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Gift Ideas for Mother's Days and Birthdays

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If you are looking to find thoughtful gifts for Mother's Day or for birthday recipients on your list, then here are some gifts worthy of your consideration!
Apostrophe Puzzles ($30.00+ from Apostrophe Puzzles): Apostrophe Puzzles elevate our puzzle options with museum-quality jigsaw collections that celebrate the work of contemporary artists of color. With each puzzle based on an original painting, art collecting has never been easier! As a Black-owned, woman-led brand, Apostrophe’s curated collections showcase the talent, aesthetic, and perspective of artists of color. They also partner with nonprofits in communities of color, donating an additional percentage of each sale to expand arts accessibility and empower a new generation of emerging artists. These stunning and impactful puzzles are made of 100% recycled chipboard and printed with eco-friendly, non-toxic ink.
Pure Wine The Wand (3-pack $10.49; 8-pack $19.24; 30-pack $56.69; 40-pack $78.39; 90-pack $153.99 from PureWine, Amazon, Walmart, Total Wine & More, Wayfair, Sur La Table and World Market): These are the only wine purifying wands with patented science-backed technology that eliminate histamines and sulfites while enhancing the wine's natural taste, aroma, and color. This can help to reduce headaches, tingly mouths and congestion! The mission is to lessen wine allergies by enabling more people to enjoy the unique pleasures and health benefits of wine.
Deiva Scented Sachets ($45.00 from Deiva): Deiva's extraordinary scented sachets are crafted with care, and they are inspired by Southeast Asian fragrances. Deiva scented sachets are crafted with a unique blend of natural ingredients and gorgeous fragrances, and they are meticulously designed to infuse your spaces with beautiful scents. They can be placed them in the car, in closets, in drawers, in luggage, in gym bags, and in pillowcases. They transform any space into a gorgeously fragrant place in which to luxuriate. Deiva sachets last 8 to 10 weeks, and the superior perfume-grade fragrance oils and essential oils used in the sachets ensure a long-lasting scent experience. Deiva Fragrance sachets are safe to use around children and pets.
Adirondack Fragrance Farm Balsam & Cedar Vintage Hand Cream ($19.00 for 2.3 oz. from Adirondack Fragrance Farm and their Amazon Store): is a rich and nourishing hand cream that immediately moisturizes even the most dry and chapped hands. The Balsam and Cedar scent evokes a walk through the Adirondacks on a crisp and cool afternoon. The woodsy scent is at once uplifting and intoxicatingly beautiful, and it isn't in the least bit overpowering. Sandy created this scent because she loves Balsam Fir and the essence of Northern White Cedar leaf combined with the "esters of white pine needles released on the wind on a sunny day." It is a beautiful embodiment of this amalgam of woodsy aromas, and it is a joy to use.
Strawberry Moon Beauty Velvet Moon Moisturizer ($34.00 for 1 oz. from Strawberry Moon): Strawberry Moon Velvet Moon Moisturizer is an antioxidant and vitamin-rich nourishing face cream that is formulated to pamper even the most sensitive skin. The texture is silky-smooth, ultra-lightweight, and it immediately melts into the skin. Skin is left soft, smooth, hydrated and with a beautiful luminosity. When my skin is irritated, or red, this calming and soothing cream, with its anti-inflammatory properties, calms and heals my inflammation and redness. It has a light and comforting aroma, but it is neither imposing, nor long lasting.
Overall Assessment: These are excellent gift choices for your consideration!
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  1. I love your choice of Mother's Day gift because, by and large, they are unusual! I know a lot of wine lovers who would be thrilled with the No More Wine Headaches, such a helpful gift. I would love those sachets for my closet!

    1. Thanks, Allison! Not everyone's mom wants skincare and makeup gifts, and therefore I thought to include non-beauty related items. No More Wine Headaches is such a brilliant idea, and I know quite a few people who would love to have this so they could enjoy a nice glass of wine!


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