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Adirondack Fragrance Farm Balsam & Cedar Vintage Hand Cream Review

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Founded by Sandy Maine in 2012, Adirondack Fragrance Farm is located in the Adirondack Mountain Region of New York State, and every product is designed and made at the Adirondack Fragrance Farm in Northern NY State to ensure the highest quality. To learn more about this incredible brand, click HERE.

Adirondack Fragrance Farm Balsam & Cedar Vintage Hand Cream is a rich and nourishing hand cream that immediately moisturizes even the most dry and chapped hands. The Balsam and Cedar scent evokes a walk through the Adirondacks on a crisp and cool afternoon. The woodsy scent is at once uplifting and intoxicatingly beautiful, and it isn't in the least bit overpowering. Sandy created this scent because she loves Balsam Fir and the essence of Northern White Cedar leaf combined with the "esters of white pine needles released on the wind on a sunny day." It is a beautiful embodiment of this amalgam of woodsy aromas, and it is a joy to use.
According to Adirondack Fragrance Farm,

Our hand cream will soften and nourish your hands with Adirondack forest’s all-natural ingredients. 

The Balsam Cedar scent was born of Sandy’s love for Balsam Fir and her penchant for the essence of Northern White Cedar leaf combined with wafts of esters of white pine needles released on the wind on a sunny day. She mixed all of these amazing gifts of nature in her mind before she ever tried to mix them in her product development lab where she sought the correct ways to incorporate them into the products we all know and love. 

This rich emollient cream is made in small batches using the finest skin-loving oils and butter. Scented with a creative blend of fir and cedar tree and other essential oils, ADK Balsam Cedar Hand Cream is rich and will easily soften and nourish your skin while never feeling oily. Especially in the winter when our skin will be drier, they can work wonders for you. Packed in a convenient 2.3 oz metal tube to carry in a purse or leave on your work desk. Every time when you apply this hand cream, the Balsam Cedar scent will take you back to nature wherever you are.

The benefits of using hand cream are vital. Hands can age just as fast as your face. People often neglect how much work our hands do for us. Especially when washing your hands frequently, your hands can be drier and hard to retain the natural oils. Therefore, our ADK Balsam & Cedar hand cream which is full of natural ingredients from the unique Adirondack forest of NY can save your day! It can boost your moisture level and prevents premature aging. So start to take care of your hands now!

Overall Assessment: I really love this effective hand cream, and the aroma makes me deliriously happy. If you love woodsy aromas that aren't in the least bit overpowering, then Adirondack Fragrance Farm Balsam & Cedar Vintage Hand Cream is a great choice. A+

$19.00 for 2.3 oz. from Adirondack Fragrance Farm and their Amazon Store (Affiliate Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own.

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