Saturday, October 8, 2022

The Beauty Spotlight Team Week in Review

Whether you are seeking a restful night of sleep, or someone on your holiday list is, Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog has rounded up some perfect products to help you find the perfect slumber.

The post-apocalyptic look is a mashup of different styles, all hinging on the theme of survival at the end of the world. We are now surviving Covid and political upheaval. That's most likely why there is an interest in the fashion world this year in somber colors with lots of black. Angie at Your True Self Blog hands you the keys to how to dress at the end of the world. Her final hope is that you will take what you like about this style and make it your own.

Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to ALLEYOOP. Their unique products hit the spot and save you time and money. Dream Team is a multi-purpose skincare item that Marcia from Never Say Die Beauty has been enjoying.

Have you been wanting to try a light therapy beauty tool to improve your skin from within? Well, now maybe your chance. Allison from Never Say Die Beauty has teamed up with Dermabeam, and they are giving away the Dermabeam Pro Color Light Therapy Mask ($299 value). It has  7 different wavelengths of light to address 7 different skincare issues!


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