Sunday, August 27, 2023

SoapStandle Curved Bar Soap Grip Review

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SoapStandle is a two-in-one, and perfectly ingenious, soap stand and handle that extends the life of your bar soap, prevents soaps from becoming a slimy mess in your soap dish, and makes soap very easy to grip. You simply press your bar soap (including bar shampoo) into the SoapStandle teeth, and the soap is elevated from the surface of the dish that allows it to dry because air circulates under the soap. This simple step will save up to 30% of your soap, and is perfect for use at home or while traveling. 

SoapStandle Curved Bar Soap Grip is the perfect tool for curved soap bars, and it is so easy to use! They also make a version for flat bar soaps that I reviewed HERE.


THE GOO STOPS HERE - The SoapStandle is an innovative device that keeps your soap at its best and your counter, sink, shower or bathroom spotless. It works by allowing air to circulate around the bar so it dries completely, meaning no goo, no sludge, and no slurry.

MAKE BAR SOAP LAST LONGER - This bar soap gripper will save up to 30% of your bar soap just by raising it off the porcelain, and up to 15% by keeping it off a lift pad. Get more for your money and extend your soap’s cleaning power by keeping suds in the bar and not on your counter.

EASY TO USE, EASY TO HOLD - It’s easy to insert the SoapStandle’s tines into most bars, especially those with any glycerin content. For hard bars, just put it in a microwave for 15 seconds — that softens the bar enough for the soap bar gripper to enter, and hold, perfectly. In addition to goo-free drying, the SoapStandle also gives you extra grip so you spend less time hunting around for an elusive, slippery bar.

MADE FOR CURVED SOAPS - This is the essential soap device made to perfectly fit curved bar soaps. Plus, this bar soap grip packs away easily into any carry-on bag so your soap stays goo free at home and on the go.

AMERICAN PRODUCTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT - Designed, patented, and manufactured in the USA, so you're supporting American workers. You’re also making an environmental choice because the SoapStandle is made from Post-Consumer Recycled plastic that will last you through countless bars of soap and keep plastic soap containers out of the landfill. If a bottle (typically 60 grams of plastic) lasts 5 weeks, that means every year one SoapStandle can eliminate the disposal of 600 grams of plastic.

Overall Assessment: Such a practical and ingenious solution for bar soap storage and use! A+

$11.99 for a two-pack from Amazon (Affiliate Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own. 

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