Thursday, February 2, 2023

Barn Yarn Hand Knit Wool Cat Toys with Catnip that are Zoe Approved!

Purchased (Affiliate Links)

I have to tell you that I am just so enchanted by Barn Yarn Hand Knit Wool Cat Toys with Catnip that I had to share them with you. Zoe first received one, a darling bumble bee, as a gift from a pharmacy who filled a prescription for her. She was so obsessed with this little bumble bee that she would sleep with it, lick it and then pounce on it. Of course, the fact that it is filled with catnip didn't hurt, but these two have been inseparable since the bee entered our lives.

I searched everywhere online to find a replacement for Zoe's beloved bee, and we finally emailed the pharmacy, along with pictures of Zoe and her bee, and asked them where we could buy more. They gave us the brand name, and within minutes we ordered more! If you have cats, these are the best catnip toys I have ever purchased. They are enchanting and cats love them!
Given the disparity between the "Before Zoe" and "After Zoe" bee, I think that you can clearly see how much this little gray tabby loves her baby.
She isn't a fickle feline, and she still loves her bee, but she also loves some of her new friends as well. I gave her two new  Barn Yarn Hand Knit Wool Cat Toys, and put the other ten away (for now).
According to Barn Yarn,

Barn Yarn Animals are Handknit Wool Cat Toys - Filled with Premium Catnip. These are made of 100% wool and are made in the Northern Highlands of South America by descendants of the Inca Indians. The Incas have handed down the craft of knitting through many generations. Chilly Dog, the manufacturer, directly employs two families to knit their toys and sweaters and practices within the guidelines of Fair Trade. 

- Handmade from Peru
- Catnip toy that will entertain for hours
- Average size is 3.5 inches long
- Assorted animals and colors, no two are the same!
Overall Assessment: ZOE LOVES THEM!

$29.99 for 12, $16.99 for 6 and $7.99 for 1 from Amazon (Affiliate Links). Purchased. 
All views expressed are categorically Zoe's, but I agree with her. 

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  1. What an adorable story! I love Zoe's Before and After bee story. The Barn Yarn cat toys are too cute! I love that they're hand made and from Peru! I don't have a cat how, but I wonder if they have children's toys. I will take a look!

    1. Thank you, Allison! They are simply the most charming catnip toys, and I love that no two are alike and that they are handmade in Peru! Zoe is currently sleeping on a pile of her toys, and I already caved and gave her another one. She is becoming a hoarder, and I am clearly her enabler! LOL! I think that the company only makes cat and dog toys, but check Amazon to see if they actually make children's toys as well!

  2. Oh my goodness! These are such a great find! I love cats and getting them cute toys to play with.

    Michelle | con limón, please

    1. Aren't these the most darling cat toys, Michelle. I am so grateful to have discovered them, and Zoe loves them so much that I will definitely buy more in the future! I highly recommend them! More importantly, they get Zoe's stamp of approval!


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