Thursday, April 20, 2023

Spend Mother's Day with Your Mom and Consider These Activities

If you want to give your mom a Mother's Day to remember, instead of buying her an object, consider any of these activities to be done together, instead.

1) Get a professional facial together. This is a wonderful way to treat your mom, and yourself, to a bit of pampering.

2) Take your mom to a concert or play. This is such a great way to spend the day together, and it will surely create wonderful memories.

3) Take your mom to a museum to spend the day looking at art, and treat her to lunch at the museum restaurant. Check to see what exhibitions are on view that would interest her the most.

4) Make your mom brunch at home. It is more affordable and relaxed– not to mention a fun way to spend the day together. Go for a walk together, and then perhaps stream one of her favorite movies or tv shows.

5) Have a picnic at the beach or the park. If you live near the coast, consider a picnic at the beach. If not, then a picnic at a park is a great alternative. Don't forget your beach umbrella, water and sunscreen.

6) Give your mom an at-home mani and pedi. This is such a fun way to create memories, and a great way to pamper your mom.

7) Take your mom to a botanical garden. If you have a botanical garden nearby, then this is such a beautiful way to spend the day together.

8) Indulge your mom in High Tea: If your mom loves finger sandwiches, scones, teacakes and excellent tea, then this is a worthwhile splurge. Check your area for places that specialize in Afternoon or High Tea. This can be quite expensive, but you could recreate a High Tea at home.


  1. Those are wonderful suggestions of things to do with your mom for Mother's Day! I'd love to do any of them <3

    1. Thanks, Allison! I would enjoy every single one of them as well! <3


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