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K Sahai I am Radiant Custom Facial Oil Review

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Longtime LSBB readers know that I have a serious penchant for quality facial oils, and the idea that I could have one custom made to fit the needs of my skin is nothing short of revolutionary. Thus, when I was introduced to K Sahai and their custom-made face oils, I was utterly thrilled for the opportunity to try a face oil made just for me.

The K Sahai Story,

Sahai: (Sanskrit) helper, companion, protector; (Swahili) sun goddess.

One day in 2009, I woke up and instead of thinking of how bad I needed coffee, I thought, “I need peace.” A decade of working in investment banking had left me looking and feelingexhausted. I was anxious, losing my hair and my skin looked as bad as I felt.

I needed to reach the root cause of my imbalance and found myself immersed in my Indian heritage. I got certified in aromatherapy, Ayurveda and yoga and used time tested formulas and rituals to transform myself from feeling and looking overwhelmed to calm and vibrant. It became my personal mission to share the mind, body and soul (MBS) approach of self care through products that give you the confidence to glow inside and out. 

Alongside a team of scientists, dermatologists, aromatherapists, and Ayurvedic doctors, I began a learning journey that continues to this day. 

After reading hundreds of positive and heart-warming reviews – I know I am living my life’s purpose to help people relax inside and radiate outside. - Kavita Sahai, CEO & Founder 

My custom K Sahai I am Radiant Facial Oil was carefully created after I responded to a questionnaire that clearly articulated the type of skin that I have, and what I was looking for in a face oil. I have largely balanced skin without any real issues, but I definitely have product attributes that I seek. 

What I sought, while really considering the needs of my skin, was a very nourishing and hydrating oil that would pamper my skin. I always love to use antioxidant-rich formulas, with anti-aging properties, that offer the skin added protection, and that leave it soft, smooth, supple and with a wonderful glow. This is precisely what K Sahai created for me, and they did an extraordinary job.
My custom blend was formulated with Organic Camellia Seed Oil, Olive oil, Sweet Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Vitamin E oil & Lavender + Rose Essential Oils. 

It is lightweight, exceedingly emollient and it melts into the skin in the most satisfying way. It has a gorgeous velvety texture and it leaves my skin incredibly hydrated and dewy without any residue. The aroma, which is a lovely blend of the ingredients, is primarily informed my the Lavender and Rose essential oils. The Rose tempers the edges of the Lavender and the Lavender softens the sweetness of the Rose. It boasts such a fetching and calming aroma that I naturally slow down and savor the entirety of the experience. 

K Sahai suggests using their beautiful oils with an affirmation such as, " I am radiant. I am loved. I am glowing." The owner, Kavita Sahai, also told me that my custom oil was formulated and made with love, and I assured her that it would likewise be used with love.
According to K Sahai,

Just like in nature, we humans are composed of an array of colors, textures, contrasts that make each of our bodies, and especially skin unique. Different ethnicities have varying levels of hydration, barrier function and melanin. That's why we customize your face serum with high-performing botanicals, expertly combined to work well for you and not just the influencer you saw use it.  We teach self-love through self-care so you can glow outside and out. 

The idea of glowing inside out embodies the truth that we look how we feel.  For example, if we finally sleep well, it shows both in our personality and skin! At Ksahai, there is an oil for all skin types, any concern, and every person. 

100% Natural, High Quality Ingredients. Since the ancient Babylonians, we have addressed skincare and wellness through rituals and tonics with what surrounds us – the power of nature. We honor these traditions by using the highest quality (100% pure, first press, GC/MS tested) oils that are sustainably sourced. 

We also believe we have to live in harmony with nature and not just be takers so we give back 5% of all profits to different organizations that plant new trees all around the world. Go ahead, call us tree huggers. We don't mind. In fact we might be hugging a tree right now.
Overall Assessment: This is one of the most lovely face oils to have graced my face, and I highly recommend trying your own customized K Sahai I am Radiant Facial Oil.

Join the waitlist for your K Sahai I am Radiant Custom Facial Oil. Press Sample from K Sahai (Unaffiliated Links). All views expressed are categorically my own. 

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  1. What a wonderfully unique product. I love that you can customize it to fit your needs.

    1. It really is, Marcia. It is pretty incredible to use a product that is made to your precise needs! I wish more brands were able to do this!

  2. This sounds like a dream! As a sister facial oil lover, I would adore a custom made facial oil!

    1. I think that you would really love having one of their customized facial oil, Allison!


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