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MAYA BASE Perfume Oil Review

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As previously noted, I recently discovered MAYA Fragrances, a cruelty-free Los Angeles brand that is environmentally friendly and hand-bottles their fragrances here in LA. Their fragrances are a treat to the senses, and a joy to wear. I love MAYA No 1 Perfume Oil (Reviewed HERE), and now I will extol the virtues of MAYA Base Perfume Oil for you.

About MAYA,

You’ve sprayed, you’ve spritzed, you’ve dabbed and you’ve sniffed, and finally found the fragrance of your dreams. And then you start to smell it on others. Clearly, this is not your trademark scent.

Alana Shlenker, founder and creator of MAYA Fragrances, knew this feeling all too well. It was her motivation to launch MAYA, a curated collection of scents that smell different on everyone. Consisting of a revolutionary base and a beach-in-a-bottle scent that can be layered with any other fragrance or worn alone, MAYA fragrances are enigmatically engineered to never, ever smell the same on anyone.

Built on the belief that every person deserves their own signature scent, one that is truly personalized, MAYA formulas completely change as they interact with your own unique body chemistry. Unlike most fragrances on the market, MAYA doesn't wear you - you wear MAYA.

As the go-to fragrance junkie amongst her friends, Alana has always had a true passion for scent. After experimenting with her own concoctions of essential oils and store-bought fragrances for years, she tapped into her product development experience to develop the most versatile fragrance on the planet.


Sustainability, the MAYA way: We prioritize both luxury and sustainability. It is crafted with the environment in mind, requiring no heavy machinery and using responsible techniques to ensure a safe and fragrant product. It's a luxury that feels as good as it smells.

Responsibility: All MAYA products are vegan, cruelty-free and hand-filled in Los Angeles, CA, to be as ecologically responsible as possible.

Formulation: MAYA fragrance oils are thoughtfully formulated using cutting-edge ingredients, balancing advanced chemistry with natural elements.

MAYA BASE Perfume Oil is a light floral musk that can be worn​ by itself, or it can be layered with any other fragrance or essential oils to enhance or customize the scent. Alone, on me, it sits very close to the skin and is best described as an indescribably alluring scent that is captivating and fetching. It is intimate and ethereal, almost like a soft incandescent flash. I liken it to a secret that you don't share, but that you keep to yourself. I find this fragrance quite special, but it mixes quite well with MAYA No 1 Perfume Oil when I want to intensify the scent.

According to MAYA,

This sophisticated, yet alluring roll-on scent is formulated to adapt to your body chemistry and environment to create a scent that is yours and yours alone. Pair MAYA Base with any other scent or essential oil to amplify the aroma, maximize its longevity, and make it your own.


  • Top Note: Lily Petals
  • Middle Note: Sandalwood
  • Base Note: Amber, Soft Musk

Overall Assessment: What a lovely perfume oil. MAYA is definitely a brand worth exploring.

$40.00 for 5 ml. and $72.00 for 10 ml. from MAYA and Carly Jean Los Angeles (Affiliate Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own.

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