper is an essential mineral known to play an important part in the healthy function of the skin. Cupron® scientists spent over 10 years of research to bring copper technology to intelligent textiles. The Anti-Wrinkle Recovery Pillowcase was developed in collaboration with Cupron®.

Directions: For best results sleep on your pillowcase every night and as long as possible.

Care: Anti-aging technology proven to last for over 100 washes. Machine-washable. Do not use fabric softener in washer or dryer.

Overall Assessment: I am in love with this pillow, and if it is something that you think you would love, then I suggest that you wait until the Prime Day Sale to get it for a 50% Off savings.

$80.00 from HERB + FLORA and their Amazon Store. 50% Off during the Prime Day Sale (Amazon Store Only). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own.

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