Sunday, October 16, 2022

MAYA J Jewelry Bracelet Hair Ties

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If you have long hair and always need to have hair ties with you, then you will absolutely LOVE the MAYA J Jewelry Bracelet Hair Ties. They are chic, attractive and can live on your wrist until you need to pull your hair back. 

They are great for holiday gift-giving, and they make the perfect stocking stuffers! They are affordable, great for all ages, and they come in a pack of three distinct designs. 

According to MAYA J Jewelry,

Fashion Meets Function! The go-to accessory you’ll love! Maya J Jewelry takes two things we love to wear on our wrists, hair ties and trendy bracelets, and combines them into one fashionable jewelry accessory - Bracelet Hair Ties! It’s a must-have, perfect for the upcoming holidays and the ideal stocking stuffer! It’s a piece that everyone is sure to love and actually use, easily mixed and matched with other bracelets you already own. At an affordable price, it’s great for all ages, arriving on a beautiful card of three designs. You’ll soon want to wear one on your wrist at all times

MAYA J Jewelry Bracelet Hair Ties will be ready to ship by November 1st.

Overall Assessment: These are perfect holiday gifts for people with long hair and a penchant for fashionable bracelets!

$18.00 for a pack of three from MAYA J Jewelry (Unaffiliated Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own. 

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