Sunday, November 27, 2022

Rubber Ducky Lip Balms: The Perfect Stocking Stuffers

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Rubber Ducky has been making sunscreen for over 30 years, and their SPF Lip Balms offer wonderful protection against the sun. They make both mineral/physical and chemical SPF lip balms, but none of them contain oxybenzone.

Not all of their lip balms contain SPF, but their SPF lip balms are Reef-Safe. Rubber Ducky lip balms have a wonderful scents and textures, and they keeps lips very moisturized and protected.

About Rubber Ducky,

Rubber Ducky is a small family-owned and operated maker of organic skin care and natural sunscreens products. Our all natural sunscreen has been called the best sunscreen for face.

For 30 years, Rubber Ducky has quietly lead the sunscreen industry in development, first with SPF, then paba/paraben free, then with waterproof product, manufacturing under a variety of names.
Overall Assessment: Buying multi-packs is economical, and you can divide them up between the folks on your holiday gift list.

Starting at $8.00 for packs of three. Available from Amazon and Walmart (Affiliate Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own. Copyright © 2022 All Rights Reserved.


  1. Just the name alone makes me want them. There's a website that sells the most adorable mini rubber ducks so putting one of those with these lip balms would be amazing.

    1. I absolutely LOVE their lip balms, and think that you would too! OMG, mini rubber ducks?! That is too cute for words!


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