Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Mandy Aftel's The Museum of Scent: Exploring the Curious and Wondrous World of Fragrance

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My dear friend, Mandy Aftel, just sent me a signed copy of her eagerly anticipated new book, The Museum of Scent: Exploring the Curious and Wondrous World of Fragrance, and it is an extraordinary accomplishment. This book is an enchanted magical journey from cover to cover, and it is truly transformational. Mandy's beautiful and poetic writing style, her encyclopedic knowledge of fragrance, and her extraordinary historical knowledge makes this book a peerless masterpiece. Her knowledge of her subject is nuanced, intelligent and enlightening. Her beautiful Berkeley rose garden frames the contents of this book, and she even includes a scented Clary Sage bookmark to heighten the sensory experience while reading this otherworldly book. This book is a must-have for anyone interested in fragrance, and I can think of no better gift to give anyone who wants to understand the living history of fragrance.
You can buy The Museum of Scent on Amazonand it is available now!

Amazing article about Mandy's new book in Hyperallergic:
Looking over Aftel’s life work, one is inclined to believe anything she has to say about smells. The book is a codex in the truest sense, but it is also a kind of cabinet of curiosities that encompasses elements of Aftel’s research. Connected to culture, nature, food, history, trade, and the simple fact of breathing, it seems like scent might be among the most shared of human experiences. Read more [here].

Great interview with Mandy in Perfumer & Flavorist+ magazine:
Aftel says "I want the readers of my book to fall in love all over again with the sensuality and beauty of fragrance as they learn more about the botanical materials and history that create the fragrant world around them."
Read more [here].

Mandy would love to see you at one of her virtual book launch events online, where anyone anywhere can join on zoom. Learn about the book & her museum, and get your own signed copy of The Museum of Scent:

Nov. 6 - Institute for Art and Olfaction with Saskia Wilson-Brown (Los Angeles. Online)

Nov. 8 - Book Passage with Chef Daniel Patterson (Corte Madera / San Francisco. Online)

Nov. 10 - Fumerie Parfumerie (Portland. Online)

Nov. 11 - Perfume Playground (Melbourne, Australia. online AND in-person)

Nov. 18 - The Raconteur (Paddington Sydney, Australia. In-person only.)

Nov. 19 - Ministry of Scent (San Francisco. Online)

Overall Assessment: This is a must-have book from one of the most brilliant perfumers, teachers and curators. 

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  1. Thank you so much Lola for such a beautiful and caring review of my book. I am so honored and moved by everything you wrote! I am deeply grateful! 💜🧡

    1. I am so touched that you feel as though I treated my book review with care, Mandy. It is yet another extraordinary accomplishment– which is precisely what happens each time you create anything. I am honored to know you, and to call you my dear friend.❤️❤️❤️

  2. Your review of Mandy Aftel's book is making me even more eager to read it. In fact, I clicked on the link to check it out. I love fragrance, and I am eager to learn more about it than I do. I think her book will be an excellent place to start my journey. So happy you covered the launch!

    1. This is definitely a book that you need to have, Allison. Your penchant for fine fragrance makes this a perfect book for you! It is beautifully written, and such a pleasure to behold! I am certain that you will love it and learn a lot!


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