Monday, April 24, 2023

Delightful and Affordable Hand Soaps from Trader Joe's


If you are a Trader Joe's shopper, you have no doubt discovered some amazing and affordable finds that are repeat purchases. For me, their hand soaps are among my favorite products to purchase in multiples. At only $3.99 for 17 oz., these luxurious feeling and delightfully aromatic hand soaps are guilt-free purchases that never feel frivolous, and always feel luxurious.
If you are sensitive to aromatic hand products, and prefer unscented or fragrance-free, then you will want to skip these. However, if the thought of a lovely and refreshing citrus or lavender scent sounds perfect for you, then Trader Joe's Lavender Chamomile Hand Soap and Trader Joe's Pink Pomelo Grapefruit Hand Soap are worthy of your consideration. They both produce a satisfying lather, and yet they neither strip, nor dry out the hands. The former doesn't overpower with the potential pungency of lavender because it is tempered by the chamomile, and the latter isn't an overly powerful citrus. Instead, they are both uplifting, pleasant and delightful. Hands are left soft, nourished and lightly hydrated. 
Overall Assessment: These high quality hand soaps feel and smell luxurious, and they are a great deal.

$3.99 for 17 oz. from Trader Joe's. Purchased. All views expressed are categorically my own. 

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